Sylan walked through the hallways of WWE Headquarters, looking for a specific person. She was looking for Vince McMahon.

The redhead was vibrating with excitement from her trip. She had met a wrestler on the way to her dream. And someone she shared a certain connection with.

"He's so sweet. But he's probably got a girlfriend, cute as he is."

"Who are you?"

Sylan turned to see a brunette Diva looking at her while leaning against the wall.

"Sylan. You?"

"Call me Mickie."

"Alright Mickie. Can you point me in the direction of Vince McMahon's office?"

Mickie nodded.

"Follow me."

Sylan stepped into the large office, marveling at the size of it. She could fit her bedroom in here.


She jumped and turned, seeing the man himself.

"Mr. McMahon."

"You must be Sylan. Have a seat please."

She nodded and sat in the chair in front of his desk.

"You want to wrestle?"

"Yes sir."


"Ever since I was little, wrestling has been a dream of mine. As I got older, I started training in Florida and Kentucky at both of the wrestling schools."


"Yes sir."

Vince smiled at her and she relaxed slightly.

"I'll give you a four-month contract. Two matches with men, two matches with Divas."