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Naruto woke from another sleepless night. Things just weren't getting any better. The love of his life never acknowledged his presence unless it was to hit him for "being a baka". He got up and did his normal morning routine of showing followed by ten servings of cup ramen. Even with his new training regiment, he still had his love of ramen, and it didn't help that it was the only thing that any of the stores in the village would sell him.

Oh how he hated the villagers. They all worshiped the ground that Sasuke walked on, and praised him for the most mundane tasks. Seriously Naruto had seen the villagers praise Sasuke for walking correctly before; is there no end to the madness.

It really wasn't helping Naruto that the love of his life was one of Sasuke's many fangirls. She always took his side, even when logic stated that he was dead wrong, he was correct in Sakura's eyes. It just wasn't fair. Naruto did everything for her, took her beatings, listened to her rants, and cheered her when she was down. Just what did Sasuke do for Sakura? He pushed her love away like it was meaningless to him.

Naruto decided that sulking wasn't very productive so her set off to his normal training ground, training ground 44. Yes, training ground 44, the Forest of Death. Naruto had started training here ever since he had met Anko after the mission to wave. She had a past that Naruto could relate to and they both bonded as good friends rather quickly. When he had asked if she knew a place where he could train away from prying eyes she said that she knew just the place for him, and promptly introduced him to training ground 44, the Forest of Death.

He began his warm-up of 100 jumping jacks, followed closely by a 5-mile run through the forest, and then came 70 push-ups, 60 pull-ups, 250 sit-ups, and finally 75 squats. After he was done with his warm-up, he quickly entered his favored taijutsu stance, the Kitsune, which incorporated his love of trickery along with his natural speed, honed over years of running from angry villagers. After that he decided to go ask Kakashi for some help with his ninjutsu, but he doubted it would do any good, since Kakashi never cared enough to teach him anything. Naruto figured it was worth a shot though because he couldn't get into the library since he housed the Kyuubi, and the villagers didn't want to give their resident "demon" any knowledge that could later be used to punish them for their previous "misdemeanors".

Naruto walked through town, looking for his sensei, Kakashi. Naruto looked everywhere but couldn't find him, and then he realized that he had never checked the adult bookstore. Naruto was on his way there when he ran into the love of his life, Sakura.

"Ohayo, Sakura-chan," Naruto called out.

"What is it now Naruto-baka?" Sakura asked, "Come to ask me out on another date? I've said no so many times already, why can't you get it through your head that I will NEVER go out with you!"

Naruto was going to ask her out despite what she had just said but the next sentence out of her mouth made him rethink his plan.

Sakura continued with her rant, "Besides, we both know that Sasuke-kun is so much better than you at everything."

Naruto was usually considered to be a baka and a dobe, but on the inside he is really quite devious, and Naruto had the beginnings of a plan running through his head.

Naruto looked at Sakura, "Well then, how's about a bet between you and me? I fight your precious Sasuke-kun and if I win I get a free favor and if you win you get a free favor. Sound good?"

Sakura stared at Naruto like he had just lost his mind, and according to her, he just had. Sakura responded with her usual arrogance when it came to the Uchiha, "Of course, that sounds great; I've been looking for someone to clean my house for me."

Naruto smirked, 'Hook, line, and sinker' "Well then it's a bet Sakura-chan."

Naruto started walking, followed closely by Sakura. Naruto headed to the Uchiha clan district, knowing that was where Sasuke trained when they didn't have a mission to go on. And upon arrival he found Sasuke throwing kunai at targets spaced out across his yard.

"What do you want dobe? You're interrupting my training," Sasuke said while throwing some more kunai at the targets.

Naruto responded more calmly than either Sasuke or Sakura expected him to, "I'm here because of a bet I have with Sakura-chan. I bet her I could beat you, and she bet I couldn't so fight me emo-teme."

Sasuke's blood began to boil at that, 'who is this dobe to interrupt my training with his stupid challenges? Oh well, I have been needing to blow of some steam, I might as well beat the dobe into the ground.'

Sasuke spun around and quickly launched five kunai at Naruto, who caught all of them quite easily.

"Now, now Sasuke-emo-teme, don't get angry, it makes you look even uglier than normal." Naruto said while twirling on of Sasuke's kunai around his finger.

Sasuke gave into his rage and blindly began to throw punches and kicks at his opponent, all of which were blocked or dodged by Naruto.

Naruto didn't want this to take too long so her disappeared behind Sasuke and chopped his hand down upon the back of his neck, effectively knocking the teme out.

Sakura couldn't believe what she was seeing; Naruto-baka had just defeated her Sasuke-kun in one move.

