My Angel

It seemed like a trillion tears cascaded from the distant dingy sky drifting aimlessly into the windows.

'It's raining hard.' She thought whilst caressing her right delicate cheek from the lone tear absconded from her huge mocha tinted eye. 'I'm just like the rain...' She joggled her head as to clear her thought. 'No...I'm a storm. Fierce. Disastrous. Unfortunate.' She howled as she emphasized the latter. 'Very Unfortunate!'

"When can I be like the rain? Always at liberty without impairing anyone..." A clear bleakness was evident in her voice.

"You can be like the rain whenever you feel like it, Yumi-chan."

The mocha-eyed girl was startled, twisting her head abruptly to face a pleasant woman in her early thirties as she positioned her hand on the girl's shoulder and smiled charmingly.

"Mi. . .Mom." The girl gazed at the woman's eyes vehemently for a moment. They had the same eyes, the kind of eyes that would soften even the hardest piece of earth's surface.

"You better sleep now, Yumi-chan. You still have your first class tomorrow. I can't wait to see you wear your school uniform. I'm sure it'll suit you very well."

The younger girl nodded at her mother's suit. The latter left the room after seeing her daughter braced for the night.

'I can't believe I'm doing this. What was I thinking?' The girl shut her eyes tight before she hurled herself flat on the bed. She soughed inwardly, squinted and took of the sights of the heavy but calming rain outside her bedroom window until drifted off to a good night sleep.

"Yes. Yes. I know...You don't have to tell me over and over. You are more agitated than I am." Yumi assured a middle-aged man who was seated at the breakfast table, looking at the girl with concern.

"Let's go, Yumi. We have to go or we won't make it on time." A good-looking young lad grabbed Yumi's arm on his one hand and a handbag on the other.

If one was to inquest them carefully, one could see a slight difference between their looks. One could immediately tell that they were siblings and they were twins, however, they were not. Fukuzawa Yuuki, Yumi's twin-like brother was accompanying her to school. They were both attending their first class of their first day in high school. Sounds confusing? Yumi and Yuuki were born on the same year. Yumi was born first followed by Yuuki months later within the year. (C'mon, I know you're smarter than that.)

The siblings had the same face, same eyes, and not to mention (please note) they had the same height. (Yes folks, Yumi was in fact taller than what you had in mind.) They also had the same facial features very much alike with their mother, Fukuzawa Miki.

Though, Yumi had a distinctive natural hair color which was more amber and auburn than the rest of the Fukuzawa's. Miki's husband, Fukuzawa Yuuichiro had the same hair color with his wife and son, Yuuki, a light touch of chocolate-brown.

Yumi followed Yuuki sluggishly to the bus stop, blocks away from their house.

"Why do we have to ride a bus? It's more convenient if someone would give us a ride to school." Yumi deemed rather to herself but Yuuki squelched Yumi's grumbling.

"We don't want to trouble dad for a simple as going to school. We're already capable of doing this so why bother dad?" Yuuki retaliated Yumi's grouch as he hastily jumped on the awaiting bus.

Yumi heaved out a heavy and dreary groan before she got on the bus after Yuuki. They sat at the rear end for as much as they wanted to sit nearer to the door; most of the seats were already taken by teenagers with two distinguishing familiar uniforms which made the siblings jibed in harmony. All the boys had the same uniform with Yuuki which made known that they were from Hanadera Boys Academy which situated the same hill as the Lillian Girls Academy, its sister school, where all the other girls on the bus other than Yumi wore its uniform with pride.

"Yumi?" Yuuki called hesitantly. Yumi just uttered a sound that she was listening and gestured her brother to continue without looking at him.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Yuuki asked apprehensively.

Yumi looked at her brother seriously and nodded before she gave him a reassuring smile that covered her exquisite face. He blushed after seeing her beautiful sister smile before squeezing her hand gently.

"I'll be fine, Yuuki. You worry too much." She assured him.

After half an hour, Yumi appeared at the front of the old-fashioned, relic arc gate which posed with grandiose and prestige.

'I'm too cool for this but I like the idea of going to school.' She mused and chuckled at herself. She sauntered and explored the long grounds of Lillian up till she was in front of the magnificent ivory statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary where she perceived that all the students took their pauses, bowed, intertwined their fingers, and silenced themselves with their prayers. Yumi did the same, assuming it may be a perennial tradition of the school.

'It's nice meeting you at last, Maria-sama. Please, take good care of me while I'm here.' Yumi prayed, admiring the glory and exquisiteness the statue of the Virgin Mary was beaming. Smiling, she nodded and slowly turned from the statue while frisking her handbag for her schedule and room assignment slip consequently lagging her behind from the other students.


A melodious voice came from behind, froze Yumi for what seemed to be in perpetuity. She dramatically turned around just to be apprised of a dashing, very alluring, divine creature stood a few feet from her. The lady put a radiant smile on her face which sweetened the aura of her immaculate beauty.

