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Chapter One: The Elite meets The Farmer

"This is a story of how the youngest son of the Uchiha Clan meets the Farmer's son." Jiraiya started while looking down at the 5 year old child sitting on his lap.

"Is that a new story, Jii-chan?" The child happily asked.

Jiraiya smiled and ruffles the child's hair lovingly. "Yes, my child. So do you want to hear their story?" he asked.

"YES!" The child excitedly shouts.

"Very well… I shall start my story then…" Jiraiya said.

This is the story of how the youngest son, Uchiha Sasuke, meets the Farmer's son, Uzumaki Naruto. Sasuke was the second son of Fugaku, the leader of the Uchiha Clan. He was very intelligent, good-looking, brave and strong. But amongst the Uchiha members, Sasuke was not happy. At a young age, Sasuke had never experienced being a normal kid for his father had taught him of how to become a warrior like his brother, Itachi. Being an Uchiha meant that they were born to become leaders, to protect their village and its people from their enemies and from any demons or monsters that might attack the village or its villagers. This was what Sasuke would always hear from his father. And wanting to please his father, Sasuke threw his childhood away, making him strong, powerful, cold, distant and lonely.

One day, Sasuke came to his father and asked him if he could check their village for any spies or demons, lurking around the area since he was bored in just staying inside their home.

"Sasuke, you are always busy killing our enemies and demons as well as maintaining peace for our village." Fugaku said. "You should have some relax time and take care of yourself."

"But father, it is my responsibility as your son to protect the village and our people." Sasuke reasoned out.

"We have Itachi and other clan members, Sasuke. Take a rest for today." Fugaku said and dismissed Sasuke.

"I understand father." Sasuke said, hiding his disappointment and left his father's room. When he came out of the room, his older brother, Itachi was there, leaning on the wall, smirking at Sasuke.

"Father's right, Sasuke, you need rest." Itachi said. "Why don't you visit the farm instead?" he suggested. "Mother is always there, attending our farmer's needs. She'll be happy to see your presence there." He said and proceeds in entering their father's room.

Sasuke sighed and left the hallway. He could just stay in his room the whole day and wait for any mission his father would give him, but… it wouldn't hurt to visit his mother. After all, whenever he was injured, it was always his mother, Mikoto, who attended his needs and injuries. And with a decision made, he went out of their house and went to get his horse at their stables.

When Sasuke arrived at the field, he could hear laughter surrounding the place and he could see most of the farmers at the corner, taking their break with his mother. When he looked closely, he could see a young man, not far from his age, telling jokes to everyone along with Sasuke's mother, making them all laugh once again.

"Mother!" Sasuke shouted to catch her attention and when she did, Sasuke could see her eyes twinkle in happiness. He came down from his horse and gave it to a farmer near him as he receives a hug from his mother.

"Sasuke!" Mikoto squealed happily as she kiss Sasuke's cheek, making Sasuke blush in embarrassment.

"I'm glad to see you visit me!" Mikoto said, ignoring her son's embarrassment. She then turns at the farmers around them.

"Everyone! This is my second son, Sasuke." She introduced Sasuke and the farmers welcomed Sasuke warmly, except for the young man, who had blonde hair and blue eyes, tan skin and three scar marks on each cheek.

"Sasuke, have you eaten your lunch yet?" Mikoto asked, making Sasuke look away from the young man. Sasuke shook his head and lets his mother pull him towards the wooden table where some farmers were having their lunch with the young man.

"Oh, by the way," Mikoto started, "This is Iruka." She introduced the brunette man with a scar on his nose, sitting beside the young man. "He's the one in charge of managing and recording the crops that is being taken to the Uchiha Mansion as well as the ones being traded to the market." Mikoto explained to Sasuke.

"It's an honor to finally meet you, Uchiha-dono." Iruka said and bowed his head to greet Sasuke. "And this is my adopted son, Naruto." He said and looks at the young man sitting beside him.

Sasuke could feel his eyebrow twitch when the young man named Naruto, ignored him. Iruka, who felt that Sasuke was offended by the lack of respect from Naruto, secretly prayed that the youngest Uchiha won't punish his idiotic son.

"Sorry about that, Sasuke." Mikoto whispered as she felt her son tense and glares at Naruto. "Naruto-kun doesn't really like our Clan very much, especially the men." She explained. "He kept saying that we treat them like slaves, but don't worry, he doesn't hate me." She reassured Sasuke.

"Why would he say that, mother?" Sasuke scoffs when Iruka pulled Naruto away from them to scold the young blonde. He then looks at his mother. "We protect them, don't we?" he sneered, annoyed when he saw Naruto ignoring Iruka's scolding.

Mikoto glanced at Naruto and Iruka, "He's acting like that because of the incident that had happened the last time your Uncle Madara and cousin Tobi were here at our village. They…" Mikoto looks at Sasuke while shaking her head, "Let's just say that Naruto saw how they treat our farmers. And Tobi had tried to molest Naruto." She sighs.

"That's why Naruto acts like that." Mikoto said. "So forgive him for his attitude a while ago, okay, Sasuke?" she pats Sasuke's shoulder to calm his anger.

Sasuke sighs and nods, "I understand, mother." He said and then looks at Naruto, who had started working in the field.

And that was how the son of the Elite met the son of a Farmer.

To be continued…

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Preview for the Next Chapter:

"Teme! What the HELL do you want?" Naruto shouted, not worried that he was shouting at Sasuke, an Uchiha, while the farmers around them cower in fear.

"Hn…" Sasuke smirks and coolly looks at Naruto, "Dobe, did you forget?" he mocked, "Or should I remind you what my mother asked you?" he teased the blonde.

Naruto huffs and crossed his arms as he glares at Sasuke. "You've been following me for an hour now!" he said, "Seriously, you should know what to do by now?" Naruto scoffs and then smirks, "Or is it that… you want me to order you what to do, Uchiha-sama?" he mockingly challenged Sasuke.

"Hn…" Sasuke glared back at Naruto and started taking off his shirt and rolled his pants up to his knees, he then took one basket beside where Naruto was standing and proceeds to the field.