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Ino decided to go outside and train today, the chunnin exams were fast approaching and she knew that the only jutsu besides the academy one's that she could do was her family's Shintenshin jutsu, and even then that jutsu was more for interrogation than combat. Because of this Ino walked through the village, on her way to training ground 23.

Upon her arrival at training ground 23 Ino found that she wasn't the only person with the intent on training here today. Then and idea hit her, she could finally use her Shintenshin jutsu on a real person and she how well she could control them. The fact that the man practicing here was, in Ino's opinion, really hot, had no effect on her judgment whatsoever.

She got into her stance, and noticed the man turning around, so she quickly activated her jutsu, and she was promptly teleported into the man's mindscape. Ino looked around, taking in the dark, damp walls that now surrounded her. She started walking down the corridor, eventually coming to a cage.

A voice startled her.

"What are you doing here mortal? You are not the Kit," the voice rumbled, full of power and malice.

Ino stuttered in response, not even able to form a complete sentence all the while thinking, 'What the Hell have I gotten myself into? Of all the people I could've used my jutsu on, why did it have to be the one will a huge, scary voice inside of them?'

"Answer me now mortal!" The voice growled.

Ino finally found her voice, "I-I'm he-her-here be-beca-because I was pra-practicing my fam-family's clan ju-jutsu, t-the shin-shint-shintenshin. Who-who ar-are you?"

"Puny mortal, you don't even know who I am? I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the nine-tailed fox, the demon your whole village hates," the voice now belonging to the Kyuubi rumbled.

Ino's mind took about 30 seconds to process that, and when her mind was done, she fainted and the Kyuubi broke out into demonic laughter.

Naruto then appeared, "Well fox? What did you do? Why is Ino even here? And what are we going to do? We can't let this get out; I wouldn't have any friends then."

"Kit," The demon fox responded "You're just going to have to enslave her like you did to 'the love of your life' Sakura. That's the only way for you to ensure that your secret doesn't get out; we both know how big of a gossiper Ino is. So for the sake of secrecy, I give you my permission to spill your demonic seed into her puny mortal womb."

Naruto looked slightly hesitant, but agreed to the plan after some thought.

Ino woke with a start.

"Where am I? I just had the weirdest dream," she said without taking in her surroundings "you were there Naruto, and you had this huge demon fox sealed inside of you. What a wei…rd… dream? Oh god, it was real!"

"Ino-chan," Naruto said in a low voice "Shut-up. Stop freaking out over nothing."

Ino stuttered, "Bu-bu-but yo-you ha-have a dem-demon f-fox in-inside o-of you…"

Naruto glare hard at her, effectively shutting her up, "Hush Ino-chan, I need your word that you won't say anything about this to anyone. Do I have your word?"

Ino looked at Naruto like he was crazy, "Never, the whole village needs to know what is inside of you, maybe they can remove it."

The Kyuubi's voice boomed, "I am not an 'it' puny mortal! I am a female demon fox!"

Ino started shaking.

Naruto asked again, "Ino do I have your word?"

Ino glanced around, "n-no, ne-nev-never."

Naruto growled, "Is that your final answer?"

Ino gathered her confidence, "Yes Naruto-baka, of course that's my final answer."

Naruto then grinned maniacally, "Then maybe I can change your mind Ino-chan."

Ino's confidence shattered once again, 'What could this baka do to make me change my mind? He's a baka, he can't think logically, so I should be fine.'

Naruto grabbed Ino her arm and dragged her down a corridor. Ino was too stunned at Naruto's behavior to do anything other than let herself be dragged along. They finally reached a door, and Naruto opened it, dragging Ino in behind him. He shut the door after Ino was through. He put one hand on the back of her head and the other on the small of her back, startling Ino once more.

Ino looked appalled, "Naruto-baka what the Hell do you think you're doing?"

Naruto silenced Ino by slipping his tongue into her mouth. Ino's eyes widened to comical proportions at Naruto's unexpected move. After about 15 seconds, she finally regained basic control of her body and tried to fight against Naruto's kiss.

Naruto wouldn't have any of that, so he took his hand off the small of her back and used it to restrain Ino. Ino felt something grab her hands and before she knew what was happening, both of her hands were pinned to the wall, above her head. Ino was starting to really panic when all her ability to think was taken away from her.

Naruto's hand that had originally been behind Ino's head, had now snaked its way down in between her thighs. Ino broke the kiss and moaned into Naruto's ear. Naruto pushed her panties aside and slid a finger into her folds. Ino moaned louder, all her resistance slowly crumbling.

Ino said between moans, "Naruto… we've g-GOT t-to st-stop, th-this isn-isn't ri-RIGht."

Naruto breathed into her ear, "Is that really what you want Ino-chan? Answer truthfully."

Ino hesitated, 'I don't want this, do I? No. Of course I don't want this.' "No Naruto, I don't want you to stop, it feels so good," Ino said dragging out the so.

Naruto smirked and whispered into her ear, "Are you sure my pet?" He punctuated the word sure by ramming two more fingers into Ino's folds.

Ino could only moan. Naruto waited for her answer and when Ino didn't give one he pulled his fingers out of her, while restraining her as she tried to buck her hips to make his fingers reenter her folds.

Naruto growled, "I asked you a question pet. Are you sure?"