'Am I dead?' Yumi was for a while lost by the beauty of what she apperceived as an angel from heaven so close..."EH!" Yumi jolted from her reverie when she became conscious of the angel nearing inches from her.

"A. . .are you ta. . .talking to me?" Still in great shock, Yumi asked more like in a mumble.

"There is no one here but us." The beauty responded smoothly, still having that glowing smile on her face.

Yumi viewed the ground, surprised to spot no one indeed but them. 'That's weird. Just a while ago, this place was flooded with students. I wonder if I'm really in heaven.' She was knocked from her fantasy again when she felt her angel untied and retied her neckerchief and neatened the sides of her uniform over her shoulders. 'Why is it suddenly feels so...warm?' She was awestruck when the angel spoke again.

"We should be mindful and cautious of our acts as to not to defile our uniform. For this is the symbol of our school's notoriety of elegance, purity, and excellence. Wear it with pride and love…Maria-sama is watching us." Her angel said with a more radiant glow in her face before she slowly and gracefully sashayed away from her, leaving Yumi her Oh so divine charm and glamour which enfolded her thoroughly.

"Arigato gozaimasu." Yumi bowed heavily, facing the back of the beautiful maiden who turned tenderly and effortlessly as she bestowed her a pleasing smile as a response before she continued her step. Yumi, who was stunned by the simple yet heart-warming act, fell into Cupid's dream but was popped out briskly as it happened by the tocsin of the school bell. "WAAAH...I'm so gonna be dead if I won't hurry!"


"Interesting..." A girl from the shadow from a nearby tree, grinned bizarrely, following an eye at the running Yumi.

"So close...I'm almost late." Yumi grasped for breath and sighed with relief at the sight of her classroom. 'First Year-Peach Section' "Just right on time." As she was about to step in the classroom, a hand haltered her from behind her shoulder.

"You're not supposed to run, *doukyuusei-san." A short black-haired girl with glasses and a DSLR camera reproved but gave Yumi an 'It's okay' smile. She first ankled inside the room before she turned to Yumi. "I'm Takeshima Tsutako. Are you new at Lillian?"

Yumi was somewhat befuddled, thinking it was all first years' first day at Lillian.

"Ahmm...I. . .I'm not so sure wha-" Yumi stammered, not knowing what to say but by a happy chance, she was deterred by Tsutako's soft giggles.

"You are so cute. I can tell from your expression that you have no idea what I was talking about. So it's safe to say that you're a freshman. Where did you study during middle school?"

Yumi was about to reply but their homeroom teacher caught their attention and asked them to settle to their seats. Tsutako went to the rearmost part of the room alongside the window where a girl, seemingly her friend, motioned to sit next to her. Yumi had no choice but to sit near the door where she could indubitably hear other classrooms' lectures.

'Not really my ideal first day of class' She sighed silently but the image of her heavenly angel was something she never imagined on her first day. 'At least, I amazingly met my beautiful guardian angel. What did I just do to deserve this fortuity?' She was flushing immensely, mooning head over heels to the alarmingly stunning raven-haired maiden with deep tantalizing sapphire eyes and hair as flawless as her perfectly refined alabaster skin that had touched her only a few moments ago...

"EK!" Yumi shrieked nervously. It was their adviser who incited Yumi to screech and snatched her back from her bubble.

"You seem to have an enchanting world of your own, miss. Now, please tell us your name. Let's not keep the whole class waiting."

Yumi was flushing more immensely if still possible. Her classmates appeared to be having fun from the sound of their giggles and the looks of their grinning faces. 'No doubt.' The class apparently had a 'Get-to-know-each-other' activity which was ashamedly interrupted by the busy Yumi who was so lost in her reverie. She was not aware that she was already being called by her teacher the nth times until you know what happened.

"HAI! My name is Se. . .Fu. . .Fukuzawa Yumi. Please, forgive my bad manners." She declared and bowed deeply to no one at particular.

"You're forgiven, Fukuzawa-san...but are you sure you know your name?" The teacher asked, playing the clown and smiled at Yumi. Sympathizing her crisis, she added "Please sit down and be more attentive this time Fukuzawa-san or I will let you tell us the detail of what you had in mind that caused you to be so red."


It was an eternity of acrimony between rocks and nails where Yumi had to crowd herself with some of her incessant classmates who dauntlessly asked her about some personal matters and the things which the nuns would never want to hear in a million years. After the bell, she rushed out the room and hoped she was fast enough to shun away from the insects as what she named her persistent classmates.


Yumi heard a familiar voice calling her from the background. 'I know this voice.' She broke-off her pace and turned at the voice with a thoughtful smile and said "Tsutako-san. Is there anything you want from me?" 'Ah! Please don't bother!'

