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The night was young and they were a little bit tipsy but they couldn't leave the venue, everyone they knew (well, Kurt knew), missed him and wanted to spend a little more time with him. Everyone was dressed appropriately; there were monsters, zombies, celebrities dressed as other celebrities and movie characters. Blaine was wearing a smile as he stood beside Kurt, exchanging pleasantries with people he knew as well as people he didn't know.

All night until the party ended, Kurt was looking at him apologetically and Blaine just smiled, understanding clear in his face. The annual Halloween party wasn't the only destination they had that night, there were also many parties Kurt was invited to so they had to brace themselves for more paparazzi, booze and friends.

"Well, personally, I think we've handled that day perfectly and the days after that." Blaine thought aloud, stroking Kurt's hair.

The other man had his head on Blaine's lap like a cat wanting attention while the actual cat, James, was on Kurt's stomach. It was the middle of December, just a week before Christmas and they were being lazy around the Pent. Both of them finally had the time to just relax and not leave the Pent for more than 12 hours.

The "moving in together" thing was a great idea especially since they've been busy as fuck the past month and Blaine didn't want to think what would have happened if they weren't living together. They barely saw each other in the past month. Finally, it was Christmas season and they had free time until Kurt starts filming again and Blaine releases his EP.

Kurt pouted, his brows furrowing. "I'd have thrown a tantrum every day of last month if I could but I couldn't because I didn't have the time. I didn't even have the time to throw a tantrum."

Blaine chuckled, resisting the urge to ruffle Kurt's hair (he knows how that will end up). "Hey now, don't dwell on last month. We've got a full month ahead of us to enjoy." Blaine reasoned out. "And don't forget, we're living under one roof now so…" Blaine wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Kurt struggled to fight the smile that was slowly forming on his face but when Blaine winked at him and leaned down, gently placing his lips on his own, Kurt finally let go. He lost himself in the kiss and lost James in the process as well when he reached up to pull Blaine down a little more, deepening their kiss.

Blaine pulled away, his nose touching Kurt's, smiling as they enjoy the presence of one another. "As much as I love what you just said and did, I still hate that we couldn't celebrate our anniversary properly." Kurt was back to whining.

Blaine had to agree to that, he was pretty bummed that they couldn't celebrate their one year anniversary. "I guess that's what we get for having our anniversary on October 31." There was a pause. "Man, I shouldn't have asked you out that night. I should've waited a few days more."

Kurt sat up next to Blaine and said, "Would you have waited though? I don't think you would have, you were head over heels in love with me." He bumped shoulders with Blaine, teasing him.

Blaine raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes at Kurt, turning away from him. "I was not 'head over heels in love' with you. Don't flatter yourself too much." He retorted.

"Oh right, you weren't. You just really loved to give cupcakes and deliciously artistic coffee to people, don't you?" Kurt continued to tease, his smile growing wider by the second.

Blaine stuck his tongue out at him, finally conceding. "Fine, you win. I am head over heels in love with you." He replied, emphasizing the present tense in his sentence. Kurt blushed a little and nodded, ending his teasing.

Kurt leaned on Blaine, they sat in silence for a few moments and James' quiet purrs at his ball was the only thing to be heard in the room. "Hey, what about we celebrate our anniversary again?" Kurt said, sitting up properly as his idea hit him.

"What?" Blaine dumbly asked. "I'd love to celebrate it again with you but it's been a month. And didn't we have a lunch date that day?"

Kurt crossed his arms over his chest, "Really? Are you really settling on a lunch date as our anniversary celebration? Damn it, Blaine, even your constant surprises are more romantic than that." He said.

Blaine laughed at the thought of it. "You're right, yeah. But what do you have in mind? Do you have anything in mind at all or…?"

Kurt practically bounced on the couch as he spilled his idea to Blaine, "Okay, so since it's already noon, we should do it tomorrow right?"

"Right." Blaine replied attentively, showing that he was as interested and eager as Kurt. Kurt's eyes gleamed as ideas over ideas formed in his head.

"So here's what we're going to do." Kurt started, "You dress up properly and handsomely as you always do and I'm going to do all the planning." He ended.

Blaine frowned, "Wait, what? I thought we're planning this together?"

"What gives you that idea? If you must know, I still have to win everything against you. Everything's a competition with us, right?" Kurt laughed, standing up and laughing his way to the kitchen. "I cannot wait for tomorrow to come."

Blaine just watched him go, smiling as he saw Kurt take a notebook and pen then started scribbling down his plans. He didn't realize that he was staring at Kurt for quite a while with the only thought in his head being, 'Yeah, I'm in this for the long haul'.

