Chapter 7

"Is he really under there?"

"No, it was all a hilarious joke. There's actually a huge teddy bear under there har-de-har. Of course he's flipping under there!"

The Snowkids were all gathered in Micro-Ice's and D'jok's room. All eyes on Micro-Ice's bed, under which lay the body of Mr Binkins.

"I feel sick." Commented Mark, indeed looking a little queasy.

Rocket looked like he was about to faint again. Micro-Ice was just staring at his bed, a look of utter horror plastered on his face, before he spoke.

"We'll I'm never going to be able to sleep on this bed again...thanks for that D'jok."

D'jok replied by giving him a sarcastic smile and a thumb up, and then Tia intervened, wading into the situation with her arms out.

"Alright!" She exclaimed, quieting down Micro-Ice who looked about ready to punch his best friend in the face. "We need to sort this out," the blonde turned to Mei and D'jok, both of whom had rather bored expressions on their faces.

I guess when you kill a guy; everything seems a bit boring after that Tia mused. She then grimaced, a little put off by her friends' apparent lack of guilt.

"Mei and D'jok, did anyone see you bringing the body here?"

D'jok shrugged while Mei shook her head.

"I don't think so." The defender stated.

Tia nodded and then glanced back at the bed. "Well...I guess we need to sort out where we're hiding the body."

"So that's it is it?" Rocket sprang back into life, looking terrified. "We're covering this up? We're not telling Technoid?"

Tia turned to her boyfriend. "Rocket, D'jok's right; if we report him and Mei, we'll all be implemented. It's too suspicious."

"I don't wanna go to jail." Ahito murmured.

"Me either," Thran concurred. "No air conditioning, from what I've heard."

As the Snowkids mulled this over, there was the sound of a door opening behind them, and then Clamp stepped in the room, a grin on his face.

"Here you all are!" He exclaimed. "I've been looking everywhere for you lot."

The team froze and then rushed into action. A few of the teenagers, Rocket and Micro-Ice, let out girlish screams and ran from the room. Tia, Mei, D'jok and Yuki jumped in front of the bed, taking care to cover the bottom of it with their feet. Mark, Thran and Ahito just looked frozen in place, staring at Clamp with wide, horrified eyes. Clamp's expression immediately became bewildered.

"What the heck is going on?" He questioned, rubbing the back of his neck as he watched Rocket and Micro-Ice's retreating backs.

"Uh…explosive diarrhoea!" Mei yelped by way of an explanation. "Rocket and Micro-Ice have both got explosive diarrhoea."

"…oh." Commented Clamp, turning back to the rest of the Snowkids with a look of faint disgust on his face.

"Yeah!" D'jok shouted loudly. "So what is it you want Clamp? Old buddy!"

Clamp gave the red-head an even more bewildered look. "I was…I was just looking for Thran actually." He explained, stepping forward slightly.

Tia, D'jok, Mei and Yuki stepped backward, tightening their wall around the body of Mr Binkins, while Thran and Ahito yelped.

"Why Thran, he hasn't done anything!" Ahito screeched, clutching his hand around his brother's forearm.

"It wasn't me!" Thran added hastily.

"And I had no part to play either, I assure you." Mark intoned.

Clamp looked truly confused now. "What're you going on about?" He demanded.

Tia realised she was going to have to save the situation. "Uh…Micro-Ice put a 'kick me' sign on Aarch's back," she glanced around at her friends, mustering a fake chuckle. "Thran and Mark obviously think you suspect them."

Clamp looked from Tia and then to Thran and Mark. Both teenagers nodded profusely, necks nearly snapping with the ferocity of the movement.

"Oh," the technician managed after a while. "Well, uh, that's not actually what I'm here for. Thran, I found a new video game and I thought you might like to play it? If you've got spare time, of course."

Thran leapt up. "Yes, yes!" He agreed, looking animated. "Definitely," he turned to the rest of the Snowkids as he began backing away. "I've got to go," he said. "Clamp wants me to play video games…you guys have fun doing what you have to do though." And then he barrelled out of the room.

Clamp gave the others one last bemused look and then he followed after his young friend. Tia turned to her team mates, looking urgent.

"What are you doing?" She demanded of Mark and Ahito. "You nearly gave us away!"

"We were top class though." D'jok intoned and then he high-fived Mei.

Tia turned and fixed them both with a death look before looking back to Ahito and Mark, who both still looked horrified.

"You can't act like that," she continued. "People will become suspicious."

"I'm sorry!" Yelped Mark. "I just don't like dealing with secrets!"

"You kept the whole 'Rocket in the sphere' thing pretty damn secret." D'jok reminded him, and Mark shot him a hurt and angry look.

"He's right," Tia muttered, and Mark turned his shocked/angry look onto the girl. Tia was looking thoughtful. "Look Mark, you can keep a secret. This is self-preservation, just like the time with the sphere, ok?"

The substitute she was talking to looked a little put out, but then he nodded stiffly.

"Fine." He muttered moodily.

"And Ahito-" Tia turned to look at the twin, but he was fast asleep, snoring onto Micro-Ice's pillow. The blonde girl rolled her eyes.

"What do we do now then Tia?" Yuki questioned, just as Micro-Ice and Rocket re-entered the room.

D'jok immediately began sarcastically clapping. Tia grabbed his hands to stop him and then turned to look at the new arrivals.

"Guys," she began in a scolding tone. "You can't just run away every time someone comes into the room, we need to act natural."

"I'm sorry Tia," Rocket moped. "I just…panicked."

"As per usual," D'jok intoned. "Rocket, if you don't mind me saying, you're a bit of a liability."

"D'jok!" Mei and Tia shouted in unison, turning to give the captain a shocked look.

"I'm just saying," the red-head shrugged. "Rocket's used to running away from his mistakes-"

"Hey!" Rocket growled, coming forth. "This is your mistake not mine, remember? There's the little fact that you kil-"

A low groan from under the bed interrupted the midfielder. Micro-Ice let out a scream of pure terror and did a running jump onto D'jok's bed, as far away from Mr Binkins as possible. The other Snowkids were staring at the bed closest to them, horrified looks on all their faces.

"But…but he's dead!" Mark stuttered.

Tia whipped around to look at Mei and D'jok.

"He was pretty dead when we carried him here." Mei mumbled eyes on the bed.

"Can dead bodies make noises?" Rocket whispered his tone high.

"Zombies can." Micro-Ice announced.

There was a small moment of silence as the group took this in, and then everybody except Tia and Ahito pelted from the room, wailing in horror. Tia watched them go with a hopeless expression on her face. Well, there's no use staying here the girl shoved Ahito roughly, and after a few pushes the goal keeper sat up, awake.

"What? What?" He questioned urgently, blinking.

"I need you to guard Mr Binkins," Tia explained. "I'm going to ask Dame Simbai some questions."

Ahito looked down at the bed and then back up at Tia, looking slightly worried, and then he glanced at the pillow he'd just been laying his head on.

"I can do that." He mumbled and then fell dead asleep again, leaving Tia to exit the room.