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Sly looked around the club and spotted Dane and Eden at once. They were standing at the bar with Eden's room mate watching a few dancers do their thing. He told himself he wasn't there to see her, but to keep an eye on his Frat brofhers.

"Look theres April." Noel pointed out DJ's girlfriend not to far down the bar from Eden. The group headed that way. They were about to pass by Eden when two Mu Gama boys walked in front of them to get to Eden and Dane.

"Just ignore them." Dane said to the Thetas. Sly had to admit he liked this Dane kid. He seemed to have a level head on him. April had been right, He seemed like a good future leader of Theta.

"You two are pathetic." Eden snapped at both Mus. "Zeke is gone and you still acting like his bitches."

"Eden." Dane warned.

"Well, you were thinking it too." Eden protested.

Dane glared at his sister. "Maybe, but we have to put up with them for the next four years."

Eden crossed her arms and turned away from him. That's when she saw Sly watching them. She smiled his way but said nothing then turned back around.

"To all you people in the Phoenix tonight, we got a special surprise for you all." The Dj sayed over his mic. "We got fwo very talented kids jn the club right now that are none other than former Mu Gama Xi Zeke Depreers younger sister and brother! Why don''t the both of you come on up to the dance floor and show these fine people what you got to bring."

Eden looked up at the dj in shock. Therr standing next to him was Grant. She should have known he'd try something like that.

"He'll no he didn't." Eden demanded looking at her brother. He simply shrugged.

"We got nothing to prove to these people." Dane said taking a swig from his drink. "Its your call Squeaker."

Eden crossed her arms and shook her head. "I ain't doing shit if Grant is behind this. All he wants to do is show off his legacy. I say hell to the no!"

Grant nodded at his two Frat brothers that were standing with Dane and Eden. Soon the twins found themselves being pushed onto the stage. Grant then took the mic from the dj. "Been told this dance won you a dance compition a few years back."

He nodded at the dj and the music started to play. The twins tensed when they realived the song was Run it by Chris Brown.

"Nice try Grant." Eden said crossing her arms across her chest. "But we're down two people for that song."

Grant just smirked back. "That's ok. I got them here."

A guy and girl walked onto the dance floor and stopped just before the croud. Eden took a step forward and Dane quickly grabbed her around the waist. The whole club became silent as they watched the girl kick the air and fight to get free of her brother.

"How dare you even show your face!" Eden demanded as Dane drug her off the dance floor and out of the club.

"Calm down Eden. It's not worth it." Dane said in a calm voice.

"Like hell it isn't!" Eden demanded as she stomped down on his foot with her heal. She almost made it to the door when some one grabbed her around the waist again. "Let me go! I'm going to beat her face in so bad her daddy is going to feel it!"

"Eden stop!" Dane demanded as he walked in front of her.

Grant walked out of the club at that moment. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Why the hell would you bring them here?" Eden said pushing who ever was holding on to her away from her. "You trying to piss me off Grant? Or does being a jerk off come natural to you?"

"Now hold on a minute," Grant said holding up his hands not wanting to fight with the girl. "You're parents told me you were good friends with them."

"Our parents don't know shit about us." Dane growled at him. "That girl had Eden jumped. If I had been five minutes later, they would have done worse than bloody her face."

"I'm sorry Eden." Grant said reaching out to touch her arm. "I didn't know."

"You've done enough damage." Dane said pushing Grant's hand away and stepping between him and his sister. "Try and touch her again and I will beat you down."

Some one put their arm around Eden's waist and took ahold of Dane's arm. "You made your point. Come on. Lets just get out of here."

"Good ol Sly. Always there to save the day." Grant said with a smirk. "Thought I told you Thetas to stay away from our legacy."

Eden looked up at who ever had a hold of her, and sure enough it was Sly. Dane freed himself of Sly's grip and got nose to nose with Grant. "You can kiss this legacy good bye now. I want no part of a frat that would pull a stunt like this on my sister."

Dane stepped away and put his arm around Eden's shoulders then nodded at Sly. "Thanks for stopping her man. If you hadn't we'd be either in the police station or hospital about now."

"Yeah any time." Sly said giving Eden a concerned look. Eden looked away from him. Now he would never talk to her. "You need a ride back to campus?"

"Naw, I got them." Tenie said as she dug in her purse for her keys. Eden was finally cooled down enough to notice that there had been a huge croud that came out to watch what was going on. And from the looks of it the Thetas had been standing with her and Dane for back up. Now she would be the talk of the school.

"Eden?" She turned to see Sly walking up to them. "I may need that book all weekend, if you need it, come over any time."

Eden smiled over at him. "Thanks."


The next morning Eden woke with a splitting headache. She rolled over in bed to feel a body next to her. She had almost forgotten that Tenie was there. The girls had stayed up talking for hours the night before as Dane crashed on Tenie's bed.

"Girl you look like some one hit yoj with a bus, backed up and hit you again." Tenie said feeling her forhead. "You don't feel like you got a fever. Guessing its a headache."

Eden attempted a smile but failed. Even that hurt her head. "I keep forgetting your in the nursing program."

"Well its a good thing for you." Tenie said getting out of bed and heading for her purse. she came back with two pills and a bottle of water. "Before I give these to ya, do you get any allergic reactions to pain killers?"