She began to protest, she never thought about what could happen if she lost their bet. Naruto wasn't having any of it though, he quickly told her about the ninja rule where ninja's had to honor any and all agreements upon threat of imprisonment or death depending solely upon the importance of the agreement made.

Sakura shut up, finally realizing that she had lost the bet and now she would have to live with the consequences.

Naruto told Sakura to follow him to his apartment, which needed to be cleaned desperately.

Once they both arrived there, Naruto told Sakura to strip into an apron only and begin cleaning his apartment. Sakura opened her mouth, but then shut it when she looked into Naruto's eyes, which told her that he could make it a lot worse if she didn't comply with his order.

Sakura began with her chore, though she couldn't help but notice as Naruto watched her hips as she moved around his apartment in an apron only. She felt his predatory gaze upon her, and for the first time in her life she was afraid of Naruto.

(With Naruto while Sakura is cleaning)

Naruto opened up his mindscape. He walked down a dark corridor, towards where he knew the Kyuubi's cage was.

"Hello fox," Naruto shouted once reaching his destination.

"Kit," the nine-tailed-demon fox responded.

"Well," Naruto asked, impatient as always "What do you think of her?"

"Kit," The Kyuubi began "You could've done better, but then again, you could've done a whole lot worse. I give you my permission to fuck her and spill your demonic seed into her puny human womb."

Naruto smirked at his prisoner, "Thanks fox; I'll remember this."

Naruto then left his mindscape, a cruel smile coming to his face as he thought about what was going to happen very soon.

(Back in the real world)

Sakura gathered all her courage; she couldn't stand Naruto staring at her like that "Naruto-baka stop star…"

Naruto cut Sakura off by appearing inches away from her face and grabbing her by her neck, lifting her up against the wall of his apartment.

Naruto growled, "You will do as I say, you won't question it, and you'll do it with a smile on your face. And just for your insolence, take off your apron and get on your hands and knees, facing the wall."

Sakura looked horrified at the thought, "Naruto, don't make me…"

Naruto unleashed some of his killing intent upon Sakura while rumbling, "You'll do as I say Sakura; this is your punishment for not following my orders."

Sakura could feel herself getting wet at the thought of Naruto dominating her, she had always been submissive. She prayed that Naruto wouldn't notice how wet she was getting and how much this turned her on. But it wasn't meant to be, for Naruto, with his demon-enhanced senses, smelled her arousal.

Naruto smirked once more and said while stroking Sakura's womanhood, "Does my little Sakura like to be ordered around? From the smell of it, I think she does."

Sakura couldn't stand it! He was pushing all the right buttons and she could feel her resistance crumbling, "N-no I-I don't l-li-like th-IS At a-all," Sakura stuttered, having a mini-orgasm in the middle of her speech.

Naruto looked at her, intrigued, "Did my little Sakura just orgasm from me stroking her?" He punctuated his sentence by slipping a finger into her folds, making Sakura gasp.

"Well," He asked "are you going to answer me slave?"

Sakura could only sit there, her resistance had fallen; she had embraced the bliss that Naruto-sama was giving her. Then suddenly Naruto's finger disappeared from her folds and she bucked her hips backwards, trying desperately to fill herself once more.

Naruto slapped her ass, "Answer me slave. Now!"

Sakura felt her fear and her arousal spike once more and she experienced another mini-orgasm at Naruto's commanding words.

Naruto slapped her ass again, then once more for good measure, "Answer me now, or this all goes away."

Sakura had never been in such please and she couldn't imagine life without it now, "Yes Naruto-sama, I did orgasm from you stroking me, I also orgasmed when you called me a slave in that commanding voice."

"Good girl," Naruto said, pushing not one, but two of his fingers back into her folds, making Sakura sigh as the feeling of being filled returned to her.

This continued until she orgasmed again, and Naruto removed his fingers from her folds; making her whine at the loss. Then pain unexpectedly overcame her feelings of pleasure, yet the feeling of being full returned tenfold. She was confused until she realized that her master had entered her folds with his dick. Soon though, the pain was replaced by immense pleasure. She cried out, "OH YES NARUTO-SAMA, FUCK MY VIRGIN PUSSY WITH YOUR HUGE COCK! I'M NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR HUMBLE COCK-SLAVE!"

Naruto wasn't ready for this verbal stimulation and it pushed him over the edge as he spilled himself into her womb. Sakura was basking in the warm feeling of her masters cum inside of her womb, knowing that she was pregnant and that there wasn't a thing she could do about it.

Naruto turned to his new slave, "You're now mine Sakura; you'll follow my orders. Please me when I want you to, and do anything else I ask you to do."

Sakura responded happily, "Yes Naruto-sama."

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