Nurse France

You awoke feeling bad, feeling like you were hit by a brick, like someone stuffed your nose, and that your throat was filled with cement.

"Shit... I've got a cold..." you whined before whipping out your cellphone. "I'll have to call in sick..." You dialed the number and waited for an answer. "Hey, yeah, I'm sick so I won't be at the meeting today, 'kay?"

Within seconds of hanging up, Your door swung open to reveal a very concerned friend. "Oh, mon cherie! I'll help nurse you back to health!"

"No, France, get your ass out of here!" you whipped a pillow at him.

"Aww, why?"

"Because I don't want to get anyone sick!"

He laughed. "I don't care if you get me sick."

"Fine..." you glared at him.

He approached the bed and gave you a kiss on the cheek before running to your kitchen. About twenty minutes later, he came back in with a bowl of soup, an ice pack, and a glass of ginger ale, all on a tray.

He set it on a small table next to you and smiled. "I made a special soup for you. I hope you like it, mon cherie."

You took a sip.

"Well, I want you to feel better, so I made you the best."

"Oh how sweet... chicken noodle." you retorted sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes and pecked you on the lips. "I'll be back after the meeting, okay? If you don't feel better, then I'll give you a special surprise that'll be sure to work."

You just nodded and ate some more soup.

Later on, after he returned from the meeting, he went to check on you. After finishing your soup, you had fallen asleep. The blanket barely covered your body and your left arm and right leg laid half off of the bed. Your tank top just barely covered your chest and your undies peeked out from under the blanket. France blushed and gulped, trying his best to hold back his temptations.

"Wait until she wakes up..." he said to himself. "Until she wakes up..."

"Hnn?" you started moving around a bit in your sleep, making the blanket fall onto the floor and revealing your panties.

He took a step backward and felt restrictions in his pants. "Damn..." he sighed. "It's bad enough that I like her, but now she's so... defenseless... so sexy... It's too much to resist..." he peeked into your room again. "Oh mon cherie... " before he even knew it, he had climbed onto the bed and held you close to him, pulling you into a smooth kiss.

Your cheeks blushed, but you didn't fight back, instead melting into the kiss and wrapping your arms around him. He brushed his hand through your hair and held you into the kiss another few moments before pulling away and sliding off his pants, revealing his fully erect length. You pulled him close again and unbuttoned his shirt. His lips went your neck, kissing and nibbling while he slipped off your panties. Cold air washed against your skin as he poked his member at your entrance. You nodded and winced at the sudden penetration. He pulled out halfway before slamming back into you, starting his rapid pace.

"Oooh! There! Theeeere!" you screamed as he hit your special spot.

He went deeper with every thrust, so close to his limit. Suddenly, you both came. He pulled out, laid next to you, and kissed you once more before you both fell asleep together.

The next morning, you felt better, but France was sick.

You sighed. "Told you that you'd get sick."

"Oui, but now I can have you as my sexy nurse, mon cherie." he smirked lustfully before coughing a few times.

"Yeaaah... I'll just get a biohazard suit and some soup."

He laughed as he pulled the blanket onto him.



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