Story Title: Nowhere

Rating: R

Summary: Post Graduation-Liz and Michael are the only ones left after 5 years on the run. Just when they are about to go their separate ways, they are asked to do something that will bond them forever.

Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell. Period.

Intro: The Dark Place

Some days, Michael Guerin could no longer stand to look at her. He had respected her phase of anger. The simmering rage would dance behind her brown eyes when she wasn't crying. When she was not blaming Michael for something he had nothing to do with, she was blaming herself or ghosts of people no longer with them. He shifted on the couch in their beat up apartment and scowled at the old home video playing on the small television.

"Liz, turn that shit off," he grumbled.

She didn't respond or move. He had missed the anger. This Liz was barely here.

The faint light from the television was interrupting his sleep. Fuck sensitivity. Mourning time was over.

"Liz, I said-"

"I heard you," she whispered.

He could tell she was about to cry again. He shut his eyes to avoid the sight and heard the soft click of the set being turned off.

"We need to move to another town," Michael announced. "We've been here too long."

Liz grunted, a trait she had picked up from Michael.

They had always moved after a death, even if the FBI had left them and thought the group had moved on. When Maria had died four years ago, they left New Jersey all together. They hadn't had time to take the body.

They swore to never set foot in Ohio again after Isabel was shot and killed. Max was pretty useless after that and was captured three years ago. He made Michael and Liz promise to not come looking for him. They hadn't. Somebody had to raise Dylan.

Liz had turned the television back on and was now again enchanted again by the ghost of her son. The dark haired toddler gave her a toothy smile before running away from the camera.

"I hate it here," she whispered. She turned to face him, her eyes sullen and her face gaunt. No, Michael hated to look at her. He had to be strong for the both of them now. He was wanted to tell himself it was because he was saddened by her, felt sorry for her.

She reminded him of how deeply he could slip into his darkness if he let himself. How tempting that would be...

"I'm going back to Roswell. Before you say anything, I don't care if they find me or kill me. I want to be with my family. My parents have never even seen a picture of him. They don't know he exists...existed."

Michael pinched his nose with both fingers and took a deep breath. "I don't know if I can do this without you," he blurted out. It wasn't the objection he had planned to give her but this would have to do. "If you don't like it here-"

Liz was looking at him directly now, taken aback by his candid confession and the pleading tone in his voice. Her eyes flashed with something before they looked away. "You should come. I don't want you to be alone. I don't think that I can be either."

Michael wondered what she saw when she looked at him. If he was as much of a ghost of himself too. He sat next to her on the couch and she leaned into him.

Comfort. Both of them closed their eyes at the brief contact, the only thing that made their eyes ignite in years. Neither noticed or pulled away from each other. The last three years had made them family like they weren't before. Raising Dylan together had forced them together and losing him had glued them there.

"Yeah, we can do that. Let's go home."