Chapter 1

"You are an insult to the modelling world! Get out of my office! Get out of my establishment! Get out, get out, get out!"

The secretary at Binkins Incorporated barely raised her head as the door to her boss' office slammed open and a crying girl fled away. Mr Binkins was known to be one of the harshest designers in the fashion business and so everyone who worked there was used to his barrages of insults upon poor innocent models. The rest of the girls in the waiting room regarded the door to Mr Binkins' office with wide eyes. Suddenly the secretary's phone rang and the snide voice of Mr Binkins' hit her ears.

"Next girl please Stephanie," he said.

"Yes sir," Stephanie concurred before placing the phone down, the blonde looked up at the girl seated nearest to her and nodded her head. "You may go in."

Gulping, the girl got to her feet.

Tia was tired. She was very tired. The Snowkids midfielder had had a very long day and she had been so excited to sleep, and she couldn't. Not because she didn't want to and not for lack of trying, no, the reason Tia couldn't sleep was because Mei was keeping her up...with her sobbing. When Mei had come back from a designer's office earlier that day, she had seemed fine, a bit subdued perhaps, but not upset or sad. However, as soon as the team had hit the hay, Mei had begun crying. The brunette was trying to keep her sobs quiet, but it wasn't working and Tia decided it was time to take action.

"Mei?" her whispered tones cut through Mei's sobs and the model stopped crying immediately. Tia could tell that the other girl had tensed up, even through the duvet. "Mei, are you ok?"

"I-" Mei stopped and cleared her throat before replying. "I'm fine Tia," her voice took on a faux happiness. "Perfectly fine, why?"

"Mei," Tia sat up in her bed. "You've been crying since we've come to bed. What's up? Something to do with modelling?"

Mei didn't reply. Feeling worry, Tia got out of her bed and padded towards Mei's. When she reached her friend's bed, she saw that Mei was crying again, silently this time.

"What's wrong Mei?" the blonde sat down next to her best friend, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and leaning in. "Has something happened?"

Mei shook her head, biting her lip hard. "No," she denied. "I'm just being a baby, don't worry about it Tia," the girl attempted a brave smile.

"Mei," Tia groaned before shaking the defender slightly. "You're my friend! Tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing!" Mei denied. "Just something Mr Binkins said that hit a chord with me is all."

"Was this Mr Binkins unkind to you?" Tia questioned.

"Everyone's unkind in the fashion business Tia," Mei chuckled dryly. "I must have forgotten about that."

"What did he say to you?" Tia persisted not happy with the way her friend was talking.

Finally, Mei sighed, seemingly giving up. "What didn't he say to me?" she moped. "It doesn't matter anyway."

"It does matter!" Tia disagreed. "If he's been cruel to you I'm going to make him apologise! What did he say?"

Mei shuddered slightly, held in a sob and then spoke. "He said I was a fat, ugly wannabe who couldn't model or play football to save my life. I'm stupid, a bimbo, and I'm using D'jok to appear more attractive than I actually am. He questioned why on Genesis would he ever want to sign me and why on Genesis was I even there? Then he proceeded to wonder as to whether there was a way to make it so I'd never existed because my face 'genuinely insulted him' and my attitude and personality made him feel like he was catching every disease under the sun, then he told me to get a nose job and then told me to get out, but not before calling me an insult to the modelling world." Mei finished in a hurry, obviously hurting as she reiterated the poisonous words that the cruel Mr Binkins had hissed at her.

Tia sat back stunned. What on Akillian could she say to that? The blonde mused that simply saying the opposite of what Mr Binkins had said probably wouldn't work; Mei had clearly been hit hard by the words and so that ruled out telling her to forget about it and move on...Honestly? Tia was at a loss.

"I..." she faltered.

"Don't worry about it Tia," Mei interrupted hurriedly. "Just...I just want to forget about it."

Tia nodded, patted her best friend on the shoulder and then headed back to her bed, wondering what she should do.

The next day the words of Mr Binkins' were still fresh in Tia's mind and apparently, as expected, they were still in Mei's mind as well. Even the boys of the team had noticed the change in the brunette's attitude.

"Is something up with Mei?" Yuki asked Tia as the both of them watched D'jok attempting to talk to his girlfriend, obviously trying to suss what was wrong with her.

Micro-Ice, Rocket, Mark, Thran and Ahito watched also, on the other side of the training room, their brows furrowed as they tried to work out what was going on.

Tia looked from Mei and D'jok to Yuki. She pondered for a second and then decided that Yuki could probably help her figure out what to do.

"Yes," she answered. "A man said some incredibly cruel things to her."

"What man?" Yuki demanded, looking angry immediately.

"Mr Binkins of Binkins Incorporated," Tia answered and she watched glumly as Yuki took that piece of information in.

The ginger winced, realising how important Mr Binkins was, then she glanced down guiltily at her shirt, remembering that it was a Binkins unique design.

"...ah," she managed before looking back at Mei. "So...what did he say? Surely Mei can handle a little criticism? She is, after all, in the fashion business."

"Yeah," Tia agreed. "I've seen her shake off some pretty horrid things, but...she told me what he said and it was truly vile."

"What was truly vile? Who said it?"

Tia nearly jumped out of her seat when Micro-Ice popped up next to her.

"Micro-Ice!" Yuki scolded heatedly before she stuck her nose in the air. "This is none of your business."

"Hey!" Micro-Ice protested. "I'm worried about Mei too!"

"How did you know we were talking about Mei?" Tia shot back.

"Who else could you be talking about?" questioned Thran, popping up next to his small friend.

"Thran?" Tia looked flabbergasted. "How long have you been listening?"

"For a while," Ahito said, appearing next to his brother. "We had a hunch that maybe you guys would know what was going on with Mei."

"It was all Rocket's idea," Micro-Ice added and Tia shot a glare at her boyfriend as he emerged next to the twins, popping up next to the benches Tia and Yuki were sat upon.

"Sorry," the male midfielder apologised.

Tia narrowed her eyes at him and then looked to Yuki.

"Hey," Yuki shrugged. "They could help."

Tia looked back at the boys of the team: Mark, Rocket, Thran, Ahito and Micro-Ice all stared at her eagerly.

"Ok..." she murmured. "But you mustn't tell her I told you, I'm not sure how she wants to handle it. I think she might just want to forget all about it,"

The boys all nodded quickly. Tia promptly told them all what Mei had told her. The boys' faces shifted throughout the whole story, coming to an end with their faces pictures of pure horror (or, in Micro-Ice's case, complete and utter tragedy).

"We've got to do something!" Mark announced determinedly.

"Yes. We do."

At the sound of D'jok's voice, the other Snowkids looked up.

"You heard all that?" Tia questioned, she looked over to where he had been earlier, Mei was no longer to be seen. "Where's Mei?"

"She's gone to get some air," D'jok replied, his face stony. "Tia, is what you just said true? Did really say all that to Mei?"

Tia nodded solemnly.

"Right," D'jok said, his voice took on an edge.

"What're we going to do D'jok?" Micro-Ice piped up.

"We're going to get revenge," D'jok replied. "No one talks to a team mate of mine like that, specifically not my girlfriend."

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