This is the seventh story in my series.

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"What's going on, Cas?" Dean asks when he sees the ridged manner Castiel suddenly acts. The angel stands up from his seat in the wooden chair and looks around the hotel room, effectively cutting off their highly important conversation about just who Lizzy is.

"They're coming," Lizzy answers for the angel, also sensing the oncoming visitors. "A lot of them. And fast."

"Cas, what do we do?" Sam quickly asks with alarm as he and Dean stand up quickly.

"Come," Castiel demands as he lines them up side by side in the Las Vegas hotel room, Dean in the middle. He grabs Lizzy and Dean's wrists and pulls their hands together, getting them to hold on to the other. He then does the same with Sam and Dean.

"Whoa," Dean stops him, pulling his wrist back. "The hell are you doing?"

"Trust me, Dean," he responds heavily while pressing Sam and Dean's palms together and they awkwardly oblige the angel while looking suspiciously at each other.

"Um, Cas?" Lizzy begins, a threatening feeling overcoming her suddenly. It's dark and foreboding. "They're pretty angry."

"They're angry with me," Cas cryptically explains. "I have answers for you but if we stay here, it won't be good. We need to go."

With that, Castiel presses his fingers to Dean's forehead in the middle of the hand-held line. The room is filled with the sound of fluttering and then it's empty. All four are gone and the only sound left in the room is the TV quietly playing daytime soaps.


Lizzy, Dean, and Sam find themselves hand in hand while standing on a sidewalk, a quiet road at their backs and a small house stands before them. Clearly they're not in Las Vegas anymore.

"We're here," Castiel announces standing in front of them, his focus still trained on Lizzy as she looks around and begins to take in the surrounding area. They appear to be in the middle of a suburban neighborhood with a row of houses on each side of the road and children with backpacks walking down the sidewalks on the sunny, brisk morning. The grass is green in front of every moderate sized house and the leaves on all the trees are tinged with the beginnings of their fall color change.

"Ok… mind letting us know where here is?" Dean questions while letting go of Lizzy and Sam to drop his hands heavily on his hips. He's annoyed that the angel zapped them somewhere without any form of warning. Whatever, Dean thinks to himself. He didn't want to poop this week anyways.

"Holy shit," Lizzy mumbles lowly when the recognition sets in. "We're home."

"Whose home would that be?" Dean asks her while his eyes study the quaint white with black trim house they are standing in front of.

"My home," she quietly adds.

"This is your house?" Sam questions, turning to look at her.

"No, no," Lizzy tells him while still peering at the home in front of them. "This is Kyle Dennino's house. We're in my hometown."

"Who the hell is Kyle Dennino?" Dean wonders impatiently aloud, seriously confused by where they've been dropped off.

"We were good friends when we were little," Lizzy explains while taking in the house and yard she hasn't seen in years. "Lou and I used to hang out at his house after school, before sometimes too. Our moms were friends since high school so Mrs. Dennino watched us sometimes. She would make us breakfast on the days when my mom had to go into school super early. Oh man." Lizzy points to a large tree in the front yard. "He fell out of that tree right there once. Broke his arm and knocked out his two front baby teeth the day before picture day. Mrs. Dennino was wicked pissed."

"This is a lovely waltz down memory lane and all, but two seconds ago you sit us down to tell us that L is part angel then you zap us here to avoid your ticked off siblings… what's happening, Cas?" Dean asks Castiel, wanting to find out just what is going on. "Why the hell are we here?"

"To understand more about Elizabeth's life," Castiel begins to explain, receiving wide eyed looks from all three hunters before he focuses solely on her. "You've unfortunately been informed sooner than I'd like that you are important to heaven… and to the plan it has for the world." Castiel looks around him, eyes darting from place to place. He looks alarmed. "There isn't much time for explanation. You're here to understand your past and all the things that have been kept from you concerning it."

The group grows quiet. Sam and Lizzy attempt to decipher what Castiel is telling them, but Dean starts to get a clearer picture instantly. It was Castiel's emphasis on the word past that made it all click for him.

"Oh, no. Cas, you didn't," Dean lets out in complaint, arms dropped to his sides with defeat. Not this again.

"I regretfully had to," Castiel answers.

"Had to what?" Sam asks, knowing that Dean's clear let down can't be good for any of them.

