There was a lot of class reunion fanfic of his class… it can't hurt having another one…. Right? Well… Enjoy my suckie class reunion fic… If it had any spelling, or grammar mistakes, sorry. English is not my first language… and is my worst subject in school… ): ..Wait Korean is… this is sad… I'm Korean (SOUTH)… XD…. I'm taking German.. I wish I took Italian.. Well I'll learn it when I get older! Yeah.. I talk to much.. P.S.. These are the pairing.. You no like Yaoi… It's fine.. There isn't actually another interactions. Just a kiss here and there.

Reborn x Tsuna

Hayato x Takeshi

10 years later Tsuna is now 24, dating Reborn, and is now Decimo. He receives a letter from Kyoko saying There will be a class reunion. Now Tsuna and his family is going back to Namimori where everything started and where he was once called "Dame-Tsuna". The reunion is done.. Tsuna is invited to another one and can only bring on friend & Reborn.. ROCK PAPER SCISSOR! "Really? guys?"

It was a cool spring day, Tsuna looked at the mail he got from one of his maids.

Dear Tsuna,

On April 21, XXXX. We will have a 10 year class reunion at 2 pm in our old class room, 1-A. Please come. Email to OrangeKyoko243 if you are going our not. Thank you.


Kyoko S.

Soon 2 people, one with silver hair and another with black hair barged in Tsuna's room.

"Hayato! Takeshi!" Tsuna said " Did you get one too?"

They both nodded. " If Judaimeis going, I am too!" Yelled Hayato.

"Maa Maa.. Same here. Are you going?" asked Takeshi.

"Yeah.. I think I will.." Tsuna replied back.


The meeting was in 4 days and Tsuna had to get ready quickly. "hah… What should I bring…" He opened the door for his walk in closet and Reborn (in his adult form :D) was standing there with Tsuna's Suitcase full of his things.

"No need to get ready. I already did." Said Reborn right before he gave a kiss on the lips to Tsuna.

"mn.." Tsuna blushed, "Boreen-Sensei.." Tsuna softly laughed, "How are they going to react to you? Your now an adult, not a small little baby."

"It's fine.."

"So are we going or not?"

Reborn smirked. Reborn grabbed Tsuna's hand and with his empty hand he handed him his suitcase and grabbed his own. "We are going now."

Everyone was already in the plane. "TSUNA! LET'S HAVE AN EXTREAM TIME!"

"Yare Yare… I want candy."

"maa maa… Your get some soon."

"Shut up Lambo!"

"Must….*sniff* hold… it… in… I CAN-" Tsuna walked to Lambo giving him a big bag of Lambo's favorite grape candy. "Thanks Tsu-nii!"

"Judaime! Why the f*ck is Lambo here? He didn't go to our school 10 years ago."

"Hayato.. He's coming because he needs to go back to school. He is in the same class as we were.. And has the teacher we all hate.."

Everyone who knew the teacher groaned, "Nezu-sensei.."

"I'm going to bite him to death."

This is going to be along plane ride… Thought Tsuna.

"It'll be fine Tsuna.." Reborn softly whispered to Tsuna.