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Chapter 1

Music Sheets & Lyrics

8895 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90013

July 14, 2012

Dear Mr. Samuels,

It has become an annual tradition that each year artists from the entertainment industry holds a fund-raising event for the benefit of the 'Foundation for the Poor'. We have decided to have some live music playing at the fund-raising event. As such we would like to invite you (or a representative) to perform, as you are known to have a few of the best new musical artists in the Los Angeles area.

The fundraiser is to be held during the evening of August 11 at The Beverly Hills Hotel event hall, and we would be delighted if you can honor us with your presence.

If you are able to perform, we would ask that you let us know by July 28. We will, of course, pay a fee and any costs that you incur. We would like to have a response as soon as possible so appropriate publicity can be arranged.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.


Alexandra Simmons

Events Manager

Blaine stared at the huge tarpaulin that says 'An Evening with Stars' hanging above the event room door. He couldn't quite grasp the idea as to why he was chosen by his friend to go at such a high-class event and why he was chosen in the first place. One moment he was playing at a local music bar and now he was standing in front of a security personnel asking for his name.

He remembered his friend telling him to go in his place to said party because he already had a prior engagement and this was the perfect time for him to 'get exposed to the industry' which, he assumed, is the music industry.

Which was awesome and scary all at the same time.

"Your name sir?"

"Blaine. Blaine Anderson."

The security personnel skimmed for his name on the list and nodded as he saw it.

"Welcome, Mr. Anderson."

Blaine thanked the guy and proceeded to walk inside the event's venue. It was huge and fancy and everything that made him feel out of place. He wasn't used to this kind of setting; he was more of a casual type of person, not the stiff, suited kind of guy. And quite frankly, his suit was really making him feel uncomfortable.

The good thing about this was he knew what he was supposed to do here so he's not just going to float around like some dumb idiot trying to strike up a conversation with people he doesn't even know. Just as he was about to ask a staff if they knew where he would go, a woman shorter than him approached him with a smile, holding what seemed to be like the heaviest notepad he had ever seen.

"Hi! Mr. Blaine Anderson? I'm Alex Simmons." Alex introduced herself, holding out a hand which Blaine enthusiastically shook. She stared at Blaine for a bit before she shrugged and glanced at her notepad, tapping her ballpoint pen on a certain note which had Blaine's name.

"Is there something wrong?" Blaine couldn't help but ask. Alex looked up at him and shook her head.

"Oh! No, nothing. It's just that you look kind of familiar. I'm sorry." Alex laughed. "Anyway, I believe the invitation we sent you had all the details that you needed to know? But just in case," Alex started as she guided Blaine towards the stage near the piano. "you will be playing the piano for 1 and a half hour, can you play around with your set list? Keep it both classical and new and just do your thing." Alex winked.

Blaine didn't really see the invitation, let alone read it so he was thankful that he had complete freedom on what his set list was going to be. At least he's used to arranging one right on the spot.

"Alright. I could do that. I'm getting paid for this after all." Blaine smiled back at Alex. The woman nodded.

"That's the spirit! The event will start at 7o'clock, you'll start playing by then." She said as her phone went off. "You guys, take care of Mr. Anderson alright?" She told the band that was behind Blaine and they all nodded. With that, she excused herself and vanished, leaving them alone.

The event started at 7o'clock sharp, just as Alex told him. As the clock stroke 7, he sat down on the piano stool and started playing the classical songs that he knew best. Good thing he thought of some amazing classical songs and he knows a LOT of new songs or else he'll be freaking out right now.

People were starting to increase in number and there was already a buzz of noise as they mingled and talked within themselves. Blaine couldn't help but glance a little bit at the crowd; he knew these people. Well, some of them – is that Emma Stone?

As more people piled in, Blaine realized that this was not his average event. It was an event for the people in the whole entertainment industry! 'Way to be stupid Anderson. The event title is An Evening with Stars. You should've figured that one out by yourself.' He mentally kicked himself on the ass.

