Abigail's POV

It's just another day. I'm dancing until my feet are bleeding. I've lost about 15 pounds. I'm alone, from 4 in the morning until about midnight. I don't sleep, I don't eat, hell, I've barely even seen anyone.

It's the last week of August, Tara is on some renegade mission to bring back Christian, Ben is with Kat-I think that they're together-and that leaves Ollie and Ethan. Ollie has found a Russian Company that is willing to pay him $100,000 for 6 months. He's been packing all week. And Ethan, well, who knows.

It's 5am and I can hear footsteps on the stairs. I creep quietly out of my room, skipping the creaky board in the hall, when I run into a person, its Ethan, I can tell by his cologne, it's robust.

"Ethan! What are you doing?" I yell at him quietly.

"Beautiful, I want to choreograph something for you." His voice is strong and deep, like rich velvet.

Abigail! Snap out of it! I mentally scold myself.

"Why?" I ask I could care less really; I just want to hear him talk.

"I need something for my portfolio, before I leave for Spain, and since we've worked so well together, I just thought that maybe we could work together again." He says, I can barely breathe; every breath absorbs his expensive cologne. When Kat and I were friends I could never even look at Ethan, but now that we are competitors, I can have all the fun I want.

"Yes, you can choreograph for me, but I pick the song." I say, the air between us is intoxicating, I can barely breathe. Our eyes meet and lock into a gaze, it's like it's only us.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" I say, and hurry down the stairs.

We walk to studio "A" together. I open the door slowly, and continue to set up my surroundings. I've already left some extra CD's and some water bottles, along with some extra shoes-the crappy ones I never wear- and extra hair-ties and bobby pins.

"Well, I guess you've made yourself at home here…you know what they say, a studio is a dancer's second home!" Ethan says cheerfully, god it's too early for this. Why did I bring him here?

I smirk and walk over to the stereo, plugging in my iPod. I shuffle through my favorite playlist. Picking a Paramore song, before walking pack to the center of the studio.

I slide down into left leg splits, "So what type of dance is this, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, ballet?" I ask, mentally making lists of songs for each style.

"I'm thinking a contemporary jazz piece. Any songs?" He asks.

"Well jazz, that could be something from Lana Del Rey, and contemporary, that can be anything from early Avril Lavigne to Sara Bareilles. So your options are countless." I say switching to a center split as my favorite song comes on, Off To The Races by Lana Del Rey, "I love this song!"

"This! This is our song," Ethan exclaims, "It's got the best beat, and her voice is sexy and sultry."

He walks over to the iPod and thinks; I can tell he's making a weird face. "Solo, I'm seeing a sexy walk-hair flip thing-y," he says to no one.

And then I follow my instincts, and dance.

Authors Note:

This is the dance watch?v=MSPr0guLMMY&feature=related not me, and these girls are phenomenal! Dancers Represent!