Eden shook her head and Tenie handed the pills to her. Dane groaned from across the room and put a pillow over his head.

"Eden I dislike you right now." Dane said. "You and your damn headaches."

Tenie gave Eden an odd loom so she explained. "Ita some kind of twin esp. when one of is sick the other has sympathy symptoms."

Tenie just raised an eye brow. "I guess I learn somethin new every day."

The twins groaned in unison and Tenie couldn't help but smile. She got herself dressed, checked herself in the mirror, then headed out the door to let the twins sleep off their headaches. She wasn't sure where she was going at first till she heard her stomach growl. She headed to the cafateria and was glad they were open on weekends. She got her food and took a seat by herself away from the small groups of students. She could tell most of them were fighting off hang overs.

"Hey, do you mind if we join you?" A voice said from next to her. She looked up and smiled when she saw April and her boyfriend DJ.

"Have a seat." She replied. April sat down next to her while DJ sat across from her.

"Saw your application the other day." April said with a smirk. "I can't say you got in since we haven't voted but you sure got my vote."

"Thanks April." Tennie said with a huge smile. "Means a lot coming from you."

"How are the twins doin?" DJ asked. Tenie could tell by the tone in his voice that his concern was genuine.

"Fightin off a bizarre case of twin headache." Tenie said with a smirk. "They should both be up and shakin in a few hours."

April nodded then looked down at her plate of food. "Will Eden be ok? I mean last night had to bring back some painful memories."

"She wouldn't talk about it." Tenie said with a shrug. "But Dane was really worried bout her. Guess she doesn't usually have such a short temper. Do you think she'll make it into the Deltas?"

April couldnt help but smile. "She's got a very impressive application. Very high gpa. has done a lot of volunteer work. Has done dance since she was four. And not to mention she's a legacy."

Tenie shook her head. "I wouldn't tell her the legacy thing if she makes it. I mean we all know she knows about it. I just think she's sick and tired of being reminded. Same with Dane."

DJ smirked. "The boy has a very level head on him. The way he handles confrontations. If I was him, I would have knocked Grant out."

"I think a lot of people would have too." Tenie replied. She then smirked over at DJ. "So what does your boy Sly, think of little miss Eden?"

DJ shrugged. "Sly doesn't show much interest in girls. More into perfecting his GPA and perfecting step."

Tenie sighed. "Eden sure does like to look at him. But the girl will never make a move. Not with Zeke as a brother."

"Sly wouldn't care who her brother is." DJ protested. Then cleared his throat. "Sorry, I really shouldn't say anything. Since no one really knows why those two hated each other."

Tenie smirked. "The twins know. Well they know Zeke's side of the story."

DJ raised an eyebrow. "And she still has an eye for Sly?"

Tenie nodded. April rolled her eyes and was beginning to feel sorry for Sly and Eden. For some reason she had a feeling her boyfriend and soon to be Delta sister were going to play match maker.


Dane groaned when he heard a knock at the door. "Eden!"

There was no answer from his sister so he went to answer the door. He opened the door prepared to yell at the person for waking him up but quickly decided that wasn't a good idea. "Zeke? Shouldn't you be at work?"

"Where is Eden?" Zeke demanded as he walked past Dane and into the room. He spotted his sister in her bed and walked up to her. He grabbed one of the extra pillows on her bed and hit her with it. Eden practically jumped out if bed.

"Zeke?" Eden asked rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "What are you doing here?"

Zeke grabbed her face in his hand and examined her face. "Well you don't look like you got jumped."

Eden pushed him away. "That happened two years ago."

Zeke looked over at his younger brother "You knew about this and never thought the rest of the family should know. I had to hear if from a Theta. And not just any Theta. Sly of all people."

"When did you start talking to Sly?" Eden asked looking down at the ground.

"Just a few minutes ago." Zeke replied. "I went there to tell him to stay away from my baby sister and to leave my brother alone, cause he is going to be a Mu Gama. Then he proceeds to tell me that I know nothing about the two of you. And how Grant pushed Dane away from Mu Gama last night with bringing LaMia to the club. I told him he was a fool. That Eden and LaMia had been friends since grade school. Then he tells me how she had you jumped. This isn't something I should have to learn from a man I can't stand."

Eden took a deep breath and sat back down on her bed. "Zeke we tried to tell mom and dad. But when I got jumped it was the end of the school year and you were up for president of Mu Gama. That's all they could think about. And you! I came to visit you the next day and you didn't even notice my fat lip. or the scratch above my eye."

Zeke looked over at his sister and could tell she was hurt. He walked up to her and gave her a hug. "I'm so sorry Eden. I should have been there when you needed a big brother. Same goes for you Dane. But give Mu Gama another chance. Grant didn't mean to do that to you. He thought he was helping."

Dane shook his head. "I will never pledge Mu Gama Xi with Grant running the place. He has disrespected Eden one to many times."

"Well he graduates next next year." Zeke said with a smile. "Just don't go pledging Theta on me. Dad would have a heart attack."

"And you, if you even think about making Sly my brother in law I will have to disown you." Zeke teased. He looked down at his watch and cringed. "Thirty minutes late... Dad is going to kill me."