This was the first time Blaine attended an event that had many artists in it. He couldn't even believe his eyes and all he wanted now was to finish his set list and try to even smile or wave or shake the hands of his idols – oh shit! Did Katy Perry just walk by? No. Calm down. He couldn't blow this performance off, even though he's generally being ignored but it's always great to make a good performance in front of such a crowd.

Soon enough, his set list was over and an emcee went up to take the stage.

"Wow. What a lovely performance by Mr. Blaine Anderson representative of Music Sheets & Lyrics." The emcee, who was looking really dapper, announced to everyone.

Blaine stood up from the piano stool and bowed towards the crowd. It's been a long time since he was this formal in front of anybody but hey, the people that he looks up to are now looking up at him (literally) and enjoying his music; this was surreal. Most people were looking at the stage now and clapping, glasses of wine in their hands.

"Good evening everyone. Welcome to 'An Evening with Stars', a fund-raising event for the benefit of the 'Foundation for the Poor'. Are you all having fun tonight?" The emcee continued.

Blaine, however, went off stage and already wasn't paying attention to whatever the hell the emcee was currently saying. He needed to get a drink by the bar and ogle silently at his idols. He already knew that he was going to enjoy the rest of the night.

On his way towards the bar, he passed Christina Aguilera, Tom Hiddleston, Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry (he planned his route to actually bump into her) and a few more actors. It was amazing, he really couldn't believe that his friend/the owner of Music Sheets & Lyrics chose him as a representative to attend an event as fancy and as important as this.

"Anything I can get you sir?" The bartender politely asked him.

"A glass of fine white wine please. Thank you." Blaine replied with a smile to which the bartender nodded. He took a deep breath for a couple of reasons which were 1) he needed to take in that he just met a few famous people and 2) his suit is killing him.

As if on cue, his phone went off and he wasn't surprised to see Wes' name appear on his iPhone screen. He let out a short laugh and picked it up.

"Go on, you can now tell me how awesome a friend I am and that you'll forever be grateful for my generosity." He heard Wes' boastful voice from the other side of the line.

"Why do I even need to do that if you've already lifted yourself up high above the clouds?" Blaine laughed, accepting his drink from the bartender.

"Is it fun? Did you see the people you love?"

"Yes. I'm staring at them right now." Blaine replied; it was true, he was staring at all the awesome people that were currently enjoying the event.

"Blaine, I can hear you drooling." Wes snapped him out of his reverie.

"That is nothing but a lie." Blaine laughed as he made a sipping sound which earned him a laugh from Wes. "But all joking aside, thank you for this Wes. This is amazing." He said as he took a drink of his wine. He heard Wes sigh on the other end.

"It's no big deal. I would've gone there myself if it wasn't because of this prior engagement." Wes responded.

"What's happening anyway? I hear people talking in the background. Are you at a party?" Blaine asked.

"It's my sister's wedding you goof. I told you about it months ago." Wes told him in disbelief.

"Oh. Then thank your sister for me!" Blaine chuckled, it's as if he can feel Wes rolling his eyes at him right now.

"Alright, I have to go now Blaine. Enjoy your party!"

"I will. Bye."

They hung up and Blaine couldn't help but smile on his own because he got the chance to be here even though he knew how much Wes would've wanted to be in his place instead. That man is a really great friend.

"One glass of martini please." A voice came from next to him as he stowed his phone away. He took a sip of his white wine and couldn't help but to look up at the owner of the voice that sounded so sweet.

And he saw the most beautiful person he has ever laid his eyes on (which was really saying something because he just met Tom Hiddleston).

Blaine couldn't help but gape a little; does he know this person? It seems so because he looked so familiar but he couldn't place a finger on it. The man turned to him, his martini on one hand and he smiled.

"Hello." He simply said, looking straight at Blaine.

And his eyes, holy crap, they were the most beautiful eyes Blaine had ever seen. It was a weird combination of blue, green and was that gray? It's beautifully weird.

Blaine was still trying to figure out where he had seen this person and what his name was. Was he a musician? Was he a movie star? Or was he just a plus one of somebody in this room. He hoped it was the latter.

