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The next day the sky was still cloudy, but Alex and Rosalina walked from the apartment to Rosalina's house anyway. Alex was glad this was the last time they would have to do this. Not that he didn't like Rosalina's house, he just didn't like a person in that house. They reached the house and walked inside.

"Where have you two been?" Stella demanded immediately.

"Nowhere important," Rosalina said. She knew that she could say whatever she wanted because she knew that as long as Alex was going to leave, they would be safe. And she would be perfectly fine if Stella broke up with her father.

"Well, just so you both know, Alex is out of here. The social worker called and is picking him up sometime today."

"That's cool," Rosalina said shrugging. "C'mon Alex, let's go get your stuff."

They both walked upstairs to Alex's room. Rosalina shut the door behind them. "Do you have your stuff ready?"

Alex nodded. "Be careful what you say, Rosalina. I don't want her to get angry and begin to really abuse you now that I'm leaving."

"Now you sound like Nat. Don't worry Alex, I'll be fine."

"Thanks for helping me."

"Your like my little brother, of course I'm going to help you."

"What do you think Uncle Miles is going to do?"

"I really don't know, Alex but I think he's pretty sorry for treating Nat and you like he did."

"Alex! Rosalina! Someone is here for you!" Stella called up to them.

Alex and Rosalina ran downstairs to see Mr. Welsch standing by the front door.

"Good afternoon, Alex," He said.

Alex nodded at Mr. Welsch.

"You must be Rosalina Tai, correct?" Mr. Welsch asked, looking at Rosalina.

She nodded. "Yes, I am."

"Are you her mother?" He asked, looking at Stella.

"No," Rosalina said, at the same time Stella said, "Yes."

"She's not," Rosalina said. "She's my father's girlfriend."

"Well, no matter who she is, we've gotten word of screaming and other disturbing noises coming from this house for the past few weeks. So it is my job to ask a few questions. First of all, Rosalina has this woman been abusing you or Alex?"

Rosalina glanced at Stella, who was keeping an unreadable expression on her face. Alex looked worried. "Um..."

"Please be honest, Rosalina," Mr. Welsch said.

"Yes...she does."

"You live with your father as well, correct? Your mother died when you were young?"

Rosalina nodded.

"Where is your father?"

"I'm not sure..."

"If this woman continues to bother you after three days, give us a call,' Mr. Welsch told Rosalina. He turned to Stella. "This is your first and last warning ma'am. I'll be back in three days to check up on this house." He turned back to Alex. "Are you ready Alex?"

Alex nodded, letting a small grin show. "Bye Rosalina."

"Bye Alex," She said, giving him a reassuring smile.

Mr. Welsch and Alex left the house. The minute the door closed Stella started talking. "Listen you brat, I just want to let you know that I'm not going anywhere. Hopefully they'll take you away to another foster home and I won't have to look at you ever again."

"Where is my father?"

"Nowhere you need to know."

Rosalina was torn. She wanted to race back to Nat's apartment before Alex got there to tell him. She wanted to get out of this house all together. But she was also worried about her father. She was worried that he was hurt, because she hadn't actually seen him in days. "Where is he?" She demanded.

Before Stella could answer a knock came from the door. She tightly gripped Rosalina's arm and pushed her into the living room.

Rosalina fell onto the ground. She was about to push herself up, but Stella stopped her.

"Stay here," She whispered harshly. She walked over to the door and opened it. "Can I help you?" She asked kindly.

"Um...is Rosalina here?"

Rosalina's eyes widened. It was Nat! What was he doing here?

"No...I don't even know a Rosalina."

Should she get up? Should she wait for Nat to leave and then deal with Stella about her father?

"You have to know Rosalina, she lives here. She's lived here for about five years. Now where is she?" Nat asked.

"I don't know what your talking about, I don't even know who you are."

Rosalina got up and slowly walked towards the front door. "Nat?"

"Rosalina, are you okay?" He asked, looking past Stella and at Rosalina.

She pushed past Stella. "I'm fine." She looked back at Stella. "Let's go."

The two of them walked away from Rosalina's house without saying a word. Nat wasn't sure what just happened so he only held Rosalina's hand tightly to reassure her. He glanced at his girlfriend just to reassure himself that she was okay, when he noticed a bruise on her arm. "Rosie..." He mumbled staring at her arm.

She looked at him, then where he was staring and pulled her sleeve down farther to cover the bruise. "It's nothing."

"Did Stella...?" He trailed off, already guessing the answer.