Blaine woke up the next day with a huge smile on his face. Next to him was a pillow with Kurt's pouty face stuck on it as a substitute for his absence. The day haven't even started yet and he's already in a good mood because Kurt's in a good mood.

"Good morning, honey sweetheart my one true love, I made a light breakfast." Kurt entered the room with a tray of food especially prepared for Blaine. Blaine sat up on the bed as Kurt placed the tray on his lap.

"That's a lot of love in there. I feel so loved right now." Blaine smiled, taking a quick bite of his apple. He gave Kurt some of it too and the other gratefully accepted. "Can it be our re-anniversary every day?"

"Re-anniversary? Is that what we're calling it? Okay then. And no, it can't be everyday or else it will lose its charm." Kurt winked. "Eat up, hobbit, we're leaving as soon as I'm finished preparing."

"Preparing what?" Blaine asked with a mouthful of fruits.

Kurt looked back at him before saying, "Myself, duh? I need to look fab." He chuckled before leaving the room to get ready.

Blaine made haste; he ate, fed James, cleaned his used dishes and fixed the bed. He was just about to join Kurt in the bathroom when the latter walked out in full gear. He was in his favorite Versace zip print shirt along with a scarf and dark pants. It was hugging him in all the right places that Blaine had to take a minute to compose himself.

"Jesus, Kurt. You look gorgeously handsome in that outfit." Blaine commented, sincerely taken aback by the man in front of him.

"Thanks, I try." Kurt winked and coiffed his hair up a little for effect. He laughed at the look on Blaine's face, snapping his fingers in front of him and pushing him to the bathroom. "Go on now, wouldn't want the day to pass by."

Blaine tried his best to be at par with Kurt's clothing ensemble but all he could manage was a white shirt underneath his gray cardigan and a pair of dark colored jeans. He hesitated on the bow tie but ultimately decided on wearing it, it was a special day after all. He fixed his hair as per usual and headed out of the bathroom, surprising Kurt as well.

"Look who's being mighty dapper today." Kurt smiled, pouncing on Blaine and giving him a peck on the cheek. "You look good and you smell good. I love everything."

"Aw shucks." Blaine played along, his smile never leaving his face. "I'm ready. Where are we going? I'm getting excited"

Kurt started shifting on his feet, clearly nervous about knowing that Blaine is this much excited. "It's nothing special, we're just going to eat out and other stuff. I don't know, it's all last minute as you know."

Blaine held Kurt's hand, "Kurt, I know. It's okay. I'm happy we're going out today and I'm with you, that's all that matters." He winked at him, "So, where to?"

Kurt smiled and nodded, "If you're ready to battle some paparazzi then let's go." Kurt intertwined his fingers with Blaine, turned to James who was busy not caring about them and said "Behave James, don't pee in the bedroom." James just purred, licking his paw so Kurt pulled Blaine out of the Pent, excited for the day.

"It's so early in the morning and we're at a hotel."


"I don't understand."

"Yeah, well, you will soon."

They were standing in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel, not caring that there were paparazzi following them since they left The Pent. Kurt must be in a really good mood since he even politely asked the paparazzi to back away a little bit because him and Blaine wanted to have a relatively private moment that day. Good thing the paparazzi that followed them were nice and not the assholes that harasses people, Blaine attracts the nice ones.

They entered the building and they made their way towards a restaurant. Kurt hooked his arm with Blaine's, clearly already enjoying the day.

"Kurt Hummel." Kurt told the attendant while he looked for Kurt's name on the list.

"Table for 2 for Mr. Hummel. Right this way, sir."

They made their way to their seat and sat down, Blaine smiling all the way through. The place was fancy and there were a lot of people eating already even if it's just early in the day.

"Brunch is amazing here." Kurt smiled, looking down at his menu. "What do you want to eat?"

However, Blaine was just looking around the place. "The Beverly Hills Hotel. I just love this place." Blaine smiled and Kurt knew exactly what he meant.

"Me too. This is where I first met you, Mr. Blaine Anderson." Kurt mirrored Blaine's smile. They ordered their breakfast first before continuing their conversation. "I remember it perfectly now, you know, that night I met you."

Their waiter arrived a few moments later and they talked over their food. "Yeah? Tell me what happened then." Blaine challenged him.

Kurt looked confident as he answered, "You played a classical set list for the event. I remember going to the bar and ordering a martini—no, wait, was it wine?—never mind. So, I ordered a drink and there you were, gaping at me because admit it, I looked amazing that night—"

"Yeah, you did." Blaine's smile was making his eyes crinkle at the side which Kurt loved.

