Chapter 12:

Character Focus: Undertaker (Mark Callaway); John Morrison (John Hennigan)


Mike was really getting to me. I knew that our characters were heels, but seriously – he was starting to take it too far. He was getting way too cocky, and was starting to treat people very disrespectfully. I had to go along with it; I didn't want him to ditch me, because I knew that I couldn't make it as a singles wrestler. I wasn't that good.

Right now he was teasing one of the rookies. It wasn't playful teasing; it was rude, condescending teasing. The kid looked hurt, and took off, followed by Mike's laughter.

"You shouldn't have done that, Mike," I said to him, frowning as I laced up my boots.

"Whatever," he waved off. "We've got to talk."

"About what?" I asked, really not liking mischievous look on his face.

"Tonight Marks' having a match with some kid," he recalled, "and can you imagine how demeaning it would be if the Undertaker lost a match to a rookie?"

He'd lost it. I was sure of it. "Please tell me you're not thinking about interfering in his match."

"We'll be interfering in his match," he giggled, grinning like a maniac.

I looked at him like he was crazy, which I was almost sure that he was. "You are the stupidest person alive. Mark would kill us. What has he done to us to deserve us costing him a match?"

"We gotta make names for ourselves," Mike pushed. He was starting to look upset. "Do you really want to be the rookie all your life?"

"No…but Mike, there's got to be a better way to do this," I insisted. Mike just shook his head, now glaring at me.

"You either do this my way or we're over," he growled. I sighed and looked down at my feet, feeling ashamed for what I was thinking. I needed Mike, he was my…friend…was he even that anymore? He had changed a whole lot since we first met, and on more than one occasion I've thought about ending our friendship.

"Fine," I muttered, not looking up at him, but I could feel his smile.

"Great. Get ready, 'Taker's match is up next."

The door slammed shut, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I rubbed my eyes, feeling exhausted. I hated this. I wasn't even enjoying my job anymore, something I never thought would happen. When I'd been Johnny Nitro, that had all been a character – anything 'bad' I did was pre-planned and approved. Now, with Mike, we were just being jerks, and I really didn't like that. I felt like it was about time for a change. Maybe I'll talk to Vince sometime.

Not wanting to upset 'the Miz' further, I grabbed my sunglasses and headed towards the gorilla, avoiding everyone, including Melina. I didn't want her to know what I was about to do, she would be so disappointed. Mike was already there, looking excited, not nervous in the least. People knew that look, and started giving us cautious and skeptical glances. I kept my gaze towards my feet. Mike suddenly grabbed me and moved us a little further from the gorilla. At my questioning look, he nodded towards the big man walking toward the gorilla – the Undertaker. Mark Callaway. He glanced at us, and I immediately found my hands very interesting.

"Mike," he said curtly, nodding. Mike smirked.

"Mark," he replied, his voice anything but respectful. I forced myself to look up at Mark, knowing he'd be 'greeting' me next. He was suspicious of us, and Mike knew that, though he didn't seem to be worried about it in the slightest.

"John," he nodded, sounding a little more relaxed when saying my name, in contrast to how he'd greeted Mike. I gave him a tiny smile and nodded back, not saying anything, then looked back down at my hand.

"Are you alright?" he questioned. My heart froze. I looked at Mike, whose eyes were burning with fury. Turning back to Mark, I said, "Yeah, just nervous about my match, that's all."

He continued looking at me for a second. I didn't look away; I didn't want him to be any more suspicious of us. He walked off without a word, making his way toward the ring for his match.

"Get ahold of yourself, John," Mike growled. I didn't pay attention to him.

A couple minutes later, Mike announced that it was time. I followed him to the gorilla, and finally, out onto the ramp and into the ring. Mark looked surprised – and angry. But worst of all he looked disappointed, especially when he looked at me. Mike hit him with a steel chair while he was distracted with me. He fell hard; suddenly I was frozen. I couldn't believe I was going through with this. What had I been thinking? I had better sense than this. I could be so easily influenced…this was such a horrible idea….

Suddenly, fire burst from the four corners of the ring. Out of nowhere appeared 'Kane,' ready to defend his brother. I looked over at Mike, and finally, he seemed to realize just how bad of an idea this had been. His eyes were wide, his mouth hanging slightly open – he knew he was in deep sh*t, and he had no clue just how to handle it. I saw Mark glance over at Kane. Now they had a plan, and that just meant more misfortune for us.

They lunged at us, grabbing us by the throat and slamming us down onto the mat. It didn't, however, feel like he put as much force into it like he usually did. He definitely had a plan, and whatever it was, I really didn't like it. The crowd cheered; excited to see the Brothers of Destruction in the same ring, for it rarely happened anymore. The reunion was short lived, for the brothers hoisted us upon their shoulders and carried backstage. We tried to get down once we were out of sight, but they had none of that. I tried to stay still as they carried us to whatever destination they had in mind, but Mike did no such thing. He kicked and cursed, until finally, Glen had enough. He landed three smart swats to my tag team partners' bottom, shocking him into silence for all of about 10 seconds.

Glen suddenly stopped following Mark and went in his own direction, going into a room and slamming the door shut. I found myself beginning to struggle, suddenly very worried, when a sharp smack to my rear end halted all forms of movement from that point on. Finally we reached his destination (his private locker room), I had no time to think or even realize what was happening before I was over his knee, bare, being swatted hard with a hairbrush. I had no clue where in the world he'd gotten it, or how the hell he'd managed to do all this so fast. All I knew was that the hairbrush hurt, and I didn't like it one bit. I struggled to get out of this position but it was no use – it only encouraged him to quicken the tempo. I was crying already, mostly at the realization that I was getting my first spanking at the hands of Mark Callaway, someone who rarely found it necessary to dish out a spanking to a younger superstar. I must have really upset him, even disappointed him – it was too much to bear.

"I don't know what in the world possessed you to come out and disrupt my match," Mark lectured in between spanks, "but if it ever happens again, you will be feeling my belt."

An extra hard swat landed on my sit spots, causing an anguished cry to escape my lips. I couldn't help it, it hurt. He paused and looked down at my tear-stained face.

"You are a good kid, John," he said, "a good kid with a bright future ahead of you. I am not going to let you screw it up by pulling stupid stunts like the one you pulled tonight." He resumed spanking. "I'm guessing Mike lured you into this. I know he's your friend, but you need to learn to make the right decisions and not follow his faulty example." I was sobbing now, and I guess he decided I was reaching my limit, because he swatted only every few seconds. "Anything you'd like to say?"

"I'M SO S-SORRY!" I sobbed. "P-please forgive m-me!"

I could almost feel him smile. Suddenly my wrestling attire was back in place and I was settled onto his large arms, feeling like a small child. I didn't care; all I wanted was the comfort that was being thrust upon me so freely. I cried and cried, but I was shocked to realize that I no longer felt so guilty. It seemed that the spanking had actually done some good.

"You're not going to cause any more trouble, huh?" Mark said, looking me in the eye. I nodded confidently. He smiled, "I doubt your friend Mike will be trying to trick you into mischief for quite some time – my brother will make sure of it."

We both chuckled. It was going to be an interesting night.