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10 years later Tsuna is now 24, dating Reborn, and is now Decimo. He receives a letter from Kyoko saying There will be a class reunion. Now Tsuna and his family is going back to Namimori where everything started and where he was once called "Dame-Tsuna". Tsuna is invited to another reunion and can only bring on friend & Reborn.. ROCK PAPER SCISSOR! "Really, guys? Your not 5! "




"Ne, Tsuna." said Isao. "How did you get the infamous Hibari Kyoya to work for you?"

"ah… well… um…" Tsuna was nervice. 'What should I say?'

"hn.. I work for omnivore because he beat me in something and we betted if I won he would do something for me, and if he won I would work for him." said Kyoya instead of Tsuna.

"Wow…" replied Isao. "What did he beat you in?" Isao wanted to know more about it. He was still suspicious of Tsuna.

"I b-beat h-him… in a g-game that Reborn m-made." Tsuna replied back. The little white bunny wanted this reunion to end soon. His hyper intuition was acted up white Isao was asking questions. "Reborn." he whispered. "My hyper intuition is telling me something is wrong… Isao is asking to many questions."

"I noticed… answer them calmly and don't say anything about Vongola." Reborn whispered back and gave Tsuna a short kiss on the lips. "Feel better?"

Tsuna nodded and blushed a bit.

After a painful 1 hour the reunion ended, but something still felt wrong to Tsuna, he felt like someone was watching him from a screen, and Reborn and Kyoya was feeling the same. "Don't you guys feel like watching TV?" asked Tsuna.

"I think I do… I wonder where should we watch TV." replied Reborn.

"Hn.. We should watch a police show…" added Kyoya.

"Why I agree!" said Tsuna. "I wonder who else wants to watch with us?"

They all went in the limo and soon looked for listening devices or spy cam's. "Hey I found my old wallet here! It still has my money from 5 years ago!" said Reborn.

They all nodded in agreement, someone was watching and they needed to find all the listening devices and spy cam's.

"It has 5 10 dollars and 4 20 dollars." added Reborn. He was tapping, 1... 2... 3... 4... 4 times. That meant it was the police, and chances are… 'It was Isao who did it' mouthed Reborn in Italian.

End of Story! There will be a Sequel called… (Drum roll)

~ Finding Out About Tsuna ~

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Tsuna: It ended? Already?

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