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Finland could not, for the life of him, get into a comfortable position. It was two in the fucking morning and here he was, tossing and turning in the fucking bed. It was because of the fucking parasite growing in his stomach! It'd been in there for roughly four months and it was starting to show.

Finland shifted again. Gah! He couldn't take it anymore! He got up from the bed that he and Sweden shared and waddled out of the room. His target destination was the bathroom down the hall. The baby had been pressing on his bladder lately and as a result, he had to pee more often.

After relieving himself, instead of going back to bed Finland went into the kitchen. He began to raid the fridge for something to snack on. Milk, cheese, leftovers from that night's dinner, aha! Salmiakki! Finland took out the treats and ate one.

At that moment, Sweden appeared in the doorway.

"What are you doing still up?" Sweden asked.

"Ah, Sweden you scared me! I just couldn't get comfortable. My back hurts."

Sweden walked over and stood so that he was behind the other and started to rub Finland's shoulders. He slowly massaged downwards until Finland was less tense.

"Is that better?"

"Mmm, yes. Push harder."

Sweden wished that his mind would stop interpreting the noises that Finland was making into something that they weren't. His wife was so beautiful like this; pregnant with his child and melting under his fingers. If Finland didn't stop making those noises, Sweden was going to snap.

Finland was in heaven. Those hands! The evil aches were being banished by them! He truly felt as though he could sleep for days if Sweden kept it up.

As much as he felt like jelly, Finland's red flags went up when Sweden's hands moved to his sides. Before he could react, Sweden had lifted him up, turned him around, and set him on the table. Sweden kissed Finland.

Though surprised, Finland just decided to go along with it. He kissed back and even started giving his own little massage to Sweden's abdomen. Sweden pulled back a little to groan.

Sweden's hands now roamed the swell of Finland's baby bump, which gave him more pleasure than it should have. He felt pride in the fact that it was his baby growing inside of Finland, and not some other man's. In a way, Sweden had marked Finland as his and the more primal part of Sweden loved it, relished in it even.

Finland moved his hands over Sweden's, which had just been resting over the baby bump while he was thinking. He intertwined his fingers with Sweden's larger ones and gave them a light tug. It succeeded in pulling Sweden out of his thoughts and those bright, sea-green eyes pierced him.

"What's got your mind preoccupied?" Finland gave words to his wondering.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it."

Sweden continued with kissing Finland and touching his stomach. His mouth forged a path down Finland's neck and chest, and after he'd knelt, Finland's belly. He littered the lump with kisses, finding himself highly fascinated with it. He still just couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that there was a child growing in there, another Peter.

Finland watched as Sweden practically worshiped his stomach. He was half expecting Sweden to start bowing and praying to it and holding out a peace offering or something.

Feeling something in his lower regions, Finland began to wonder how he should bring up to Sweden the fact that he had to go pee again.