The Thoughts of the Tenth Fellowship Member.

A/N:I wrote this joint with Spikerox in a science lesson. This is NOT a cheesy we get sucked into Middle Earth fic. This is the thoughts of the REAL 10th member that always gets forgotten. Its movie based. We don't care if it's been done before.

We do not own any of the characters, never will.


They always forget about me. It's not fair. Well, except maybe Sam. He sometimes remembers to help me along the stony paths. You see, I'm not as fast as the others. I just go along at my slow pace. They hardly ever talk to me too! It's only really, 'hurry up' or 'come along now'. But Sam is my only friend in the Fellowship. The rest of them just ignore me. I wasn't even given the choice to come on this mission. Elrond just told me to go. The others all got to choose. Life's not fair!

They'll probably leave me behind one of these days, and forget to take me with them. I'm that unimportant! Mind you, I am quite quiet and I don't talk much. I hear them talking about the Mines of Moria that we might be going in to. I don't want to go there, it sounds horrible, but I will go wherever they go. Even if it means going up that big snowy mountain looming ahead of us. It looks very cold up there.


I am so cold! My teeth are chattering and I can hardly move my legs, they are so numb! All everyone seems to care about is 'are the hobbits alright?' What about me? Doesn't anyone care about me? Legolas is prancing about on the snow as if he's better than us. He doesn't stop to think about poor old me.

Nobody asks me what I want to do. Their all having a conversation about whether to carry on or to go down the mines. I want to go to Moria now; anything is better than this snow. Plus we have a dwarf in our group; the dwarfs aren't going to attack a friend of a friend. Would they? But it sounds quite rocky down there and dark. Oh look; they've decided to go down without consulting me. There's no surprise.


I don't want to go there anymore! It looks scary! But I have to be brave. Help! Wait, I hear Aragon saying something,

'Come along Sam, the mines are no place for a pony, even one so brave as Bill!'

Phew, I don't have to go with them anymore! No more ignoring me! I'll just say goodbye and then go back to Elrond; he'll look after me.

Goodbye Fellowship, Goodbye.

A/N Hope you liked this, it was just a quickie, for fun!