"I said 'Hello' and you replied and I think I told you that I enjoyed your classical set list." Kurt continued, taking a bite of his food. Blaine nodded and hummed 'you did' as he ate. "Then came your lame attempt of getting my name."

"I seriously didn't know your name, I'm sorry." Blaine chuckled.

"Apology accepted. Then I remember we talked about our suit and how uncomfortable it was. You know, pins and shit." Kurt laughed.

Blaine nodded, doing a little clap of appreciation. "That's amazing, Kurt. Although you forgot about the part where I fell in love with you." Blaine laughed.

"Oh right, can't forget that one." Kurt replied with a chuckle.

Blaine Anderson *BlaineAnderson

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[brunch photo]

They just finished road tripping/paparazzi escaping to wherever the car took them. Kurt took care of the places they went to. Blaine was glad that even if Kurt was getting recognized all over the place, their date is going as smoothly as it could be. By afternoon, they stopped again.

"We're getting coffee?"




They entered the shop and was greeted by a smiling Sam. Blaine smiled and waved back at him as he waited for Kurt to finish signing an autograph and taking a picture with a fan that recognized him.

"I thought today was your day off? You'll spend time here on your day off?" Sam asked.

"Nah, we're celebrating our re-anniversary and Kurt had things in mind and apparently, this is one of our stops." Blaine explained a little. He didn't miss the way Sam scrunched his face at the word 're-anniversary'. "Sorry I had to call in sick yesterday though," He leaned in to whisper, "He's been wanting some attention." Blaine chuckled as he pointed at Kurt who was approaching them.

"Stop gossiping." Kurt said. Blaine was about to say their coffee order but Kurt beat him to it. "A grande nonfat mocha and medium drip for us please." He smiled at Sam and Sam nodded, waiting for the payment but Kurt turned to Blaine. "Now's your chance to treat me coffee, you've always wanted to do that, right?" He winked.

Blaine took a moment to think about what he said and then he remembered. He remembered his promise that coffee's on him whenever Kurt's around. His smile was so bright he'd probably blind half the Los Angeles population.

"Alright, drinks are on me." Blaine said, giving Sam the money.

"Coming right up, sir." Sam said, giving the drink order to their current barista.

They found their seat and Blaine couldn't help but try to decipher what Kurt is thinking. "This is going to be a 'trip down the memory lane' kind of date, isn't it?" Blaine finally said, figuring Kurt out.

Kurt grinned brightly at him, "You know me so well. Of course it is." He said. "Remember when we met here? I couldn't remember you then but I knew I saw you somewhere." Kurt said.

Blaine nodded, caressing Kurt's hand over the table. "Yeah. You were like a superstar then, what with your whole outfit on and then taking off your sunglasses like it's nobody's business. I was out of words."

"You were, weren't you?" Kurt laughed. "But thanks to you, I fell in love with coffee even more. And cupcakes." Kurt smiled.

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Beauty in a cup from my lovable barista *BlaineAnderson.

[latte art photo]

It was a little after 5 when they left the Coffee House, Blaine tried to figure out where they'd go next but Kurt wouldn't say a thing. However, when they reached the main road that's covered with red and gold, Blaine knew where they were going. He glanced at Kurt and eyed him interestedly.

"So, if were going down the memory lane, do you remember where the place is?" Blaine teased. Kurt just looked on the road ahead, ignoring the cars following behind them. He glanced sideways at Blaine before looking away guiltily.

"Well…" Kurt started. He didn't really remember the exact area of Blaine's favorite Chinese food house. "That's why you're here, right?" He ended as Blaine laughed and nodded.

They found a parking lot in a conveniently secluded area and made their way to the food house. Blaine took Kurt's hand, aware of the constant camera flashes around them; they're not exactly being seriously incognito. They made their way to Mei's hot pot restaurant and asked if they could get a little private area in the otherwise busy restaurant.

"Mei, this is Kurt." Blaine introduced them again. "We've been here before but I told you he was James." He explained. Kurt waved a little and smiled apologetically.

"It's nice to really meet you, Mei." Kurt said with a smile. Mei nodded as he went in for a hug as she usually does with Blaine and whoever his companion is whenever he drops by.

"Whatever your name is, Blaine's friends are always fun to have around." Mei grinned. She led them to a corner, more private area of the restaurant but before she left, she asked "Will he do the 1-minute hot pot challenge this time around?"

