What if things were different? What if ChiChi couldn't carry Goten to term and Goku had to carry him instead. What If trunks' tail was never removed nor goten. What if Vegeta n goku mated and family brought back. Imagine a simalar buu defete but their lives so different. What if goku carried Goten and Vegeta by his side. Piccolo and Gohan mated aswell? Let's just see how crazy this new world would be.

ChiChi smriked as she looked down at the pregnacy test in her hand. 'well that worked rather well' she thought snikering. Before the Cell games she had drugged Goku and had sex with him hoping to concive another child. And here she was 5 weeks later with a positive result. She was worried though, she had never felt so sick in her life, she was practicaly bed ridden leaving Gohan to take care of her. Just as she began to try and think of why, she had to once again empty her stomach into the toilet.

"Mom are you ok?" Gohan rushed in upon hearing her mother vomit again for the 5th time this morning. Gohan rushed to his mother and rubbed her back until she could lift her head.

"I think I need Bulma to check me out" she said looking over to her worried son. Gohan nodded and picked his mother up bridal style and flew over to capsule corp.

It was a typical day for Vegeta so far, he was training like usual in the Gravity Room. What he didn't excpect was to feel Gohan's Ki approaching, and fast. 'The harpy probably did something again' he thought exasperatedly. Recently if Gohan's mother was too strict, he sought refuge here at Capsule Corp. He turned off the Gravity and exited the room headed for his son's room, it was time for him to be fed. He grabbed a bottle of his own milk, when Trunks was born his intincts had kicked, his mother's milk could not fill him, so in reaction to his starving soon Vegeta filled in, in letting him produce his own milk for his son. Both Bulma and Vegeta was confused, so she preformed a few blood and Genetic tests on her son and Vegeta. It turned out Vegeta could carry chilren and Trunks was a pure saiyan. Some sort of genetic mutaion caused this. Vegeta needless to say was extatic. But because of Trunks' pure blood he needed his father's milk to sustain him.

As Vegeta made his way to his son's room he smiled thinking of how strong his son will be. When he entered the room he saw his soon moving around kicking his legs and doing swiping motions with his hands. He looked like he was trying to fight already.

Trunks turned his head and when he saw his father he started to smirk and kicked around even more.

"D-dad!" he exclaimed. Vegeta leaned over the crib, wide-eyed. His son had said his first word. Smiling warmly he picked the infant up cradling him close as he fed his son. Vegeta went to the living room to sit on the couch and feed him. Trunks drank the bottle hungrily making cooing noises and sighing as he went. As he drank he looked up at his father warmly quitely thanking him for his food.

"Bulma!" Gohan burst through the front door, not even startling the two princes in the living room, Vegeta was looking their way and narrowed his eyes. He could feel the ki from the Harpy's stomach she was pregnat and something was wrong. He got up, still

feeding Trunks and led them too the lab. Gohan not missing a thing followed Vegeta.

Upon entering the lab ChiChi let out a howl of pain effectivly startling Bulma and her father. Stopping what she was doing he motioned for Gohan to lay his mother on one of the tables.

"ChiChi, what's wrong?" Bulma asked leaning over her. She was about to answer when another pain shot throught her. Vegeta narrowed his eyes.

"She's carrying a cub, one like Trunks" Vegeta handed Trunks to Mr. Briefs. "since Kakarot isn't here the cub is trying to compenstate. He has no energy to feed off of. If this goes on they both will die." Bulma was startled. Then she remembered her own pregnancy, it was horrible but Vegeta always stayed near if he wasn't around would this have happened to her. She looked at Vegeta.

"Well what do we do?" she asked. Vegeta sighed.

"The cub needs the energy too to surive. We need that buffon back, and we need to transfer the pregnacy. And quickly." Bulma was stunned and ChiChi was furious. "we have to get Kakarot back, get Dende to summon the dragon himself and wish him back to take over there is no other way. That is unless you transfered the pregnacy to me." Vegeta crosses his arms. Chichi glared at the prince. Gohan took off, to the look out no doubt. Vegeta followed as Bulma prefromed tests on ChiChi and the growing embryo.

Once Vegeta and Gohan arrived, Gohan rushed to find his friend as Vegeta stayed and Piccolo approached.

"What on earth is going on?" The Namek asked the prince. Vegeta grunted as he watched to two others rush towards him.

"Im here. What, what's wrong?" Dende asked worried as he looked over at Gohan.

"We need you to summon the Eternal dragon." Vegeta huffed. Dende looked shocked and Piccolo looked at Vegeta questioningly. "Kakarot's wife is pregnat with a pure saiyan cub, her body cannot handle the strain if he is not brought back imedatly and the pregnacy transfered to him both his harpy of a wife and the cub will die." Vegeta explained.

"B-but I just can't-"

"Dende please, please help us. Don't let them die!" Gohan pleaded as he grabbed his friend tightly. Piccolo's eyes softened as he nodded at Dende. And with that Dende pulled away and began to summon the dragon, murmeeing words in Namek. Soon the sky began to darken and lightning flashed. The dragon had soon appeared.

"You have summoned me why?" the great dragon asked, boombing.

"We wish to bring Kakarot back to life!" Vegeta shouted. The dragon looked at him.

"It cannot be done, he does not wish to return." Vegeta growled in response.

"Well does he want his wife and unborn child to die?" he shouted back. It took a moment for the dragon to respond.

"No he does not."

"Then you bring him back!" Vegeta was begining to loose his temper. The Dragon's eyes glowed and low and behold Goku appeared before them.

"Hey guys! What's going on?" he smiled warmly.

"will that be all?" the dragon asked.

