August's Story 2: Now You See Them…

Chapter 1

Venice, Italy

I looked around the ballroom, searching for my mark. "Come on," I whispered. "Take the bait." I had been undercover in Venice for two months, posing as a rich American socialite. Actually, I was on my first mission for the CIA, trying to recover a diamond that could potentially be used to buy chemical and/or bio weapons that could be used against the U.S.

My job in this mission was to become involved in Venice society and eventually be invited to Francesco Bonacci's home for an event. (He was a Venetian arms dealer.) Now, I was at a gathering at his home, waiting for the moment where I would be able to sneak into the room where the diamond was being held to steal it. It was only a matter of time…oh, there was my mark!

My mark was Ricardo, another agent who was posing as a waiter for the event. He was going to get me into the room. "Signorina Isabella?" he asked. Isabella Young was my cover for this mission.

"Yes?" I replied.

"Signor Francesco wishes for you to come see his private art collection." That was my cue.

"Of course," I said. I followed Ricardo to a door where he showed me in.

"You're on your own now, Isabella," he whispered. "No extractions. If you get caught, no one's coming to save you."

I nodded and walked inside. There was Francesco, standing in the middle of an enormous art gallery. "Hello, Signor Francesco," I greeted. "Thank you for showing me your wonderful collection."

"Ah, Signorina Young. Always a pleasure to see you."

"Thanks." Quick as a flash, I pulled my tranq gun from its place on my thigh and shot him. He went down instantly. I took out the dart and made my way towards the next room. There it was-my prize. A beautiful diamond sitting on a pedestal inside a glass case.

I set to work. The security cameras had been turned off since Francesco was in the room, so I didn't have to worry about that. I went over to the glass case and frowned. It had pressure sensors, just what I was afraid of. Well, at least I was prepared. I reached into my clutch to pull out some tools, but I heard a noise. I quietly went for my gun, but a hand grabbed me. I kicked my assailant and began to run. It was Francesco!

"Security! Security, someone was about to steal the diamond!"

"Shoot," I muttered as I ran towards the gardens. I touched my earpiece. "Agent 1495 is requesting emergency extraction. Urgent!" No one answered. I had forgotten that there were no extractions! "Crap!" I began to run faster. But, it felt like I was running through molasses. I couldn't go any faster. The guards were just about to grab me when…

I woke up screaming. I looked around and saw that I was in my room. It's okay, August. You're not in the CIA. You're in Boston. I still continued to breathe heavily. There's no way I'm going to get back to sleep. I glanced over at my alarm clock. 4 AM. Well, that sucks. I sighed, got out of bed, and headed downstairs to get something to eat.

I had been having nightmares ever since my cousin June had left me over two months ago to run off to who knows where with her lover, Roy Miller. We had broken him out of a secure facility where he would've been killed. Wait, let me go back to the beginning. I'm August Havens, if you don't know me. I'm sixteen years old (my birthday was last month), I have dark blond hair and brown eyes, and I'm wanted in about two countries. And those are the ones I know of.

You might be wondering what the heck I've done to have warrants out for my arrest. Well, mostly it's for theft, but there are other things, too. I won't take the time to list them all. We might be here all night!

All right, now back to my story. So, basically, I used to be a fugitive from the law. Now, I'm living in Boston with my cousins April (June's sister) and Ben. April wasn't very happy about having to take care of a teenager that her sister just dumped on her right after getting married. But, she grudgingly took me in since I had nowhere else to go.

I grabbed a box of cereal and poured some into a bowl. Not in the mood for milk, I got a spoon and stood at the window, eating my breakfast. The black sedan was outside in the street yet again. I sighed. When will those people learn to leave me alone? I finished my cereal and went upstairs to take a shower. After I was clean and dressed, I leaned under my bed and pulled out my box of special things.

Roy and June hadn't forgotten about me at least. Every other week or so, I received a package at a P.O. box I had set up under a false name. They mostly consisted of letters and sometimes photos of their new life (without saying where they were, though). That was good. I picked up the most recent thing I had gotten from Roy: a watch. This watch was special. If I was to get kidnapped or anything, I could push one button and a tracking device would be activated. Then, Roy and June could track me down and save me. I hadn't had a chance to test it yet.

I put on the watch and got my school stuff together. Then, I went outside the building to give the agents watching my apartment a piece of my mind. I walked right up to the car and banged on the window. It was rolled down to reveal a man sitting in the front seat. "Yes, Miss Havens?" he asked.

"You really have some nerve, don't you? First, you picked me up off the street that one time. Then, you followed me to school. And now, you show up at my apartment building in the middle of the night! What do you think, Roy and June are going to appear and whisk me away to wherever they are? If that was the plan, they would've done it by now!"