"This whole thing isn't about where we are… it's about when," Dean answers, peering over to Lizzy to gage her reaction. He's very worried about how she'll handle all of this.

"Shit," Lizzy says immediately after Dean's statement. She points to the car parked in the driveway of the house they are still standing in front of. "That's Kyle's mom's car."

"So?" Sam asks her, not getting why the sight of the car is so important.

"So, she got into an accident with that car when we were in fourth grade. She totaled it and replaced it with a… Mazda, I think."

"Good memory," Dean answers her, impressed by what she can recollect.

"Thanks, but… that car is old and nonexistent now. And Kyle's family moved away before high school. So how…"

The front door of the house flies open suddenly and a young boy, very tall for his age with his backpack slung over one shoulder, jumps down the front steps.

Lizzy panics with the sight and grabs tightly to Dean bicep while her face drops.

"That's Kyle?" Dean assumes.

"Yeah… but he's a kid," Lizzy quietly answers as the surprise of seeing him, her friend from so long ago still looking like he did so long ago. He should be in his twenties and about seven feet talk. He played basketball in college before she lost track of him.

"I'm gonna beat you both!" Kyle shouts into the open door. "You guys are wicked slow!"

Barreling through the front door after him are two little girls, no older than eight, each wearing their own backpack. The brunette pounds down the front steps first with a bright smile on her face as she begins chasing after Kyle. "You're so not gonna win this time!" she shouts to the boy already halfway down the street.

Lizzy inhales sharply and her nails dig hard into Dean's arm. She feels like the wind has been knocked straight out of her lungs and she can't breathe. This can't possibly be happening. It can't. It's not possible.

As the darker haired girl runs quickly past the four standing on the sidewalk, she turns over her shoulder to yell back to her blond friend. "Move it, Lou-Lou! He's gonna get to the monkey bars first!"

Lizzy slaps a hand over her mouth as what she sees topples her emotions and she tries desperately not to cry at the sight.

"Shut up, Lizzy!" the smaller girl yells as she hustles to catch up. "He always beats us, you know that!"

Sam's frozen. His feet are rooted to the pavement and he can't for the life of him peel his eyes off of the little, thoroughly annoyed blond girl. It's her through and through, there's not a doubt in his mind. The blond strands, the crystal blue eyes, and the attitude add up to her perfectly.

"What, are you giving up you baby!" her dark haired friend shouts back, smile still beaming.

The blond girl pauses for a minute, shaking her head. "No!" she yells back. "He just wins every time, dummy!"


As the smaller of the two girls jogs past them, she leaves behind three people standing on the sidewalk with dropped jaws and paralyzed bodies. No one speaks as everyone is completely unsure of what to say. The only sound heard besides cars passing by and kids talking as they walk to school in the early morning is Lizzy, her sobs a complete contrast to the surrounding happy scene.

"Oh my God," Lizzy finally cries out, her voice muffled by her hands covering over her face as the situation hits her hard for what it truly is. Seeing the two of them, best friends even back then, makes her crumble. Lou, her Lou, just ran past her completely unaware of her looming, unpleasant and far too short future. It hurt like nothing else ever has.

"Jesus, Cas!" Dean angrily says to the angel as he pulls Lizzy into himself, wrapping protective arms around her as she cries into his chest. "Couldn't you've been a little more subtle?"

"Or at least warned us?" Sam quietly asks, brow knitted in pain as his eyes look ready to overflow themselves. His chest physically hurts with what he's just seen.

"I know it's not ideal," the angel explains regretfully to them. "But it is necessary."

"Necessary to make me see that!" Lizzy suddenly shouts out, turning to face Castiel with both anger and crushing sadness. "You couldn't have sat me down for another fucking heart to… whatever the hell it is you have, instead?"

"No. The other angels don't particularly agree with me informing you of any of this," Castiel begins to explain before making a concerned expression while continually looking around them. "I tried to talk to you but we had to leave to keep you all safe so here we are…" The hunters follow the angel's eyes with concern.

"They followed us, didn't they?" Sam asks, getting the eerie feeling that Castiel is on high alert for a reason.

"Definitely. They're on their way right now," Lizzy answers him confidently, wiping her eyes while feeling the hatred of the small, angry angelic army.