"Nat, it's nothing," Rosalina snapped at him.

Even if she was becoming angry with him, Nat wasn't going to be put off so easily. He stopped walking. "Rosie, if Stella is seriously hurting you, you can't expect me to just let it go."

"That's exactly what I'm expecting you to do. Look Nat, we don't have time for my problems right now. I already told Child Protective Services and it'll be taken care of. But you cannot tell my dad or anyone else. We need to get back to your apartment as soon as possible."


"Alex left my house! That's why. Didn't you notice he wasn't with me? If your not home when Alex gets there, who knows what'll happen. We can't risk that."

Instead of replying, Nat pulled Rosalina as they began running towards the apartment. When they reached it, they raced up the stairs and into the apartment. Once they were finally in the safety of the apartment, they both let out a sigh of relief.

"See, I told you everything's fine," Nat said.

"I'm surprised their not here yet, they left probably twenty minutes ago. It doesn't take that long to get from my house to here," Rosalina noticed.

"Maybe something happened," He said, beginning to panic.

"I'm sure nothing happened, and if something did, they would call you, or it's probably nothing major. Alex is on his way here, safe and sound," She reassured him.

Nat's cell phone ringing made both of them jump. He relaxed when he pulled out the phone and saw it was Cooper calling him. "Hey Coop, what's up?"

"Nat...have you gotten any calls recently?"

"No...why? What's going on? Are you okay? Are the guys okay?"

"We're all fine...but I was wondering if you knew about Alex."

"What about Alex? Is he okay?"

"He was in a car accident, its nothing serious, but it's on TV just because paparazzi saw it was Alex."

"A car accident?! Where at?"

"It looks like its at the intersection right to get on to the block of your apartment building."

"Okay, thanks Coop. We'll call you back." Nat quickly hung up and grabbed Rosalina again. "Hurry up, we gotta go."

"What's wrong? What happened? Shouldn't we wait for Alex?" Rosalina asked, running beside Nat as they reached the elevator.

"It is Alex. Cooper said he was in a minor car accident at the intersection. It was on TV."

"It can't be minor if it was on TV," Rosalina said.

"It's only on TV because they knew Alex was in it."

Rosalina didn't ask anymore questions, she knew Nat wasn't thinking straight right now, and she could tell. She just hurried to keep up with him as they ran through the lobby, and down the street towards the accident. There was already two ambulances on the street and police blocking everything off.

Nat weaved through the crowd, trying to find his brother.

A police officer stopped him before he could get too close to the car. "I'm sorry young man, but I can't let you any closer."

"You don't understand, that's my little brother in the accident. I'm the only family he's got left. Please, you have to let me see him."

The officer eyed Rosalina who was standing behind Nat, trying to look at the accident.

"She's our step sister, please, you have to let us see him. I need to know he's okay. You don't understand what we've been through."

The police man seemed to become sympathetic. "He's in the ambulance over there. He's not too bad though." He pointed them in the direction of one of the ambulances.

Nat thanked the man and he pulled Rosalina toward the ambulance. They reached it, but again were stopped by some paramedics. Before Nat could even begin to explain, they heard a voice from behind the paramedics.


The paramedics moved aside to reveal Alex sitting on the edge of the open ambulance.

Nat rushed over to his brother and wrapped him in a tight yet gentle hug. "Alex, your never leaving my sight again."

"Oh great," Alex groaned.

Nat released his little brother to look him over.

Alex had a few marks on his arms that would definitely become bruises and he had a few scratches on his face and arms. "Part of the windshield and the window shattered," Alex explained. "But I'm okay."

"Will he be okay?" Rosalina asked one of the paramedics.

"We want to bring him back to the hospital just to be safe," The paramedic said. "But he should be okay after about a week or so."

"Can we go with him?" Nat asked.

"Who are you exactly?" The other paramedic asked.

"I'm his brother, and this is our step sister," Nat replied as if he was used to saying it by now.

"Alright, go ahead."

The three of them got into the ambulance and the paramedics shut the doors behind them. "What happened, Alex?" Nat asked.

"I'm...actually not sure. I don't remember much."

Nat looked at Rosalina worriedly, who looked relieved. "That's normal. It's probably better that he doesn't remember it anyway. As long as he has the rest of his memory, everything will be fine."

"How are you Alex?" Nat asked.

"I'm okay, I swear."

"I was so worried about you, we both were," The older Wolff brother said. "Your never staying anywhere without me again, okay?"

"I'll be fine, Nat."

"I know you will be, I mean me," He said smiling.

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