There's More To Just Reading In Libraries

Summary: Hermione and Severus cross paths when in Hogwarts library. After a bit of small talk, they soon explore there is more to libraries than just books, reading, whispering and evil stares from Madam Pince. This is rated M for a reason! This is a one-shot but with a reasonable plot.

A/N: This is after the final Harry Potter book, 'The Deathly Hallows'. I have made a few changes to fit around my plot, Snape survives and the 'Golden Trios' year have re-sat their seventh year due to disturbances caused by the war. Characters thoughts are in bold. Hermione is over 18 years of age! This story is rated M for mature sexual themes, do not read if you are under the age of 18. Please read and review as I love hearing your thoughts and feelings as well as constructive criticism – (Plus this is my first story!). I own nothing except the plot. Enjoy!

'I know! When Jeff Bolten caught that snitch, bloody hell! He was close to being blown straight off his broom!" Ron and Harry were deep into a serious Quidditch conversation. A very uninterested Hermione Granger walked along with the pair through Hogwarts' main courtyard, and feeling that boredom was close to swallowing her whole, decided that she ought to pay the library a visit.

"If the Chudley Cannons win their next two games, then they-"

"I'm going to go to the library, Madam Pince ordered quite a few new books so I am going to go up there to see if they have been delivered." interrupted Hermione, in hope of retreating to the quiet library.

"Okay, meet you at lunch in the Great Hall then?" replied Harry.

"Sure, bye!" waved Hermione happily.

"Bye." Ron smiled in response. With that, Hermione turned on her heel and headed in the direction of the library.

A few staircases later, the large oak door of the library was visible and ahead of her. Strolling down the corridor, Hermione noticed fast footsteps behind her, not forgetting the very clear sound of billowing robes. It was Professor Snape. Within a very short space of time, the quick footsteps which did in fact belong to Snape, had caught up with her.

She looked upwards to her right and smiled, "Good afternoon, Professor."

"How irregular, Miss Granger heading towards the library." Snape smirked; Hermione exhaled a laugh, noticing how it was said in a joke-like tone contrasting to his usual sneering and rude remarks in class.

"Yes, it is on a very rare occasion I do visit the library. I guess books just don't really interest me." She replied casually, in attempt to keep up conversation. Snape quietly laughed in response. 'Holy Merlin, I just made Snape laugh. I've barely seen him turn the corners on his mouth as to smile. Wow.'

By this time they had both reached the library door, "After you, Miss Granger." Snape kindly stated whilst holding the door for Hermione. In somewhat state of shock over Snape's polite demeanour, Hermione simply smiled and walked through the library doorway. As she had brushed past Snape, they came into contact with each other and Hermione became very conscious of how toned his chest was.

'Woah, can't say I would have expected Professor Snape to be toned'. Noticing Hermione's attempt at a discreet reaction to his firm body, Snape allowed himself a silent inward chuckle and followed her in through to the main area of the library which was deserted, as usual.

"What area of the library were you planning on visiting, Miss Granger?" Snape questioned in his rich voice that seemed to pour through Hermione's ears like liquid gold.

"Well I was hoping to look at the recently ordered books I have yet to look at you see. The newer books are usually in the far corner." Hermione pointed across to the far side of the giant room filled with masses of bookcases, all of which had been individually and thoroughly examined by her. 'Why on earth is he being so… nice? And sexy. Wait, what? Merlin help me if uses Legilimency on me without me knowing…'

"Do you mind if I accompany you, Miss Granger? It is in my knowledge that Madam Pince has ordered a rare edition of Potions texts that is dedicated to finding high quality ingredients." Snape said, although they were both already moving in the direction of the library corner.

"No not at all. How interesting, and how come a very keen Potions enthusiast, such as yourself, does not already have this 'rare edition of Potions texts'?" she teased, her brows raised and a flirtatious smirk on her face.

'Merlins saggy wand, she is flirting with me. She really does look quite naughty with that smirk'.

By now, they had both sat down on the silky golden sofas side by side in the secluded corner of the library. He leaned closer into Hermione's ear, "Well," he paused, "that way, I get exactly what I want," another pause followed, "for free." Each syllable seemed to roll off his tongue rather seductively. Slightly aroused over Snape's voice and forwardness, her breathing quickened and her chest was raising considerably more than normal which resulted in her blouse buttons straining. This did most definitely not go unnoticed by Snape.

"I guess that is rather… beneficial." responded Hermione, locking eyes with her Professor. She was too aroused by Snape's silky rich voice as to think of any words with any considerable intelligence or general meaning.

"Most definitely, as I always get what I want, Miss Granger." Both he and Hermione knew neither were now innocently discussing books anymore. His right arm which rested close behind Hermione then came into contact with the back of her neck, pulling her towards him. Instantly, his lips were on hers. Hermione's left hand found itself on his shoulder whilst the other lay of his chest. They simultaneously moaned in confirmation that they were both enjoying the sudden contact between them. Snape prized open her mouth with his tongue, meeting her own. After a few minutes of dominating each others mouths, a hot, hard bulge had appeared in Snape's trousers. Deciding that she most definitely wanted to continue, Hermione took control by slowly standing up and sat down on his lap. She sat with each leg either side of his waist and straddled him. In shock over her forwardness and the unexpected pressure on his crotch, Snape inhaled sharply in absolute pleasure. Both of her hands yet again found themselves in his hair pulling his face towards hers. She bit down on his left ear then started kissing his neck whilst continuously grinding down onto his crotch making his eyes roll back. With intention of causing slight pain, she bit down again on his neck. Her reward was a loud guttural moan deep from his chest, this did nothing but arouse her more. Next, his hands found their way under her blouse and had crawled up her stomach. He kneaded her breasts making her repeatedly gasp, then brought his hands around her back so he could find more surface area of skin to touch and claim. In need of taking things further, Hermione found herself sliding off his lap and onto the floor.

"Shit." hissed Snape due to the immense overload of pleasure he was receiving from his student. He was energetically panting with beads of sweat resting on his brow and upper lip, and knowing where and what Hermione was going to do next didn't do much to help calm him. He rest his head on the sofa and looked up at the library ceiling whilst the button and zip on his trousers found themselves becoming undone by Hermione's swift hands. 'Fuck. How does she seem so experienced?' Shit. Shit. Shit'. She tugged his trousers down slightly and reached in to his pants where his erection was confined. The instant where her skin made contact with his tool he hissed in complete satisfaction. 'Merlin, I am going to hell for this'. A smirk played on her lips which was seductive in everyway in Snape's eyes. 'Fuck. She's worth it'.

A/N: To be continued... Thanks for reading!