Disclaimer: I don't own BtVS, nor My last breath (which is Evanescence's)

My Last Breath

Everything is warm, it comes out of my chest and I see the things it does to them. It burns them. They crumble to the ground. But what does it do to me? It kills me.

Hold on to me, now. I know you can feel me. That was the whole purpose of it all. To me, it was more important than stopping the Apocalypse (but that's because I knew you would eventually find a way to finish it). You feel, love. You can feel, isn't this magnificent?

And because you finally feel, you cry. What do you feel? Tell me, I want to know. Fear? Love? Regret? Relief? You know as well as I do that it will end here, today.

You will always find me in a dream. Come and find me.

I can almost taste your tears as I follow them with my eyes. There's warmth igniting from the center of my chest, and it is weird.

This is where it ends, I am awake, I know that you'll leave and no one will be here to see this pit of hell falling. Except for me.

Now go, pet, and take care of them. Of the girls, of your friends.

Hold your thoughts to yourself, don't tell me you love me because you know as well as I do that you really don't.

Now go. Get them outta here.

The rapture of this life is fading fast.

So say goodbye.

Maybe someday we'll meet again.