Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia or any of the characters used in this fic.

A/N: I'm going to turn this into a series of drabbles about different kinks/fetishes/basically anything about Finland that gets Sweden all hot and bothered. If you have any suggestions, tell me! Otherwise, I'm just going down a short list I made. I was thinking about doing another series of drabbles like this one, except for Finland. Is anyone else under the opinion that Finland is a seductive minx that's out to give Sweden awkward boners? XD Anyway, enjoy!

Finland can almost remember every detail of when he found out. He and Sweden were just fooling around while Sealand was at Latvia's house. Finland was letting Sweden push him onto the edge of the bed to undress him when he noticed that Sweden had froze. Sweden was staring intensely at Finland's sock covered feet as if in a trance. Confused and curious, Finland wriggled his toes playfully. Sweden groaned. Knowledge dawned on Finland and he smiled coyly. Feeling mischievous, Finland slowly raised his right foot to Sweden's cheek and rubbed circles into it slowly. Sweden leaned into the touch and breathed in deeply, letting out a heavy sigh. Finland almost giggled. Sweden had a foot fetish! Finland would make sure to take advantage of this in the future. Finland yelped and looked back down at Sweden. Sweden had taken Finland's ankle in one hand and stuck his mouth onto the arch of Finland's foot to suck on it lightly. Finland wrinkled his nose. It seemed kind of gross to do something so unhygenic, but at the same time—Finland shifted, panting slightly—it was arousing. As Sweden slowly moved his way up Finland's leg, Finland finally let out a giggle at his husband. As long as it made Sweden happy, Finland was okay with his weird kinks. However, Sweden was not getting any kisses until he brushed his teeth.