"I will hold them off," Castiel proclaims, his silver sword dropping from his trench coat sleeve before quickly turning to Lizzy in a rush and speaking in a quick, decisive tone. "You need to follow your younger self, learn as much as you can. It will all be revealed to you and I will be back as soon as I can."

Castiel disappears into thin air, leaving the shell-shocked three to their own devices.

"What the fuck is going on!" Lizzy asks with sheer panic to both Sam and Dean, eyes filled with anxiety and fear. "What do we do?"

"I think we listen to what Cas told us to do," Sam says, knowing it's not what she wants to hear.

"I so can't do that," Lizzy shakes her head rapidly. "I can't just go watch myself and Lou as kids. I know too much now. I can't do that."

"Yes you can," Sam wearily tells her. "We all can." It's more that he's trying to convince himself of this than Lizzy. Seeing Lou at that age broke his heart and knowing he has to keep doing that leaves him absolutely shaken.

"And what choice do we have anyways?" Dean adds, knowing from experience that they had to do and see what Castiel asked them to. "We're kinda stranded here. Can't get back until Cas gets what he wants out of us. Trust me."

Lizzy wrings her hands and looks down the street in the direction of her elementary school which is just a few hundred feet away. They can hear the morning bell ring and the students yelling. She knows from memory that they are lining up to head inside for the day. Surreal… far too surreal. She's still drunk and sleeping, that has to be it, right? That bender was a good one after all. Maybe this is just her extremely drunken brain punishing her for the abuse she put it through. As she runs a hand through her hair out of pure frustration she hears Mary's charm bracelet on her wrist jangle as she does, reminding her that Dean had just moments ago given it to her and that this is in fact real.

"Fuck me," Lizzy grumbles and takes a seat on the curb, her elbows propped on her knees and head in her hands. "When the fuck did this become my existence?"

As Sam stays standing, walking in little circles to clear his mind, as Dean sits next to her and drapes an arm around her shoulder in an attempt to reassure her. "Looks like this was always your existence."

"I don't want it to be." Lizzy looks up to him with desperate eyes, her fear and defeat clear on her face. Once again Dean finds himself angry for all that she's being put through but instead of show that anger, he goes for an attempt to rationalize everything.

"Hey, I don't want mine any more than you want yours, L. This sucks, I know it. But you wanted answers, right?"

"Not like this!" she rebuts, eyebrows knitted in concern. "This is ridiculous!"

"I know," Dean says, pulling her close. Lizzy drops her head onto his shoulder as the idea of what she must do begins to find its roots in her mind. She has to do this. She has to find out what it is that Castiel feels is so highly important for her to know.

"Shit, this is so jacked up," Lizzy complains one last time before mentally preparing herself.

"Hey, uh, guys?" Sam calls down to them when he stops mid-pace and stands tall with his eyes trained down the road away from the school. What he sees sends chills down his spine and a whole new kind of panic punches him right in the gut.

"You'll be ok," Dean assures her, ignoring Sam. One person at a time. "You're strong. And you're not alone. You have us with you."

"Thank God for that," Lizzy huffs while sitting up on her own accord.

"Oh shit," Sam lets out when his eyes confirm just what he'd thought he'd seen seconds before. "Dean!"

Dean looks up at his brother and sees him pointing in off the distance at the same time that he suddenly hears a very familiar rumbling engine coming closer. Following Sam's eye line, Dean looks down the road as the approaching car barrels forward.

"No fucking way…" Dean drawls out, standing tall and watching as the pristine, black '67 Chevy Impala flies past them. As it goes by, Dean and Sam both recognize the small face peering at them through the back window, all wide hazel eyes, pointy little nose, and shaggy brown hair.

"What the fuck is happening here?" Sam mumbles while still too surprised to fully function. It's quite clear now that they weren't there for just Lizzy. They were there for themselves too and the revelation is terrifying.

"That was your car…" Lizzy trails off while slowly standing, face paling as she does, and watching the Impala pull over to the side of the road up ahead, right in front of the school.

"Definitely." Dean sighs with the added issue to their already problematic situation.

"Oh my God," Lizzy mumbles. What the fuck are the Winchesters doing in her town way back when? This makes no sense at all to her.

"Shit," Dean lets out, the shock of seeing the car still ruling his better judgment. He begins walking in the direction of the school, the walk very quickly turning into a sprint.

"Dean!" Lizzy yells out to him, but he only runs faster. The other two hunters start moving, following close behind.