He pushed her down onto the sofa and settled himself on top of her, "Now it's my turn to have my way with you." he said flirtatiously into her ear before licking and biting down on her ear lobe. She apparently liked being bitten as she made a loud mewling noise which sent pleasure waves to his groin.
"Now the fun begins, Miss Granger." he purred.

"It's back to 'Miss Granger' now is it?" Hermione questioned unbelievably as she could feel his hot, hard erection pressing into her stomach.

"Shh." he replied while grabbing her two wrists. Confusion hit Hermione when he reached for his wand and performed a charm that made her wrists bound together and fixed them behind her head.

"Bastard!" she hissed, knowing she had no control and couldn't touch him.

"Now. Feel." he murmured into her open mouth. "Simply to save time I am going to magic our clothing off because I feel we are both somewhat… overdressed.".

With that, they were both left with only their underwear on. To Snape's delight, Hermione lay underneath him wearing a matching pair of black lace underwear which made her look truly edible in his eyes.

"For me, hmm?" he teased, "Lucky me."

"Ju-Just touch me!" Hermione spat becoming increasingly impatient, arms wriggling behind her head. Snape ran his tongue lightly from her hip, over her tight stomach, past her breasts and to her neck then whispered, "Patience."

Rubbing his hands up and down her thighs, Snape took the opportunity to hook his fingers under her knickers and draw them down her legs until they were completely off. Wasting no time, he turned his attention to her sensitive clitoris which made her instantly involuntarily jerk in pleasure.

"Responsive. Delicious." Snape grinned, being just as smug as he was his classroom. He then inserted his middle finger into her core and in return he received several short gasps from Hermione. He continued to strum his finger strong into her point of ecstasy, now and again flicking her clitoris to shock her. As she got nearer her point of climax he stopped abruptly and replaced his finger with his tongue.

"Uh Severus! I need to touch you! I'm so- I'm so close, don't stop, don't stop!" she writhed in pure bliss yet also in frustration of not being able to touch his body. He strummed her G-spot fervently yet again until her back could arch no more and she came. Bringing his mouth back down to her core, he lapped up all her juices. He physically couldn't be aroused anymore and was rock hard it was almost painful and he needed relief.

"Merlin, that was amazing but please release me." she pleaded with him.

"Of course, but I don't remember saying you could use my given name." he mocked, licking his lips.

"You can't really deny me now," she criticized, "…Professor." To his surprise, Snape was actually turned on by her use of his title. He hastily removed the charm from her arms so they could be free to touch him.

"Get up." he commanded.


"Why? Because, Hermione, I am going to lie down and then you are going to sit your pretty little arse on top of me and ride me senseless until my balls explode". Being straight to the point was Snape's strong point and by now Hermione had already hurriedly got to her feet and had begun undoing her bra from the back. His voice could make women do anything. He lay down where she was previously lying and beckoned her over with a finger tantalizingly. "Sit." To this, she raised an eyebrow seductively and her eyes raked over his nearly naked body. "Yes, here." he pointed to his largely tented boxers and began to stroke his erection through his briefs in order to gain some relief.

'I have literally never been so turned on in my whole entire life. Fucking hell, his boxers had definitely grown… quite a lot'. Following his orders, Hermione straddled his hips, feeling his rock hard erection beneath her core. She edged up his body, clawing at his chest with her nails and placed a soft kiss on his lips. He felt her smile in their kiss and knew what she was going to do next as she sat back up again. Her hands found themselves at his boxers again and started to pull them slowly down his legs, the whole time maintaining eye contact with him.

"No hands." he instructed, looking up at her.

"What do you mean?" she questioned, entirely confused.

Smirking, he replied, "Pull them down but without your hands." Getting the idea, Hermione put her hands behind her back as if tied and lowered her mouth to his tented crotch. She sank her teeth into the silky material and attempted to draw them down his legs.

"Hard, huh?" he laughed, tilting his head so he could see her face inches from his erection.

She giggled, "In more ways than one." In order to bring his underwear down his legs, she had to scrape her teeth down his legs with the material in between them. She finally got them off with a little help from Snape when they reached his ankles. This was the first time they had both been naked together. Hermione now had a better idea of how big her Professor really was, he was the biggest she had ever seen by far in length and width. Taking charge once again, Hermione hovered above his erection, both of them feeling the heat radiating from one another.

"This is the part where you ride me, Hermione." he said sternly, becoming impatient as he just want to be in her heat.

Hermione's eyes fluttered, "You so sound so sexy when you say that2. He brought his hand to the back of her head and brought her ear to his mouth and whispered, "Ride me." he emphasised his silky voice.

The next thing he knew, Hermione and violently sank herself on his tool. They gasped simultaneously. Snape's eyes had rolled into the back of his head and this light hold on Hermione's hip and turned into a strong grip, digging into her skin. Meanwhile, Hermione was breathing erratically at the feeling of so unbelievably full. She placed her hands above his on her hips and pulled them up to her breasts where he roughly squeezed them. Continuously, Hermione was bringing up her whole body then sinking back onto Snape's cock. She changed things by fiercely swivelling her hips upon his tool.

Noticing that she was close to climax, Snape panted, "Wait, come with me. Shit! Work on my balls." Hermione put her hands to use by massaging his testicles which elicited deep growls and moans from his chest whilst trying to delay her orgasm.

"I'm com- Uh!" Hermione screamed. Snape shot his load deep inside Hermione, grunting in ecstasy, while she moaned and coated her juices on his thick cock.

"Fuck!" was all Snape could say, or yell for a better term. Collapsing on Snape's chest, Hermione rested on his skin and continued to pant in attempt to get her breath back.

His cock now flaccid and still in her, Snape attempted to lift Hermione with his arms so he could get up from the sofa. It had just fully to his attention that he had just shagged a student in the school library.

'Shitting fuck.'

Hermione had now Scourgified herself and redressed using her wand. Snape then did the same.

"Miss Granger, as pleasurable as this was, it cannot happen again and you cannot tell anyone about this. I don't really know what came over me, this is most definitely not a usual occurrence for me." he explained, feeling slightly ashamed of himself.

"I know, I understand. But it doesn't mean anything between us, there is no reason not to ever have a repeat performance in the future." she winked.

"Miss Granger, I-. You really are quite tempting when you do that with your eyes. Stop it." he knew he was fighting a losing battle. "Okay, we will see what happens, but under no circumstance do you tell anyone about us, we act as usual in class, and we will have to find a more adequate place to... meet".

"Such as where?"

"How about my private chambers?". With that, he winked and turned on his heel with his robes billowing behind him. As Hermione started fixing her hair to ensure she looked completely normal before leaving the library, Snape turned around and made his way back to the sofa.

"Forgot my Potions book." he reached for the new book on the table,"Good day, Miss Granger".

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