~ Intro ~

To the WWE Universe, the young, uprising Superstars may seem like they own the joint, but in reality, it's very much the opposite - in one phrase, the best way to describe the WWE Superstars would be a big, surprisingly happy family.

If the younger Superstars were to speak to their elders as they do when they put on a show, they would have been soundly spanked. I'm not kidding you - it's a fairly normal occurrence backstage. Disrespect, disobedience, and any other act of bad-doing is swiftly taken care of with a sound spanking by the elder Superstars. By the elder Superstars, I mean:

Vince McMahon

Paul Levesque (Hunter, Triple H)

Shawn Michaels

Mark Callaway (The Undertaker)

Steve Austin

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Theodore Long

Robert Huffman (Booker T)

Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross

Adam Copeland (Edge)

It may seem harsh in a way, but the elder Superstars do it to ensure they will be able to take care of themselves and not get into trouble when their gone. The younger Superstars even come to appreciate sometimes. Keyword - 'sometimes.'

The following chapters are just a few of the tales of the crazy happenings between the WWE Superstars.

~ Enjoy ~