The agent was taken aback. "Miss Havens, Director George set this up for your safety…"

"Safety, my rear end! She just wants to keep an eye on me in case they show up on the grid again. And besides, Mr. Annoying Agent, I can take care of myself. If I get kidnapped, it's my own fault."

"But, the Quintana family is becoming restless. They're looking for revenge for Antonio's death."

"If they want to come after me, so be it. I can handle it. Now, have a nice day, and please leave before Blaire comes. She's noticed you a couple of times. Thanks." I turned around and headed back towards the building. All of a sudden, I heard the car door open.

"Miss Havens, Director George wants to have a word with you."

"I'll take a rain check," I replied as I continued to walk away.

"Now, August." I silently groaned as I recognized the woman's voice. I pivoted back around to see the director sitting in the backseat of the sedan.

"Isabel," I greeted with a fake smile. "How nice to see you again."

"Cut the act, August. Get in the car," Isabel ordered.

"All right, but I really need to go to school today. April can't keep making up excuses for me." I got inside and sat beside her. The agent up front turned the key and we drove down the street.

"Don't worry, we'll get you back in time. Now, we really need to know, where are Roy and June? I know that you must have some form of contact with them."

I rolled my eyes. I was getting tired of this question. "Isabel, I do not know where they are. I have told you this countless times. Even if I was in contact with them, they would not be stupid enough to tell me their location."

Isabel seemed frustrated. She had to be. Her best agent had run off, leaving me as her only lead. "You know, August, have you considered my offer? If you joined the CIA, you could go and search for them. Get revenge for leaving you behind…"

Anger pulsed through my veins. "I would never betray Roy and June and I will never join your agency. Now please stop the car and let me out. You cannot hold me unless you have probable cause for arrest."

The director was fuming. "As you wish, August. But, I will find them, with or without your help."

"You will never find them," I said. The car pulled to a stop in front of my apartment building and I got out. "And please call off your patrol on my building. Blaire is starting to get suspicious. I can't hold off her questions for much longer."

"August, that patrol is for your safety. I won't call it off until the Quintanas have calmed down. Now, goodbye." She shut the door and the car sped away.

"Bye," I muttered. I headed back to my apartment, mumbling under my breath some very not nice things about what I thought about Isabel. I went upstairs and finished getting ready for school. Right as I grabbed my backpack, I saw my best friend Blaire Pruitt walking up the street to our building. She lived right down the street. I climbed down the stairs and met her halfway.

"Hey!" Blaire waved.

"Hi!" I replied. "Ready for another day?"

She scoffed. "No! That big test in history is today and I didn't study for it! Shows how much I pay attention."

I smiled. "Don't worry, I'll help you study over lunch." It was amazing how I could slip into being normal again. I thought when I first came back to Boston that I would never be able to live life without looking over my shoulder for assassins or answer a door without pulling out a gun. But, I had accomplished both. The only tie I had left to my former life was my packages from Roy and June, along with a few letters from my boyfriend, Simon.

Ah yes, Simon. We'd only been dating for a few months, and were closer than I've ever been with a guy. He was working at a top-secret lab miles away, and the few letters and discreet phone calls were the only forms of contact I had with him. I was surprised that Isabel had even allowed me to keep in contact with Simon. Maybe it helped him cooperate or something.

"August? August, are you paying any attention to what I'm saying?" I jumped back into reality.

"Oh sorry, I was in my own world. What did you say?"

"I was talking about that black car. I saw it again today. It doesn't belong to any of the neighbors; I checked. Do you think it's watching something? I noticed it at school one day."

"Um, I don't think so," I bluffed. "You probably saw two different cars. Come on Blaire, this is Boston. Nothing exciting happens around here."

Blaire laughed. "Yeah, I know. Except in July when you and June were kidnapped. That was the most exciting thing in years. Speaking of June, how's her therapy going?"

The cover story behind June's disappearance was that she had been very traumatized by our "kidnapping" and had checked herself into a rehabilitation center for an unknown amount of time. I was staying with April while she recovered.

"It's going well," I said. "She's made a couple of breakthroughs, but has a long way to go still."

"Oh. Well, that's good." She was quiet for a moment. "August, what really happened those couple of weeks? You were like here for a day, then you vanished again. And for a long time, no one could even see you. Why was that?"

I sighed. Blaire was becoming more inquisitive by the day. "Blaire, you know I can't tell you anymore details until the guy is caught and a trial is held."

"I know, but I'm your best friend. It's not like I'm going to go to some reporter and give them a tell-all story. I'll keep it a secret. I promise."

I hated keeping secrets from Blaire. She was almost like a sister to me and I usually told her everything. But, I had to protect her from any knowledge of my brief time as a fugitive. "I can't tell you, though. It's well, it's complicated."

