Sylan O'Shea walked through the street quickly, backpack secured firmly on her back. The redhead kept her eyes on the bus just ahead of her, hoping that she'd get through the doors in time. She was almost there...

"Where you gonna go, Sy? You can't run from me!"

She didn't look back, but bolted through the doors of the bus, heading for her seat.

Sylan slumped in the seat, closing her eyes. She was gonna do it.

"This seat taken?"

The rough Irish accent sounded like music to her ears and she opened an eye.

"No. Go ahead."

The red haired man slid in beside her and she closed her eyes again.

"Want me to wake yeh when we get there, Lass?"

Sylan smiled and nodded.

"That would be lovely. Thanks."

"Not a problem. Yeh look tired."

Sylan nodded.

"Yeah I guess I am. Thanks, um..."