"Hi." Blaine managed to say out loud, not embarrassing himself too much in front of the beautiful man. The man took a sip of his martini and let out an audible grunt, 'Jesus Christ, that's sexy.' Blaine thought.

"I thoroughly enjoyed your classical set list Mr. Blaine Anderson." He told him with a bright smile that looked very sincere in Blaine's opinion. He couldn't help but blush a little at the compliment and because 'Holy shit, is this beautiful person actually striking up a conversation with me?'

"Thank you Mr.?" It was lame and Blaine knew it was lame; a lame attempt to maybe get the name of this handsome, young man. The man's eyes shone with mild curiosity and a hint of amusement and Blaine had no idea why.

"Call me Kurt. Kurt Hummel." He said, extending out a hand for Blaine to shake.

It definitely rang a bell in Blaine's subconscious but for now, he let out a smile and shook Kurt's hand happily. It was the softest hand he has ever held, unlike his – he probably had a lot of callouses because of playing so many instruments.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Kurt Hummel." Blaine replied. There was an air of silence between them but Blaine wanted to hear Kurt's voice a little bit more. "So, uhm, why are you here by the bar?" He asked, taking a sip of the wine.

"Oh you know, I just wanted to get away from some people for a while. And this suit is killing me." Kurt laughed, patting the gray suit that was now resting on his lap as he took another sip of his martini.

"I know, it is pretty uncomfortable." Blaine nodded in reply as he shifted in his seat and adjusted his own suit. "I don't know how these people can wear it all the time." He laughed a little.

"It's tedious. They stick pins and shit on you first before they get it right." Kurt rolled his eyes but laughed. Blaine, however, was trying to figure something out.

"Wait, do you do this often?" Blaine asked before he could stop himself. Kurt gave him a sideward glance as he took one last sip of his martini. But before he could answer, a voice called out to him.

"Kurt Hummel!"

Both of them looked behind Kurt and saw a frowning Alex Simmons, still with her notepad. She glared angrily at Kurt but gave Blaine a little wave.

"Great job up there Mr. Anderson." Alex smiled but as she turned to Kurt, she grimaced. "Kurt, you can't just run off like that. Come on, Rachel's looking for you." She said, grabbing Kurt's arms and ready to drag him off.

"Alright, geez." Kurt sighed. He turned to Blaine and offered his hand again which Blaine happily accepted, just to hold it once more. "It's really nice meeting you Mr. Blaine Anderson. I'll see you around." He ended as he got dragged away by Alex Simmons to god-knows-where.

Blaine couldn't help but longingly stare at the direction where Kurt and Alex had gone off to. He was still trying to figure out where he'd seen or heard Kurt's name but he couldn't think straight tonight. He just met a few of his idols and now has actually met someone amazing.

'But Blaine, you don't even know if he's gay.' He thought, as he ordered yet another white wine from the bartender.

He'll have to tell someone about this tomorrow when he goes to work.

Blaine Anderson's normal day goes like this: he gets up at 6 a.m., have some breakfast then take a bath, after which he bikes towards his first job at a coffee shop that starts at 8 a.m. and his shift ends at 4 o'clock p.m. On some days, he goes home from the coffee shop but most of the time, he's only got 2 hours for himself before he goes off to Music Sheets & Lyrics by 7 p.m. and play for his usual crowd until 10 p.m. The great thing about this was he can go and play songs anytime he wants because Wes allows him to and not to brag but the crowd really likes him there.

Today wasn't any different. Blaine goes to the coffee shop Monday morning and does his usual work of being a barista. It was such a normal day that Blaine didn't feel like he just attended a Saturday night gala two nights ago. Still, the thought of the man he met at the event was still at the back of his mind. He's got to remember to look him up on the internet and be the online stalker that he was when he gets home.

Blaine finished the coffee that he was making and made his way towards the counter to hand it to the customer. He smiled cheerfully and went on with his work.

"Welcome to The Coffee House, what would you like to have?" Blaine asked in an unusually happy voice.