"Fine." Blaire became silent. I blew out a breath. I had to make things better somehow.

"Hey, April and Ben are leaving on their honeymoon tomorrow. They'll only be gone for a few days, but I'm going to be pretty lonely housesitting all by myself. What if you spent the night one night and kept me company? I already asked, they don't care."

My friend seemed to light up. "Really?"

"Yeah, really."

"All right, I'll have to ask my dad, though."

"Okay." I smiled to myself as we continued to walk to school. I had avoided telling Blaire anything again, and her mind was off those mysterious couple of weeks for the time being. Life was great once more.

Unknown CIA Facility

Simon Feck logged onto his computer, yawning as he typed in his password. It was another boredom-filled day in his lab. His small, cramped, untidy lab. Only three more years, he thought to himself. Then I can be with her again. He looked over at the photo sitting on his desk. It was the picture he had taken of August dancing in Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg. It kept her memory fresh in his mind as he worked.

He left the computer for a moment and went to his worktable that held the parts of the almost completed Zephyr 2.0. He was certain that he had gotten it right this time. He had created a microchip that controlled the whole battery, including the temperature. It wouldn't blow up like his last one did. All that was left to do was put the parts together and finish it up. First though, Simon had to finish another project.

He reached into a drawer of his worktable and pulled out a small box. Opening it, he pulled out a silver chain, two heart-shaped pieces of metal, and a small peridot stone. Her birthstone. Their two month anniversary was only a few days away, and he wanted to do something special. Also, it was sort of a late birthday present. So, he was making a necklace for her. Simon had planned to buy her a piece of jewelry, but Director George wouldn't let him leave the lab just to buy "some trinket for his pain-in-the-neck girlfriend."

Simon had to laugh at how August had frankly ticked off Director George over the past few months. According to the director, she was refusing to cooperate, no matter how much she was threatened. Simon believed that August didn't know where Roy and June were, but the director thought she was lying. "I know Miller too well. He would never leave that girl behind without some means of communication," Isabel had said. He shook away his thoughts of Isabel and focused on his present for his girl.

Within an hour, the peridot stone was fixed into the middle of one of the hearts. Simon's plan was to weld the two hearts together to form a locket. He was going to put a picture of himself inside. He figured it was a pretty good present. All he had to do was figure out how to make it open and shut easily. That could wait until later. Some progress had to be made on the new Zephyr before Isabel checked up on him again.

He began to put together the pieces of his baby, smiling to himself while he worked. This was his element. It was where he belonged. The parts easily slid into each other until finally there was a whole battery. Well, except for the microchip. It still had some work to do on it.

He laid the Zephyr back down on his worktable and went back to his desk to send an email to the director about the progress he had made. Simon knew that he had made this battery a whole lot faster than the last one, but all he really had to do was fix the temperature problem. Everything else had worked just fine. Hopefully after he finished this project, Isabel wouldn't give him any more projects for a while. Maybe she'd let him use the satellite phone to call August. He hadn't talked to her in at least two weeks. Some boyfriend I am.

Simon quietly picked up August's picture, kissed his finger, and placed the finger on her lips. It was as close as a real kiss that he could get. "I miss you," he whispered. "Every day."


Barcelona, Spain

Raul Quintana paced around the office of his Barcelona home. Time was running out if he was going to step up and be the leader of his family's company. After Antonio, his older brother, had died, the entire business went to shambles. Fights broke out between numerous members of his family for power over the arms dealings. Some relatives had been killed. But, most of all, the Quintanas were looking for revenge.

He picked up a knife off his desk, aimed, and threw it at a target on the wall. The point went neatly into a picture of Roy Miller. Next, he threw another one at a photo of August Havens, which also found its mark. He calmed himself down after hitting June Havens and Simon Feck. Raul smiled as he walked up to the picture of Simon. Simon was the piece to his plan.

The Zephyr was a huge loss to the company, but Raul had heard plans about a new one being completed at a lab in Arkansas in America. He knew that if he stole it successfully, he could easily become the head of the family business. There would be no question about it. All he had to do was get a team together (which he already had), fly to America (tickets were already booked), and break into the facility and steal the Zephyr and if needed, the young scientist who had built it. It also helped that he had someone who could throw off the heat of such a venture.

"Cristina?" he called. The door opened and a beautiful young woman with streaming blond hair walked in.

"Si, Raul?" she asked. Raul had to smile. At first glance, she was a perfect match to August Havens. The CIA would arrest her for the crime, especially since Cristina could imitate August's voice.

"Is everything ready?"

"Yes," Cristina answered with a crisp Boston accent. "All we are waiting on is you."

"Perfect." Raul got his bag and followed the girl outside to where a helicopter was waiting to take them to the family's airport. Checkmate, Roy.

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