Ino, desperate to have his fingers back within her answered in a sultry voice, "Yes Naruto-sama, I am sure. I want you so badly, give it to me. I'll be your cock-slave, your pet, your mistress, whatever you want Naruto-sama, just give me your dick." As Ino finished her mini-rant, Naruto resumed fingering her, making her moan.

About ten minutes after Ino's mini-rant she couldn't take the stimulation anymore and she released her love juices all over Naruto's hand.

Naruto felt this and barked out, "Ino! Down on your knees, now!"

Ino felt herself have a mini-orgasm at her masters' words, and she hurriedly dropped to her knees.

Naruto praised her at her willingness to do as her commanded. Ino looked up into Naruto's eyes, silently asking what he wanted her to do next.

Naruto growled lowly, "Suck bitch."

Ino wasted little time complying with her masters' order. Naruto's dick was soon inside of her mouth and she began to bob her head up and down on her new masters' 9-inch pole.

Naruto grunted, "That's it my pet, please your master." Ino started to move her head up and down her masters' pole faster now that she had heard his praise. Ino decided to try something new; she pushed her masters' dick down her throat and began to deepthroat him. She looked up into her masters' eyes and all she saw was pleasure.

Naruto praised his pet with a smirk on his face, "Good girl, you are well versed in pleasing your master."

About five minutes passed and Naruto knew he was nearing his breaking point.

Naruto grunted once more, pushing his pets' head all the way down onto his cock, "Here it is my pet, drink your milk, and don't let a single drop spill."

Ino was all too happy to comply with her masters' orders once more, drinking his seed as it spilled into her throat.

Once his orgasm was over, Naruto removed Ino's head from his cock, hearing a slight popping sound as it came off.

Naruto asked his pet as she gazed up at him, "Was that good? Did you like the way my seed spilled down your throat?"

Ino quickly answered her master, "Yes Naruto-sama. That was the best tasting drink I have ever had in my life."

Naruto grinned, "Good pet. Now then pet, get on your hands and knees, face to the ground and your ass in the air. Raise it proudly for your master."

Ino responded immediately by raising her ass in the air, proudly just like her master wanted her to. Naruto smirked at this; he now knew that he had just about complete control over his pet.

Naruto then told her, "Beg for it my pet, beg for my huge cock. Beg for me to ram my dick into your pussy, beg for it and you might just get it."

Ino shouted out, "Yes Naruto-sama, please give me your cock, I'm nothing more than your loyal slut, I want you to break me and take my virginity. Please Naruto-sama; I need your cock inside me now."

Naruto grinned, 'Oh how the mighty have fallen.' "Now Ino, since you begged for it, and only because of that, I'll fuck your nice virgin pussy with my huge, hard cock,"

Ino looked back at her master, "Thank you for your generosity Naruto-sama."

"Ah… much better than Sakura," Naruto moaned upon entering Ino.

"Sakura?" Ino asked, slightly confused at her masters' words "What do you mean Naruto-sama?"

Naruto grinned, even though Ino couldn't see it as he slammed into her pussy from behind, "You don't think you're my only pet, do you Ino-chan? Why would I ever tie myself to only one girl? That's just stupid. Wouldn't you agree that every girl on this world should have the chance to taste me? You certainly liked it Ino." Naruto made sure to slam into Ino particularly hard whenever he said the words 'only' and 'certainly'.

Ino couldn't even form a coherent thought at that point; she was too far gone into the pleasure. Naruto didn't care; he had his answer in her silent gasps.


Naruto couldn't take it anymore, after at least fifteen minutes of hardcore fucking; he was finally ready to blow his load into his loyal pet. Naruto grunted, "Get ready my pet, here it comes, you better take it all." And with that he sprayed his semen into his pets' waiting and eager pussy.

"YES NARUTO-SAMA," Ino gasped as her masters' seed flowed into her, "GIVE ME YOUR SEED, FILL ME TO THE BRIM!"

Naruto took one look at Ino, imagining her with clothes on, because even though they were in his mindscape, time was still passing outside, and he couldn't have anyone wondering where she was. At least, not yet he couldn't.

Ino appeared with her clothes on as Naruto finished thinking about it. He was pleasantly surprised by the content look on her face as she lay on the ground of his mindscape. He hadn't expected her to be content; he had expected at least a little resistance afterwards. Even Sakura, his loyal slave, acted against him when she got irritated at him, but she was getting better. Maybe it had something to do with his punishments of making her do indecent acts in public when she acted up. Whatever the case, it was working.

Naruto brought himself and Ino back into the real world and he carried her to her house, opening her window and setting her down on her bed. He had snuck her into her own house because he was really tired right now and he didn't want to answer her parents' suspicious questions right now. Plus they probably thought he was the Kyuubi incarnate, yet little did they know that the Kyuubi, whose real name is Kyokei, could be really sweet when she wanted to. She had only attack Konoha because a man that smelled of snakes had taken her Kit and killed him within the village walls; causing her to go on a rampage to get his body back.

Naruto shunshined back to his apartment; spent for the rest of the night, yet happy with what he had accomplished over the last week. Two girls in six days was pretty good, considering the fact that 5 months ago he wasn't even interested in women. No, he wasn't gay, but he had just started to develop those kinds of feelings for girls.

Naruto decided to lay down of a moment, but the second his head hit the pillow; he was out like a light.

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