Blaine and Kurt glanced at each other. A sly smile formed on Blaine's face and Kurt knew he was done for. Mei left them for a moment, knowing what their order would be and so that they could discuss the hot pot challenge. Kurt ignored Blaine the whole time he was whining at him.

"Come on, Kurt, it's fun. I did it once but I lost." Blaine laughed, egging Kurt on. "I'll even pay for it for you. Please? Come on. Please please please please please."

"No, Blaine. I can't do this." Kurt stood his ground. "And with no drinks too. That's too much!" He added.

"I'm pretty sure if it's a cheesecake challenge, you'd be up for it." Blaine said, pouting. Kurt stared at him for the longest time as Blaine made use of his puppy dog eyes. They stared each other down until Kurt looked away, sighing. Blaine smiled.

"Damn it, B, you know I'm a sucker for those eyes of yours."

"Yes!" Blaine cheered, amazed that he won. "Don't worry, if you throw up, I'm going to comfort you." He laughed.

Kurt squinted his eyes at him and said, "I hate you."

"I love you too." Blaine winked.

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"I can't…Blaine…I…" Kurt tried to say, sweating under the heat and holding onto Blaine's hand tightly.

Blaine wiped Kurt's sweat off his forehead. "Here, I'm putting in a little more." He said and he did. Blaine could see Kurt's pained expression for a moment and he stopped, "Are you okay?" Blaine asked, concerned.

Kurt took a deep breath before muttering a soft, "Just...just full." Kurt took another deep, panting breath, "So…so hot."

"It's all in, Kurt. You're so close, honey." Blaine said. Kurt nodded and taking a deep breath, holding onto Blaine's hand tightly, he swallowed. Kurt tried not to gag and throw up, keeping it in.

For a moment, everything was quiet with the only sound coming from Kurt struggling to catch his breath. Blaine's face broke into the biggest grin in the world.

"YOU FINISHED IT!" Blaine cheered along with the rest of the people that were watching them.

The restaurant patrons and Mei were all clapping as they celebrated Kurt successfully finishing the Hot Pot Challenge in a minute. They might have attracted a little attention in the duration of the challenge because of Blaine's overly enthusiastic encouragement of Kurt in the first few seconds and how sweetly he helped Kurt by feeding him when he was about to give up. Kurt let out a little whine and Blaine knew exactly that he needed to drink cold water as soon as possible.

"Here. Here, drink up." Blaine gave him a cold glass of water, the grin never leaving his face. He planted a quick kiss on Kurt's cheek before wiping some more sweat that have gathered because of the chili hot pot. "You did it, honey! I'm so proud of you."

Kurt finished the water and composed himself. "I hope you're happy, Blaine. That challenge was hard." Kurt pointed out. Blaine nodded in reply, hugging him tightly.

Kurt got congratulated by people he didn't know and surprisingly, not one of them asked for his picture; mostly just his autograph. Oh god, I probably have a video eating hot pot already. Mei shook her head as she watched the couple as soon as the people cleared out.

"Congratulations on finishing the challenge, Kurt, but I'm afraid you still didn't beat Wesley." Mei chuckled. Then she eyed them maliciously, "One advice, don't you two ever take the challenge again. For a moment there, I thought I was hearing porn audio." Mei laughed boisterously.

"MEI!" Blaine screamed, scandalized. Kurt blushed deep red and turned away, hiding his face. "Well, anyway, we're finished eating. Can we pay the bill now?" Blaine asked quickly, blushing as well. Mei nodded before leaving, still laughing her ass off.

Kurt turned to Blaine, still hiding his face. "Did we really sound like that?" He quietly asked.

"Maybe? I mean, with the way you were panting…" Blaine replied as horrified as Kurt until it sank in that they must have sounded stupid and weird. The giggling started then which caused Kurt to smack Blaine on the arm.

"It's not funny!" Kurt hissed and in a low voice, he added with a grunt "It's going to be all over the internet in a few minutes now."

They paid their bill, thanking Mei and swearing that they won't come back in a while because of the embarrassment they felt after the challenge. Blaine was still laughing on their way to the car while Kurt just ignored him, still beet red.

They were in the car when Blaine composed himself and stopped laughing. "Where are we off to next?" Blaine asked curiously. "Please tell me we're not going to MS&L. I know that place is important for the both of us but—" Blaine glanced at a frowning Kurt, turning the ignition on and still ignoring Blaine. "Oh come on, I thought it was funny. Didn't you?"

Kurt just sighed and drove away. "We're going home." He simply said. It was Blaine's turn to go quiet. A few minutes later, he found himself reaching out for Kurt's hand, caressing it.

