Fearleader Exchange

A Kim Possible/Monster High crossover by Robert Teague

This story was written for the entertainment of Monster High and Kim Possible fans, and no copyright infringement is intended. This story may be reproduced, provided no changes are made, and you let me know.

Chapter One Monster High: Getting the News

Fearleading captain Cleo deNile nodded with approval at the finish of their latest routine. "Okay, everyone, that was great! Take a break!"

With a groan of relief, the other three on the team stood up from their finishing positions and made their way over to a cooler where iced drinks awaited. It was after classes ended, and the school was deserted except for them and the Cursed-todian.

Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, and Cleo made up the squad, while Ghoulia Yelps was alternate and all-around Ghoul Friday.

They sat on the bleachers, discussing the routine and making tweaks as Ghoulia took notes on her computer.

"I can jump higher than Frankie," said Clawdeen, "So I still think I should be the one..."

"But you're stronger than me, and you need to be in position to catch her," said Cleo, interrupting. "Besides, Frankie is better at cartwheels. If she doesn t fall apart." She glared at the girl, whose neck bolts sparked and she looked embarrassed. During the practice a leg had come off and nearly hit Cleo.

Just then the school's Headless Headmistress walked into the gym, immediately catching their attention. She was carrying several pieces of paper with her.

"Can we help you, Ma'am?" asked Cleo, standing up.

"Ghouls, I need to talk to you all about something," she answered. "In the effort to improve monster-normie relations, the school joined a fearleader exchange program some time ago, and we've got our first assignment."

"Fearleader exchange? With a normie school?" asked Clawdeen, looking confused.

"Yes," nodded Ms. Bloodgood, "One of you will attend that school for a week, working with the fearleaders there, exchanging knowledge. She will attend classes as well. Then a student from there will come here and do the same thing."

"That's going to be hard on both ghouls," said Draculaura, taking a drink of her Vamp-8. It had all the nutrients necessary for a vampire who didn t drink blood or eat meat.

"But we'll do our best to help her," said Frankie.

"Of course," agreed Clawdeen.

"So who is supposed to go?" asked Cleo.

"That's for the squad to decide," answered Bloodgood. "I need an answer by tomorrow."

"What school is it?" asked Ghoulia, in what sounded like a moan of pain to those who didn t speak Zombie. She wanted to look it up on line.

Bloodgood consulted the papers. "Middleton High School."

Draculaura's face lit up. "Is that in Colorado?"

"Why, yes, it is," said the Headmistress.

The petite vampire squealed. "Yes! I want to go!" The others stared at her as she jumped up and down in excitement, waving her pom-poms.

"You've heard of it?" asked Clawdeen.

"Well, yeah! It s where Kim Possible goes to school! I've been a fan of hers for years! Maybe I'll get a chance to meet her!" was the answer.

"Who's she?" asked Cleo.

"She's a normie heroine who fights super villains and helps people that need it," said Lala.

Ghoulia had quickly found Kim s homepage. "Take a look here."

The other ghouls crowded around the zombie-girl and looked over her shoulders. Bloodgood took off her head and held it over them so she could see as well. Ghoulia scrolled through several pages, focusing on Kim and Ron's exploits.

"Wow, I m impressed," said Clawdeen, "She really is a hero!"

"Yes, she might come up to my standards," said Cleo, thoughtfully.

Seems like a nice person, said Frankie.

"She's the greatest!" said Lala. "She's the one who stopped those giant robots last year!"

"Oh, yeah, one nearly wrecked my house," said Clawdeen.

"Giant robots?" asked Frankie, confused. "I hadn't heard about this."

"Yeah, these toys from Boo-no Nacho turned into giant robots and tried to take over the world," the werewolf explained. "It was last year, before you were built."

"Oh. Guess I missed out on the excitement," Frankie said.

"Yep. Kim and her boyfriend stopped them, and went to the prom after. So romantic..." Draculaura sighed, a dreamy look on her face.

Ghoulia flipped to a different tab and displayed the Middleton High home page. They studied it for a few moments.

"That looks like a nice school," said the pale green girl with mismatched eyes and held together with stitches.

"Looks a little too bright for my tastes," said Clawdeen, "And all those normies." The werewolf shook her head.

Ghoulia found a link to video of the Middleton Cheer Squad, and played several as they watched.

"Wow, they're good," said Frankie. "And one of them will be coming here."

"Mmmm..." said Cleo, thoughtfully. "I see this Kim Possible is team captain."

"Yes, she's on a lot of committees, and does quite a few activities at school and elsewhere, besides saving the world," said Draculaura. "She's incredible."

"Does anyone else want to go?" asked Cleo.

There was no reply, and Bloodgood put her head back on and made a note on the papers.

"I'll go if Lala gets sick or something," said Frankie.

"I won't. I really do want to go!" said Draculaura, smiling widely with her fangs showing.

"Okay, then, I ll contact the school and let them know. You ll be leaving Saturday," said Bloodgood, handing her a sheet of paper. "Here are the details you need to know."

Draculaura read the paper as the headmistress took her leave. "I get to stay with whoever they choose, and she'll stay with me when she comes here!"

"Oh, so we get to work with a normie fearleader!" said Frankie, "That's great!"

"That was the idea, Frankie, do try to keep up," said Cleo, crossing her arms.

The homebuilt girl's neck bolts sparked, and she turned red. Again.

"Lala, I didn't know you were a fan of Kim Possible's," said Clawdeen, glaring at Cleo. "You've never mentioned it before."

The petite vampire looked up at her and smiled. "Clawdeen, you're my best friend, but I'm way older than you. There is a lot about me you don t know, and never will."

The werewolf turned her annoyed look to Draculaura and crossed her arms.

"In this case, though," Lala added quickly, "I didn t think it would be wise for it to be generally known that I admire a normie."

Clawdeen relaxed. "Yeah, I guess."

"And you knew who she is," pointed out Frankie.

The werewolf blushed. "Yes, but I'm not a fan."

"Let's call it a fright, troops," announced Cleo, heading for the locker room. The other ghouls, except for Ghouia, followed, talking about what Middleton would be like, as well as being in a place that was all normie.

As they left the gym, Ghoulia made sure everything was locked for the night as the others waited for her.

"Jackson's the only normie I've ever met, but I don't think you can really go by his example," said Cleo.

"But we can talk to him, get some ideas about them. Didn't he go to a normie school before transferring here?" asked Cleo.

"That's right!" said Frankie, "He's told me a little about it. Sounded to me like things are pretty much the same as here."

"Wait a sec," said Clawdeen, "Lala, you've been around a long time, been to a lot of places, you would have met some normies."

"Well, yes, I have, but not for a long time now," the vegan vampire answered. "And the ones I have met weren't very nice to me just because I'm a vampire."

"Well, I just hope whoever they send is nice," said Frankie.

"And talented enough," added Cleo, "I've got enough weak links as it is."

The other girls turned and glared at her. "CLEO!"