AUTHOR'S NOTE - Okay, so I didn't finish before Christmas (it's Christmas guys, give me a pass here), but I am here to finish Superman: Origin now. This wasn't exactly the conclusion I had in mind when I first started this Fic, but I hope you'll all enjoy it anyway!

"Kal-El, my son, you have now finally reached your 21st birthday. As you now know, I am not here in the flesh to be with you, but I have prepared something special for you. I chose a Kent to raise you, son, because I knew a Kent would raise you how I would. With values, morals, a sense of responsibility, and a love for life itself. Now that you're old enough by Earth-years, you are now a 'man'. I bestow upon you the duty to protect the innocent with your amazing gifts that you possess under the rays of a yellow sun. With these gifts, you must protect Earth, because now, the 'Collector' and one of my arch-nemesis, the Brain Inter-Active Construct, will have made its way to Earth and will try and destroy the planet, as it did Krypton."

Clark was standing in his newly formed Fortress of Solitude dumbfounded. He had just heard this message from Jor-El and he was stunned. He had already planned the help people, but now he knew that his father, his birth father, wanted this of him as well. In a way, this was his true rite of passage. Clark knelt down in front of the Fortress's control panel and a beam of white light surrounded Clark.

Almost like magic, Clark's red and blue attire was transformed into a Kryptonian Military Guild uniform with his House of El family crest in the center. His red jacket was disintegrated and out of its matter came a bright red cape that touched the heels of his boots. Clark looked back up at his father's face which had played back the message.

"I'm ready father."

Jor-El looked at his son, Kal-El, and blessed him,

"Then I unlock ALL of your natural Kryptonian abilities. Now that you've embraced who you are, your mental block has dissolved, allowing you to use all your special powers to their full capacity."

The roof above Clark opened and a stream of yellow sunlight shown on him.

"It is time for you to fulfill your destiny, my son."

Clark then puts his fist in the snowy tundra beneath him, takes one deep breath, and launched himself into the air. He went through the Fortress's roof, into the sky, and straight into space.

Clark flew further into space and saw what was right in front of his eyes. A giant skull-like space craft with three dots connected with two solid lines right in its center.

"Brainiac…" Clark stated.

Brainiac's ship shot beams out of its "eyes" that blasted Clark back to Earth.

"KRYPTONIAN!" Yelled a voice from the ship.

Clark regained control over his density and flew to meet the ship in the upper-atmosphere of Earth.

"Earth is not yours for the taking Brainiac. You're not welcomed here. Leave now, and you won't be harmed."

"Foolish Kryptonian. I don't want your planet, I want what's in your planet. I want all the knowledge that earthlings possess."

"You're not allowed Brainiac. I can't let you hurt innocent people, not like you did Krypton."

"You have no choice in the matter Son of Jor-El"

Suddenly, Brainiac's ship grew tentacles and they launched Clark down to Earth, into the heart of his "home city", Metropolis.

Brainiac, in an android body, descended to meet the last son of Krypton and picked Clark up by the neck.

"You're just as foolish and unreliable as your own father. He failed to save his planet Kal-El, just as you will fail to save this one."

Brainiac tossed Clark across the city. Clark crashed into the Daily Planet building. It had been a long time since he met someone who could do that to him. He got up, slowly, and just as he was about to go back after Brainiac, he got interrupted by a certain Daily Planet reporter.

"Excuse me, sir! Lois Lane, Daily Planet, you were the one who helped take down those Intergang goons the other day, right?"

"That's right Ms. Lane. Can I help you?"

"I was just wondering what is going on? I have my best photographer over in the part where you first touched down, but who could throw you all the way across the city like that?"

"An alien android called 'Brainiac'. Now, Ms. Lane, if you could excuse me, lives are at stake."

Clark super-sped away and flew back to the park where Brainiac was.

To his surprise, Brainiac was just standing there, with a purple energy aura surrounding him.

"Brainiac!" Clark yelled as he flew at the alien android.


Brainiac lifted his hand and shot a beam of energy at Kal-El, who dodged the beam just in time. He looked up and saw Brainiac's smirk and looked back at the beam which was headed toward a red-headed kid with a camera.

"No. Not again!"

Clark flew faster than the speed of light and grabbed the cameraman right before impact.

"Wow! Thank you… Umm… Sir!"

"What's your name son?" asked Clark.

"Jimmy, sir, Jimmy Olsen!"

"Well Jimmy, you need to clear out of here. I can't risk you getting hit in the cross-fires of this battle, and I can't save you after every blast."

Jimmy shook his head in agreement and ran off.

"Now, it's back to you and me Brainiac."

Brainiac turned towards Clark, "Unfortunately for you Kryptonian, I am not just taking in the scenery. I am actually absorbing all the energy I can from this focal point on the planet. In the matter of an hour, I will have all the useful information about this planet in my database and I will be able to destroy it and everything on it."