"Ah Yes, Yumi-san. That is if I'm not a bother." Tsutako answered sheepishly, but was giving Yumi her pleading puppy-eyes.

'Yes, you are...But I guess I have to give you a chance this time.' "What is it that I may help you with, Tsutako-san?"

"I have something for you, Yumi-san. I am confident that you will do everything to possess this little jewel of mine." Tsutako reached a white envelope to Yumi who hesitated to accept it at first but had done it otherwise.

"What is it?" Yumi fingered the envelope and pondered what was inside. She resisted opening the envelope but the urge to know the content was way too compelling. Hence, she unfastened the envelope and was perplexed and sweating superfluously. A wide-eyed Yumi, as big as a satellite dish, contemplated a 4x4 photo of her and her beautiful angel in front of the Statue of the Virgin Mary.

"Ah! This. . .How. . .When. . ." Just a second before Yumi could utter a coherent sentence; Tsutako chuckled and shot Yumi with her camera. "Hey!" Yumi pouted at the sound of the shutter.

"I'm sorry, Yumi-san. You are too enticing to ignore. And to answer your inquiries, yes that is a photograph of you and Sachiko-sama I got this morning while you two were so engrossed with each other." She chuckled. "I want you to have that photo, Yumi-san but..."

"Ah! Really? Thank you Tsutako-san!" Yumi smiled brightly. As she was about to put the photo back in the envelope, Tsutako halted her.

"...but we have a problem, Yumi-san." Tsutako gloomed.

"Eh? About what?" Yumi found herself bewildered and pouted which was amusing for her classmate.

'So cute!' "Ah…you see, Yumi-san…I am planning to display the photo at the exhibition this school festival. It will surely win the crowd. I will give that to you only if you will help me ask permission to the other owner."

"Wha. . .Who? This is your photo, isn't it, Tsutako-san?" Yumi asked, not getting the point.

"No, you are…" 'You're not really getting the point, Yumi-san.' Tsutako deemed after catching Yumi's addled look. "And the Rosa Chinensis en Bouton."

"Huh? What?"

"The Rosa Chinensis en Bouton. Ogasawara Sachiko-sama, the star of Lillian. The one with you in the photo." Tsutako replied calmly with the smug look in her face.

'Ogasawara?' "Ow…HUH! So. . .so, you mean you want me to ask her consent? Why can't you do it yourself? I don't even know her name not till you mentioned it." Yumi snapped back. She wanted to help her classmate but she thought it was too much. Of course, she desired to see her angel again but letting her see the photo and imploring her approval? She was certain that the goddess would not let it happen and she detested to be rejected by her. Well, that was she anticipated but Tsutako discerned contrarily.

"Just looking at Sachiko-sama and the Yamayurikai scares me. I don't think I have the guts to ask her but you are special, Yumi-san. I'm sure Sachiko-sama will accede to your request." Tsutako grinned with sparks of hope in her eyes.

"Eh?" What's so special about it? She was just fixing my scarf. There may be others out there who have been done the same. She seems very friendly." Yumi retorted. She was already annoyed at her another insect classmate.

'You don't know how to give up, do you?' Yumi and Tsutako thought simultaneously, oblivious to one another.

"I doubt about that." Tsutako said, sounded stern.

"What do you mean, Tsutako-san?" 'What is it this time?' Yumi was getting impatient by the second and yearned to skedaddle as hastily as possible.

"You see, Yumi-san…Sachiko-sama is not only noted and well-celebrated in Lillian high but also in middle school and in the University. She is that famous! What fascinated me the most is that Sachiko-sama, also noted as the Lillian Ice Princess, is aloof to everyone even to her own Onee-sama. She, as the matter of fact, doesn't concern herself with the underclassmen or anyone that disinterests her. But this morning was a miracle! Even if Sachiko-sama doesn't realize it, I wonder if the Ice Princess is warming up on you."

"Eh?" '..Warming up on me?' Yumi was blushing all over which Tsutako perceived as a victorious sign.

"So you will do it, Yumi-san?" Tsutako asked with a smirk.

"Let me think about it, Tsutako-san. I am not that certain yet." Yumi said as she gazed the photo intently.

"It's fine, Yumi-san. You still have months to ponder. Just tell me whenever you're ready."



(To be continued. . .)

Scribbler's Note:

This is my very first writing and I hope I'm not a nuisance in the community. I'm writing this fic for my girlfriend who persisted me to write my own version of Maria-sama ga Miteru and to the other crazy fans out there. She's a fan of Yumi and Sachiko but has never had the time to watch the series so she really doesn't know anything about the story. I don't own anything and everybody knows that. Please bear with me since I'm new here and I'm not really good at writing and my English is quite awful, according to my persistent chief. Please tell me what you think. :)

*doukyuusei-san- I think that's Jap for classmate