INTRODUCTION: Hello, and welcome to my latest Fan Fic, this time on Superman. If you haven't read my Iron Giant or Young Justice Fics, you probably wouldn't know how I write my stories, so I'll quickly break it down for you. When I write a story that is character centric (Bryd in my Iron Giant one and Robin in Young Justice), I get into the heads of the characters. This one will be a little different. Yes, I'm going to get into the head of Superman for sure, but I also want to get into the heads of the other characters in his Origin, who help make him who he becomes. In this story, I will take from the best of Superman's origins and mix them together, with my own little twist. I will use elements from the Donner films, Smallville, Lois & Clark, Superman: The Animated Series, Birthright, The Man of Steel (the 1986 mini-series), and Secret Origin, as well as whatever my imagination can come up with. Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy it!

A man storms across the road, not paying any attention to what is around him. Looking up for a split second he sees the city in which he grew up in, Kandor. He looks back down and continues to pace until he reaches the Science Center and storms in.

"Sir, you can't go in there! The Council is meeting, you are not allowed!" says the guard who was standing at the door.

The man looks at the guard whose face turns pail, "Jor-El… I am truly sorry sir, I did not recognize you with your beard."

Jor-El doesn't even hear the man try and speak as he keeps moving. "How are they going to react" he thinks. "What will become of me and my family if they put me away…" Jor-El, now running down the hall way towards the Councils meeting chambers, passes a good friend of his, maybe his best friend in fact, General Dru-Zod. "Jor-El!" he proclaims, trying to get his friend to hear. But Jor-El does not hear, in fact, Jor-El doesn't even see his friend and keeps going.

Jor-El finally reaches the doors of the Council's meeting room and barges in with little regard to what is going on to see the Council's floating heads on the monitors throughout the room.

"Jor-El! What is this madness!" yells a Council member. "Yes Jor-El, explain it to us!" says another. "Immediately!" demands a third.

"Friends, I have known you all for many years, some of you my entire life. I come before you today with the worst news that I could give to you at any given time. The planet Krypton is the pinnacle of all planets and societies throughout the universe. We have achieved world peace. We have achieved a one-world government system. We have achieved the most advances in technology that any other planet in the 28 known galaxies. Friends, we are at the top of the proverbial food-chain. We have done better than any other race in the history of the universe, but sadly, our time is almost up."

"What is this madness you speak Jor-El! We all know that Krypton has more millennia to go! Brainiac told us so, and you know as well as we do that Brainiac is never wrong! Brainiac is always right." Says one member of the Council. All the other members nod in agreement. "And what would you have us do if Krypton is going to be destroyed, Jor-El? Send us all to the Phantom Zone with a bunch of criminals?"

"You forget, my friends, who created Brainiac! I created the Brain Inter-Active Construct! Myself, along with my partner Vril-Dox, who died at Brainiac's hands. And as for a plan to save us all, we could find another pocket dimension to hide in until we figured something else, that's more permanent out."

"Enough, Jor-El! Enough! Vril-Dox was a traitor who wanted to destroy Brainiac because he thought that he had betrayed him." Says one Council member.

Jor-El ignored that comment about his friend and ally because it just simply was not true. Vril died at Brainiac's hands because Brainiac was wrong, Vril was right, and Brainiac was "never wrong". Brainiac deleted Vril and added his knowledge to his data-bank. That is what Brainiac does, absorbs data and controls it. He obviously had some sort of hold over the Council, because deep down, they knew Jor-El was right.

"My friends, I did not come here to argue about Brainiac or Vril-Dox or anything like this, I came to warn you all. I came to warn you that the planet Krypton is dying! In about 3 days, our planet will no longer exist. I have seen the eruptions going on beneath the surface of our planet. The quakes alone have been disastrous in the past year. And let's not also mention the solar flares that have been happening more and more frequently."

"Jor-El. If this had all been happening and was leading toward our planets inevitable end, do you honestly believe that Brainiac would keep this from us?" asks a Council member.

Jor-El pauses, not because he doesn't know the answer, but because he doesn't want to give it. He doesn't want to deal with the Brainiac argument again, but he sees no way around it. "Councilman, it is possible that Brainiac already knows, and is preparing himself for Krypton's doom. Ask yourselves, when was the last time that anyone heard from him?"