"Sorry. Was it too much?" Blaine cautiously asked although he knew what the answer would be. "I'm sorry." He repeated, kissing Kurt's knuckles.

It was dark and they were silent until they arrived at Kurt's other home, away from the paparazzi and the city lights. Blaine followed Kurt inside the house because frankly, he still wasn't used to Kurt's private home. It felt foreign. He snapped out of his thoughts when Kurt steered him towards the rooftop.

Blaine wasn't paying attention so when Kurt stopped, he proceeded to apologizing. "Kurt, look, I'm sorry. I probably made you feel uncomfortable and—"

"Are you wishing that I forgive you?" Kurt started. Blaine looked up at him, confused.

"What?" Blaine asked and Kurt stared him down. "Uh, yeah, yeah I do. I wish you'd forgive me." He said.

Kurt's lips twitched to a little smile. "Lucky for you, there's a meteor shower tonight. You have to wish hard." He winked, ending his cold attitude.

Kurt turned Blaine around towards the setup that he thought of in his rooftop. It was the perfect area for meteor shower viewing and stargazing so he asked his minions (Wes, Sam and volunteer couple, Mike and Tina) to fix it up for him. There was a mattress in the middle of the open area surrounded by lit lamps and on one side was a bucket of wine and 2 glasses.

"Sorry, I was just messing with you. It's fun to see you get flustered. It brings back old memories of you being painfully shy." Kurt giggled away, bumping his shoulders with Blaine's. Blaine just scrunched his face at him.

"Wow." Blaine said, dumbfounded. "Competition? What competition? You win everything." He added, completely entranced.

"Right? I'm the romantic now." Kurt smiled. He grabbed Blaine's hand and led him to the mattress. He lay down on it and patted the area next to him. "I'm excited for this. It's my first time watching a meteor shower event."

"You researched this, didn't you?" Blaine chuckled, lying down beside Kurt, not taking his eyes off him. Kurt nodded in reply, practically bouncing. "You're cute when you're excited." Blaine said, leaning in and turning Kurt's face towards him to kiss him. Kurt gladly obliged. Blaine could actually feel his heart leap in his throat, Kurt still had that effect on him.

They spent the entire night on Kurt's rooftop, counting the falling stars they see and trying to see which one of them catches more.

"I wish that Blaine would stop cheating about the number of stars he sees."

"I wish to win over Kurt in this battle of the stars."

"I wish to be nominated for anything next award season." Kurt laughed, closing his eyes and wishing hard.

"I wish that people will like my songs." Blaine said. Kurt snorted, saying 'of course they'll like it'.

They kept wishing like that on the meteors that they see, teasing each other, wishing about themselves, their friends and family. Another meteor fell and Kurt immediately closed his eyes to wish on it.

"I wish that…" He paused, Blaine watching him intently, curious. Kurt smiled. "I wish that Blaine and I will be together for a long time. I wish that he'll stay with me because I love him—" A tear fell. "—and I don't ever want to be without him."

Blaine did the only thing that came to his mind. He snaked his arms around Kurt's waist and pulled him close for a hug, kissing whatever part of his face that got close to Blaine's lips; his cheek, his neck, his hair. Kurt hugged him back, overcome with emotion.

"Wish granted." Blaine said quietly with a low laugh, tears also forming in his eyes. "I love you so much, Kurt."

Kurt buried his face in the crook of Blaine's neck and Blaine could feel his tears and his smile. He pulled away, caressing Kurt's cheek. Kurt leaned into his touch and finally gazed into Blaine's eyes. "I love you, Blaine and happy first anniversary." He said.

Blaine tapped Kurt's nose, "Re-anniversary." He corrected him that earned him a smack in the arm again. Blaine chuckled. "Happy anniversary. Our first of many."

They stayed cuddled together in the rooftop, happy and contented and confident that both of their wishes will come true because both of them are in this for a long time, not ruling out the possibility of forever.

Kurt Hummel *KurtHummel

Meteor showers are fun so I'm stargazing. …or Blaine-gazing. (He fell asleep). #happy #goodnight

[extreme close-up photo of Blaine sleeping]

Nowhere Else

Music and Lyrics by Blaine Anderson


Let's wait for the stars to fall down tonight

Wishing forever will be on our side

Forgetting the world and just basking in the love we feel inside

Oh, let's wait for the sun to shine and give us light

Knowing forever we'll hold each other tight

'Cause there's nowhere else I'd rather be

Nowhere else I'd rather be than be with you

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