Chapter 6

"D'jok," Tia breathed. "What have you done?"

There was silence on the other end for a moment as D'jok looked at her passively, and then his brow creased.

"Hey it wasn't just me!" He protested. "Mei had a whole lot to do with it. More than me even!"

"Hey!" Mei shot back indignantly. "What sort of boyfriend are you? Blaming your girlfriend for everything!"

"I'm a bloody good one!" D'jok returned. "No other boyfriend would help hide a body with you!"

"Guys," Tia broke through their squabble and returned their attention to her. "Can you take this seriously please? A man is dead because of you two."

D'jok and Mei shifted uncomfortably.

"Didn't we have a 'no killing' deal?" Mark piped up from the back, sounding scared. "What happened to the no killing deal?"

"Look," D'jok began calmly. "Why don't we all just calm down?"

"Where are you guys?" Micro-Ice butted in. "There can't be many places on Genesis where you can just stand with a dead body in your arms."

"We're…we're just in the street." D'jok returned.

"D'jok!" Yuki yelped. "Get out of there!"

"Come back here now," Tia agreed. "You can explain to us what you've done once you get back."

"Ok," D'jok agreed in a placid tone. "Though I can assure you it was a complete accident. He was just walki-"

"Get back here now." Tia ordered venomously and then turned Micro-Ice's holo-watch off.

There was silence. Micro-Ice, Mark, Yuki, Thran and Ahito exchanged worried looks as Tia closed her eyes and began massaging her forehead. Rocket, meanwhile, blearily woke up.

"I just had the weirdest dream." He stated.

"If it was about Mei and D'jok killing Mr Binkins, then it wasn't a dream." Thran informed him.

"Actually it wasn't that, I'd forgotten all about that," the dread-locked man sat up on his elbows. "Until now!" His tone became frantic. "What are we going to do?" He demanded.

"I don't know," Tia admitted, turning round to face her boyfriend. "D'jok and Mei are coming back now."

"With the body?" Rocket shrieked, ignoring the other Snowkids' attempts to hush him. "But won't that implicate us?"

"I think we're already implicated," Ahito murmured. "After all, we've all been plotting."

"But not to kill him!" Mark exclaimed. "What is wrong with those two? How could they have done this?"

Tia shook her head, her brow creased. The girl had no idea how D'jok and Mei had managed to commit such a monstrosity. Everyone in the room fell silent, apart from Rocket, who muttered and whined about his worries under his breath.

About an hour later, the door to the training room slid open, revealing D'jok and Mei to the group. There was a heavy silence as the rest of the Snowkids surveyed the pair of them with a mixture of emotions in their eyes.

"Hi!" D'jok said brightly after a few moments of tense quiet, walking into the room, Mei in tow.

The others visibly shifted back, D'jok stopped dead, raising an eyebrow.

"Seriously guys?"

"D'jok, you've killed a guy," Mark breathed, looking fearful.

D'jok rolled his eyes in response.

"Where's the body?" Tia demanded, looking to Mei, hoping that she, at least, may be feeling apologetic.

"It's in D'jok's room right now," Mei responded, throwing her thumb over her shoulder. "We couldn't think of anywhere else to put it."

"My room?" Micro-Ice squeaked, his huge eyes stretching to cartoonish levels. "There's a dead body in my room."

"Well, you might not wanna go shouting about it." D'jok remarked.

"Where is it?" Micro-Ice replied, fixing Mei with a horrified look.

Mei shifted uncomfortably and then shared a look with D'jok, prompting Micro-Ice to groan loudly.

"It's under my bed isn't it? You put a freakin' body under my bed!" Then, moaning, the small striker spun away, his hands on his face.

"D'jok," Mark remarked disapprovingly. "That's really unreasonable; at the very least it should be under your bed."

"It shouldn't even be there at all!" Yuki shrieked cutting off whatever D'jok's retort was going to be. "D'jok, Mei, what happened?"

"Right," D'jok began. "Basically, I was initiating that plan that Mark had and, then, the perfect opportunity came along! Mr Binkins was waiting for a taxi right? And it was just me and Mei and him,"

The rest of the Snowkids listened as he spoke, their eyes wide with horror.

"And then he fell onto the track,"

The Snowkids gasped in horror.

"Now obviously, those tracks are made of glass right? And it was obviously going to crack, so me and Mei ran over. Me thinking that Mei would help him,"

Mei tutted loudly.

"So, Mr Binkins was just clutching onto the wall with one hand, trying not to put his weight on the glass and I told Mei to try and help him and Mei just stared at him for ages,"

"Then, when the glass finally started cracking," Mei took up the story now. "I tried to grab his hand, but it was too late and he fell through."

"If he fell through the glass," Ahito murmured. "Then how do you have his…body? Wouldn't he have just floated into space?"

"That's what we thought would happen," Mei replied. "But he sorta just bobbed under the glass for a while; floating along like he was trapped under ice or something and then he must have died, because he stopped trying to beat the glass away."

"So once he was dead, I lowered Mei down and she grabbed Mr Binkins and, together, we brought him back up." D'jok finished.

"Why didn't you try to rescue him while he was dying?" Rocket exploded, looking terrified.

Mei and D'jok exchanged a look. "We…we didn't really want to," Mei replied.

The rest of the Snowkids' eyes shot open wide and they all silently gazed at the couple.

"Plus," D'jok put in, apparently uncaring of the rest of his team's reaction. "If we'd tried to help him while he was struggling, there would have been a high chance we'd have got pulled down the gap and killed too."

"You could have used the flux or something, surely?" Rocket continued.

D'jok raised an eyebrow and smirked, sharing an amused look with Mei. "Because that turned out great for you didn't it buddy?" The ginger sniggered.

Rocket pouted and looked away.

"So basically," Tia muttered, trying to make sense of the situation. "You could have saved Mr Binkins…but you didn't."

"That's right." Mei agreed.

"What're you going to do now?" Micro-Ice questioned.

D'jok grinned. "Well that's why we came back here!" He replied. "We're a team right?"

The rest of the Snowkids exchanged looks, a sense of doom coming over them.