"What's got you so chirpy today Blaine?"

Blaine realized that Mike Chang was standing in line, waiting for his turn. He was a frequent customer of the Coffee House because he loved a decent cup of coffee and apparently, Blaine makes a decent cup of coffee.

"Oh you know, some good stuff happened to me a few nights ago." Blaine responded with a proud smile. "The usual order I presume? One for Tina too?" Blaine asked as Mike nodded in response.

He made Mike's usual coffee order. Blaine was always the one to give Mike his coffee and they became friends eventually, to the point that Blaine knows a lot about Mike and so as Mike with Blaine. He walked back to Mike and handed him his coffee. Blaine noticed that Mike was staring at him intently, like analyzing his face.

"You got laid didn't you?" Mike straightforwardly asked, his eyebrows wiggling suggestively at Blaine. He almost dropped the cash that was handed to him by Mike as he heard the question. Even the few people that were in the line was surprised by the question and they looked scandalized.

"No, excuse you, and you're holding up the line. Move." Blaine chuckled, shooing Mike Chang away. Mike laughed and went towards his usual seat where Tina was waiting for him. Blaine waved a little and went back to work.

Blaine was tending to another customer when the coffee shop's bell rang again, a new customer coming in.

"Welcome to The Coffee House, what would you like to have?" Blaine asked but he was surprised when he looked up, "Alex? Alex Simmons?" He asked.

He couldn't help but glance around excitedly, hoping to see a certain Kurt Hummel in tow. But to no avail, Alex was the only one who entered the coffee shop.

Alex, on the other hand, stopped rummaging through her bag and looked up at Blaine. Her eyes widened and a look of recognition was on her face.

"Oh hey! I knew you looked familiar!" Alex clapped happily, pleased with herself and her good memory. "So you're Blaine Anderson. Nice seeing you again." She said. She proceeded to give Blaine her order which was three different coffees.

"Are you a regular here? I haven't seen you or talked to you and I work almost every day." Blaine started as he made the coffees; he was wondering why Alex ordered three and in the back of his mind, he hoped Kurt Hummel was somewhere in the vicinity.

"That's because I usually get tended by Sam, you know, the tall, blonde one?" She looked around. "And he's not here today."

"It's his day off. Here's your order." Blaine handed Alex everything while Alex gave Blaine the money for the coffee.

"Thanks Blaine. As much as I want to stay and chat, I still have a lot of stuff to do. Gotta run!" Alex gathered everything up and backed away. "See you around!"

Blaine waved goodbye and he noticed a black car waiting outside for Alex. Blaine tried to peek as Alex opened the car door and stepped inside. All he could see was black but a hand came into view to get the coffee from her, a porcelain-skinned hand and he was sincerely hoping that it was Kurt.

He looked around and saw Mike giving him an 'I-didn't-know-you-were-straight' eyebrow raise. Blaine rolled his eyes at him and mouthed 'I'm not'.

Work continued on as usual with Blaine constantly checking the door and hoping that Alex will walk in again and maybe with Kurt but to no avail, his shift ended with no other surprises.

"Thanks guys, see you tomorrow." Blaine waved goodbye to the other staff and biked home to shower and change his clothes before going to Music Sheets & Lyrics to play his usual set list. Before getting into the shower, he opened his computer first and checked his mail.

Nothing important.

And then he remembered he's got to find something about Kurt Hummel because the internet has all the answers to his questions. What was he going to lose anyway? So he logged onto every website he can think off; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and of course, Google (because Google is his friend).

First he typed in Kurt Hummel on Google then switched tabs to Facebook and typed it in as well. He does this to every tab and waited. When the Facebook one opened, he saw fan pages. 'What? Fan pages?' Then he opened Google's search results. He immediately saw Kurt Hummel's official website. The pointer hovered over the link and as he clicked and waited for it to finish loading, he was chanting 'please don't be him, please don't be him'.

As the page loaded, a huge HQ photo of Kurt Hummel came into view and Blaine's hopes were crushed.

"Oh shit."

Blaine was pining for a movie star.

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