Valkyrie was surprised when she found out that Sanguine lived in an apartment. She didn't know what she had expected. Something more like a lair, maybe, but he was a man after all, and he certainly earned a lot of money. When they entered, pristine marble worktops swept through the kitchen, as did they, and found Billy-Ray asleep on the sofa.

This was too easy, it was almost like he didn't mind being caught. Valkyrie carefully handcuffed him, now he had no magic and no weapons: He was defenceless.

Valkyrie poked him awake.

'You have been arrested under several charges of murder and attempted murder. You have the right to remain silent and anything you say now can be used as evidence against you in court.'

He stood up silently and followed them out the door. There was something wrong, he had just sat in his apartment waiting to be arrested.

Before he was always on the run, that's why they had never been able to arrest him before. They were expecting to have to hunt him down.

They took him in for questioning, to find information on the whereabouts o his accomplice.

'So, where did Vita Agony go after the attack?'

'I honest to God don't know. She jus' left.'

'Were you planning a series of attacks, or would this have been the only one.'

'Jus' this one.'

There was something different about him. He seemed no longer cocky, but helpless and nonchalant.

'Your trial will be next Thursday.' said Skulduggery, and the Cleaver threw him into a cell.