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A/N: This is for the anonymous reviewer Iggy, who mentioned that they liked seme!Finland and suggested spanking. Sorry it took me so long, but I just wasn't feeling the seme!Finland vibe (and I was being lazy), but I finally got it out! As an apology for how long it took, I'll be posting another chapter later today. Enjoy the extremely rare seme!Finland and know that it killed me inside to write him like this.

"Beg for it!"

Currently, Sweden was laid out on Finland's lap with his pants and underwear around his ankles. Finland was stroking the back of his thighs teasingly, waiting for Sweden to cave in to his desires. He knew that eventually Sweden's walls would come down.

Under his ministrations, Sweden lasted almost two minutes. He broke and begged for Finland to punish him. Finland began to spank him.

"After each hit, I want you to count, out loud, which number it was."

Finland smacked him twenty times. By the end of it, Sweden's face was flushed and he was harder than ever. Finland then laid Sweden out on the bed on his stomach.

This WAS where the smut used to be before I was asked to edit it out. I apologize to those who wanted to read it, but didn't get a chance to.

Afterwards, Finland got up to get stuff to clean them up and they fell asleep soon after.