"That's not going to happen." Clark says as he lunges at Brainiac. Brainiac shoots at Clark once again and Clark puts out his hand, stopping the beam in mid-air.

"Whoa!" Says Jimmy Olsen, who's hidden in the bushes.

"Impossible." Says Brainiac.

"Super…" Says Lois Lane, who just recently got there with a big crowd of people who are watching this epic battle commence.

Clark pushes Brainiac's energy beam forward until it blows Brainiac's right arm. Clark then speeds into his left leg and punches it out.


Clark uses his arctic breath on Brainiac's left arm and uses his heat vision to blow it up.

"No!" Brainiac exclaims.

Clark then grabs Brainiac's right leg and uses it to flip Brainiac on his back.

Clark jumps on Brainiac and is about to punch him in his chest when Brainiac suddenly, from his hidden chest canon, shoots at Clark with red sun radiation sending him flying backwards.

Lois Lane rushes to her hero's aid and holds his head.

"Get up!" She cries. "You are the only one who can save us now. Only you have the power to defeat him, only you."

Clark's mind races. He flashbacks to Krypton where he was put in his rocket. He sees his Ma and Pa finding him and raising him. He sees his best friends, Chloe and Pete. He sees Lana and how he ended their relationship. He sees Lex. He sees his travels around the world. He sees the girl he saved. He sees the Fortress and Jor-El. He sees Jimmy Olsen. He sees Brainiac. He sees Lois.

Clark wakes up abruptly and gets on his feet in a blink of an eye.

"Are you?"

"I'm fine Lois. Take cover, I'm ending this."

Brainiac, who had regrown his limps at this point with the use of his nano-technology, turned to look at Clark.


"I'm good at the impossible Brainy. When are you going to figure that out?"

"Adaptation is one of my main components of programming Kal-El."

Clark took one foot and placed it behind him like a swimmer getting ready to dive into the water.

"I'm going to level with you Brainiac. I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard. Always being careful not to break something, to break someone! If I lose control for even a moment, someone could die. But you can take it, can't you big man. Right now, we have the perfect opportunity for me to cut loose, and show you just how powerful I really am."

Clark super-speed turns into flight as he flies right through Brainiac's shell. He grabs the pieces of the android and flew into the sky. Once he reached Brainiac's ship, he used his heat vision to mold the android to the ship and he pushed the ship into space. He grabbed a tentacle and spun the craft around until he threw it into deep space.

"Good riddance Brainiac."

Clark flew down to Earth and cleaned up the damage that occurred in the part and tended to those who were scared or wounded.

Suddenly, camera flashes were bursting as Clark turned around to see Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane.

"Gee sir, you took that guy down!" Said Jimmy.

"Well, I couldn't have done it without Ms. Lane, or any of the other people here who supported me, even when I fell."

Lois blushed before asking her first question.

"So, what do we call you? I mean, that \S/ has got to stand for something, right?"

Clark looked at Lois.

"My birth-name is Kal-El. I am from the same planet as that monster Brainiac was. I was raised here on Earth and am completely dedicated to my fellow Earthlings."

"Okay, Kal, so what's the 'S' stand for?"

"It's my family crest. I wear it in remembrance of my birth-parents. My homeworld, Krypton, was destroyed by Brainiac, and I couldn't let him destroy my home too. I had to take action."

"So, you're not a man?"

"I'm Superman, Lois." Superman says as he flew into the sky.


"Lane! LANE!" yelled an angry Daily Planet Editor-In-Chief named Perry White.

Lois bursts into Perry's office.

"What Chief!? I'm on a dead-line!"

"I want you to be the first to meet our new DP reporter, and your desk-mate, Clark Kent."

Clark, fumbling with his glasses, barged his way over to Lois.

"It's, umm, very nice to meet you Lois. Chloe's told me a lot about you."

Lois looked confused and then realized that Clark Kent was THE Clark Kent that her cousin Chloe Sullivan was best friends with in high school.

"Oh, right. Well Smallville, we've got a lot of work cut out for us here in Metropolis with Superman now in town. Are you up for the challenge?"

"Yes, Ms. Lane."


In a secret laboratory, scientists are experimenting on a piece of alien technology that must have fallen from Brainiac's ship. Just then, a bald man barges in the double doors.


"It's of alien origin Mr. L."


"We don't know for sure sir, but we think that it may be possible to hurt Superman with this technology."

"First of all, he's not a man, he's an "alien". Second of all, it hurt him once, I just want to know why"

"Sure thing, Mr. Luthor."

Lex Luthor turns to leave and turns back one last time.

"Oh, and Otis, if you mess this up, you can kiss your children goodbye. I do not tolerate useless people. I am Lex Luthor, and my word is law."


AUTHOR'S NOTE – Well, I hope you all enjoyed this double sized Finale chapter to Superman: Origin. This is just my take on the origin and I can't wait to see what's to come in the upcoming MAN OF STEEL film. Until then, up, up, and away! Thanks for reading folks, it's been a pleasure.