The Council looked at each other with blank looks of desperation on their face not knowing what to say. Just then, General Dru-Zod barged in opening the double doors with both hands, a sign of power.

"I've heard enough!" proclaims the General.

"Zod? I don't understand my friend, do you not see the evidence of my claims?" asks Jor-El, hoping his friend will side with him over the Council.

"I do Jor. I completely agree with you. Your claims have nothing BUT evidence to them," Jor-El almost sighs with relief. "And what of our "super computer" Brainiac? Jor's right, he hasn't shown himself in about 2 weeks."

"General Zod, you and Jor-El would have us believe that Brainiac is hiding "Krypton's destruction" from us, because he's preparing himself for the inevitable?" asks a Councilwoman.

"That's what Jor has been telling you for the past 15 minutes Councilwoman, all of you! When has Jor-El ever been wrong?" asks Zod back to the crowd.

Just then the blank monitor, t hat is only used when the Council wants to bring someone else into a meeting, lights up and Brainiac's symbol of the three dots connected by two lines appears. "Jor-El has been wrong only once General Zod, and that time is now."

"How can you say that, Brainiac? You and I both know what is about to transpire! We both know that Krypton is going to be destroyed!"

"I know nothing of the sort. It seems that the creation has surpassed the creator."

Jor-El is ticked. Not just ticked like any normal person would be if someone publicly humiliated them, but ticked in a way that can no longer be described. Brainiac had killed his friend and partner, he kept the destruction of Krypton a secret (he probably even knew about it before Jor-El did), and now he is discrediting him after 25+ years of being a scientist on Krypton. Jor-El is beyond furious.

A Councilman turns to Jor-El and speaks, "Jor-El, the Brain Inter-Active Construct has spoken, you are wrong. Krypton will live on and by the end of the week, we want you to turn in your Science Guild badge. You have until then or else, the Zone. Goodbye Jor-El."

"Councilmember's please! If you fail to acknowledge the possibility, then you are committing suicide! No, worse, you are committing genocide! The worst genocide in the history of the planet!"

"Goodbye, Jor-El" says Brainiac with a haunting voice as he disappears from the screen like all the Council members before him.

Jor-El is left standing in the dark room. The only thing that is lighting it up is his House of El crest on his chest, which, according to the Council, is now shamed. Zod walks toward his friend and puts his hand on his shoulder. "My friend, Jor, I believe you. There is only one way now to get them to listen."

"What?" asks Jor-El with a hopeful tone.

"We have to take back the planet, not just from Brainiac, but from the Council as well."

"In 3 days?"

"We can do it. My wife, Ursa, is a part of my Guild and my first lieutenant Ur-Non is a loyal follower of Zod. We can take back Krypton, I swear it!"

"Zod, what you suggest we do is treason. I'm already in enough trouble as it is, I can't afford to be in any more, especially with little Kal and Lara at home waiting for me."

"I understand Jor, I do, but if we do only have a few more days, shouldn't everyone know?"

Jor-El pauses. This is a dilemma that he didn't want to have to face. Should he tell his fellow Kryptonians about the destruction of their home planet? All it would do is cause a panic. People would kill themselves, people would kill others. It would be a mess, and Jor-El couldn't live with that, knowing that he caused it.

"We tell no one Zod. Too many people are going to die anyway, why make their deaths come sooner? My personal aid bot, Kelex, is in the process of making a ship to get us out of here. If you want, I could have him prepare one for you too"

"No Jor-El, no. If there are to be only a few survivors of our planet, I will be honored to know that it was you and your family."

"Thank you Zod, thank you." Jor-El says to his friend and shakes his had, which turns into an embrace between to friends who have known each other a life-time.

"Take care of yourself Jor, my best to Lara!" says Zod as he walks away.

Jor-El stands, all by himself once again, alone. The only two people on the planet who believe him are elsewhere. "If our planet is going to die, then I'm going to spend the rest of our time here with my family" Jor-El says to himself as he runs outside toward his Super-Cycle (of his design) and heads back home to Kryptonopolis to be with his family.

I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of "SUPERMAN ORIGIN", the next chapter "Game Changer" is to be released next week! Stay tuned!