Finally getting home, Jor-El takes off his red cape with his families crest in bright gold on the back and puts it on his desk while quickly walking up the stairs to his chambers to meet with his wife. A lot had happened in the past day or two and now that he was finally home, he could tell his wife all about it. About how Brainiac lied to the Council, about how Zod was the only friend he had, and about how Krypton was going to die and what they could do to escape. These were the thoughts racing through his mind at this moment when he was interrupted by his loyal butler drone, Kelex, who was the only AI that he could ever trust. Mainly because he built him by himself, unlike what happened with the Brain Inter-Active Construct where he only co-built it and it was taken away from him and his partner, no, Kelex had been with him since he created him as a boy to attend to every one of his wants and needs, including looking after his infant son, Kal-El.

"Master, there's something on the holo-news that you need to see, immediately!" Said the drone.

Jor-El didn't care, he didn't want to watch any holo-news, he didn't care. He wanted to see his wife and son after being away from them for about a month, but "what's one more minute?" Jor-El figured as he lunged over the balcony toward the ground, landing silently so he did not wake the baby.

Jor-El walked into his office and Kelex activated the holo-disk that was in the room. The newscaster frantically said, with fear in her voice, "I've never seen anything like it, General Dru-Zod and his army are trying to take over Kandor, they want to control the Council and destroy Brainiac!"

That's all Jor-El needed to hear, he pulled out his holo-phone can spoke the name, "Dru-Zod". Immediately, Zod answered.

"Jor! I'm glad to hear from you! Have you seen the holo-news? I'm going to take over the Council!"

"Zod, this is madness, if you pull back now and claim it was a training exercise, they may let you keep your title and allow you to stay in your Guild!"

"You mis-understand me Jor, I have to over-throw the Council! They're no better than those supposed 'Guardians' that control the universes most powerful army!"

Jor-El knew he was right. The Council basically was a dictatorship, but most were blind to see it. People still had rights of course, but all major decisions for the planet were made by them. Much like the Guardians of Oa indeed…

"You said it yourself Jor, the planet is going to die. We will all die, and if we don't take control and try and fix it, the world will die too!"

"Zod, please my friend, pull out! They will send you to the Phantom Zone if you're caught!"

"Just remember, I offered you a chance at greatness Jor-El!" Zod said before he terminated the communication.

Jor-El fell with his hand in his face and wept. He didn't know why all this was happening, he didn't know why he had lost his best friend, he didn't know why he had lost his partner, he didn't know how or why Brainiac turned on the planet, and he didn't know when they were all going to die. Jor-El was completely and utterly alone.

Just then, a thin, warm hand put itself on his shoulder and fell beside him.

"Lara?" Jor-El almost asked, not completely opening his eyes.

"I'm here Jor. Shhh, I'm here."

Back in Kandor, Zod had finally gotten to the Council building and stormed it. Everyone knew that each Council member was actually behind their respected screens in their chamber, they weren't just floating heads. Zod's men went in on his order, but they didn't come out. In fact, they stopped shooting. Zod had one of his soldiers walk towards the darkness, and just as the young cadet went inside…


A drone with Brainiac's symbol on it's forehead appeared and threw the solider. Everyone started to shoot back at it, but it did no good. It was super strong, invulnerable, fast, and lasers even came out of it's eyes. It was a killing machine designed to kill Kryptonians.

"Fall back!" Commander Ur-Non said to the squad, but most of them had perished already. Zod lead the charge out the door and met his wife, Ursa-Zod, at the tank they had acquired.

"Shoot at them woman!" Zod commanded his wife and she shot and shot and shot, but the plasma tank did nothing to the drones hide. There were more drones now, probably two dozen of them and they were circling the group of survivors. The drones then shot the lasers again from their eyes at each soldier, obliterating him in an instant. They killed all but three, and when they were about to shoot them too, the Council appeared.

"No! Don't shoot them any more. The survivors must be punished for their crimes against the Council and against Krypton" said a Councilman.

"We were trying to save Krypton you twim! One day, and one day soon, you will wish that we had succeeded…" started Zod.

"Take them to a holding cell until their trial" said another Councilman.

"… One day you will all kneel before Zod!"

Jor-El and Lara were still on the floor by this time, back in their house in Kryptonopolis. Jor-El had told his wife everything there was to know about Krypton's destruction, Brainiac's betrayal, and now Zod. He was crushed and had lost hope, and Lara knew that. But she would always stand by her husband until the day they die, and then some more.

"Jor, if all your saying is true, then we could build a ship and escape!"

"Yes my dear, we could. Unfortunately, the Council has forbid me from buying any more parts that could be used for one." replied Jor-El.

Lara looked down in defeat, but Jor-El saw this and remembered something.

"But, about a month ago, I had Kelex start building a ship for us to escape in. I haven't seen how far he's gotten, but if all we need are a few more parts…"

"Oh Jor-El, how could we just leave everyone behind and not say anything?"

"We have to Lara, not for us, but for the sake of little Kal"

Jor-El stood up, and pulled Lara up as well. "Let's first see though, how far Kelex has gotten with the ship"

The couple went down the stairs and into their lower level to find Kelex and the ship.

"Kelex, this ship isn't big enough for the three of us, how do you plan on us getting in there?"

Kelex responded, "Sir, ma'am, I was cut off from purchasing any more parts to make it bigger before I could, but I had to make sure it wasn't a waist, so I build this rocket for baby Kal-El, so that he may survive and have a new life."

Lara put her face into Jor-El's shoulder and wept. They both knew it had to be done, but for their son, their only son, to be all alone in the universe? How could any parent decide that for them?

Jor-El ran back up to his office and grabbed a white glowing cylinder-like crystal from his drawer. This one device could create a Fortress, not unlike what he used when he was on research missions. He then got a memory container and connected it to his head with the other side connected to the crystal. If he was going to send his son to another planet all alone, he had to make sure that he wasn't completely alone, no matter what.

Once the memory sync was complete, he started to go back downstairs, but paused and grabbed his red cape with the golden House of El crest on it. He then ran back down to the ship and put the crystal in it, as well as the cape.

"Jor-El?" asked Lara about the crystal.

"Don't worry my love, I synced my memories and consciousness into the crystal, our son may live alone, but he will never be alone.

Kelex interrupted this moment with a sudden urgency. "Sir, ma'am, the Council wants to see you, it's about General Zod!"