"No! You must tranfer Chichi's pregnacy to Kakarot!" Vegeta yelled, all eyes now on him stunned. The Dragon's eyes glowed once again. Vegeta soon felt the cub's ki within the other saiyan.

"It is done, now I must take my leave." and with that the dragon disapeared.

Goku stared down at his stomach, he felt the ki from his unborn child. He was shocked, terribly so. He looked at Vegeta for answers as Gohan tackled his father hugging him tightly.

"Vegeta?" said saiyan huffed.

"It was the only way, I'll explain it all to you later but for now we head back to Capsule Corp.'

Goku grabbed his son and Vegeta put his hand on the taller saiyan's shoulder as they teleported there.

They appeared in the lab infront of Bulma, Chichi and Mr. Briefs. Vegeta had taken his son into his arms once again, the infant wrapping his pale lavander tail around his father's arm smirking up at him. ChiChi lept off of the table hugging Goku and her son. Bulma just stood there stunned.

"What Happened?" she asked.

"We brought him back and transfered the pregnacy. Kakarot now carries his pure saiyan cub" Vegeta answered. Chichi glared his way.

"What do you mean pure saiyan?" she screatched stomping his way.

"I did the tests ChiChi, he's right. The baby is a pure saiyan. It's some sort of genetic mutation, Trunks is the same." Bulma answered. ChiChi looked at her friend then at Gohan. "Oh no! Gohan his half saiyan I took a sample from him as well." Bulma reassured her stressed friend. Chichi breathed a sigh of releif. Goku on the other hand had ran to the bathroom to empty his stomach, it seems his hormons finally kicked in. When he returned Chichi had stated he wanted to leave.

"I think Goku should stay here." Bulma suggested. "So we can moniter him and the baby." she added. Chichi just nodded as she walked away with Gohan heading back home.

Vegeta led Goku to his own room.

"If you don't mind you'll be sleeping in my room with me and Trunks." Vegeta said putting his now sleeping son in his dragon craddle. Goku blushed, 'I'll be sleeping with him?' he thought. Vegeta walked over an sat on the bed, patting a spot next to him for Goku to sit. "You're probably woundering how your able to carry a cub" Goku nodded. "There were a shortage of females on Vege-sei so the male population developed the abiltiy to carry children. There were two different types of saiyans that could carry cubs and one that couldn't. Submisives, and mixed saiyans could carry cubs, dominates couldn't. Every two years saiyans go into heat, you find out what you are when you experience your inheritance, your first heat. Mixed saiyans have subtle heats, they don't last long either, but you will feel like a horny school girl when you go through it. A Dominates heat is intense, it can last up to 2-3 weeks, the only releif they find is in their mate. A Submisives heat is just as intense and long but they can carry a cub unlike the dom, and they bottom a relationship." Vegeta paused sighing. "Both you and I are mixed saiyans Kakarot that is why you can carry your cub." Goku looked at Vegeta then at his stomach, he smiled and put a hand over his stomach feeling the unborn cub's ki. Vegeta smirked. "You should be able to tell the sex by reading their ki" Vegeta suggested. Goku concentrated, closing his eyes.

"Mhmm, it's a boy." He opened his eyes "I wounder what name he'd like to have, how come Trunks' first name isn't Vegeta like you and your father?" Goku asked. Vegeta smiled.

"He liked the name Trunks better, so his middle name is Vegeta. Trunks is a saiyan name, very rare aswell no one named their child Trunks for houndrads of years, and it was only reserved to royal blood." Vegeta answered looking over towards Goku.

"Oh, so we just have to see what name he likes best" Goku said rubbing his stomach. "I-I want to give him a saiyan name, Vegeta d-do you think you'd help me?" Goku blushed glancing at the prince than back to his stomach. Vegeta smirked.

"Of course Kakarot." Vegeta moved closer to said saiyan causing his blush to deepen. Goku lifted his head only to find his face milimeters from the older saiyan's. Goku gulped auidobly, Vegeta carefully lifted a hand to caress his face, moving his hand to the nape of Goku's neck and twining his fingers in the younger's soft onyx hair. Goku closed his eyes, his face heating up even further. Vegeta began bringing their faces closer together, closing his own eyes. Once their lips had met both felt jolts of electricity throughout their entire being leaving them wanting more. Vegeta titled his head opening Goku's mouth with his tounge and exploring the wet orphas with his proturding appendage. Soon his tounge began to try and coax Goku's to play with his own. Moaning Goku began to respond feverantly.

Somehow during their make-out session Goku had ended up in Vegeta's lap. Both pulled away to gulp down some air then dove back in to eachother. The air around them became thick and hot. Vegeta's hand made it's way under Goku's shirt rubbing at the sensitive skin of his lower back. Suddenely Goku began to shake, moaning, Vegeta had found his tail spot. Smirking into the kiss Vegeta began rubbing the sensitive area enjoying the soft whimpers the other made using his other hand to push the latter's head deeper into the kiss.

"Vegeta I-" Bulma slammed the door open causing the two saiyans to jump off of eachother and Trunks to wake up early reasulting in a shrill cry from him. Growling at the woman Vegeta went to go pick up his son and calm the young prince down. Once in his father's arms the cub wrapped his tail around on of his arms as he gripped at the front of Vegeta's spandex like shirt. Goku was still sitting on the bed blushing maddly and Bulma was trying to stiffle her own laughter. Once Trunks had calmed down Vegeta turned to leave heading for the fridge to feed his son, a blushing Goku and giggling Bulma followed. Goku sat on the couch next to Vegeta, who was feeding Trunks and Bulma stood behind the couch looking at the two saiyans.

Vegeta getting annoyed with Bulma's insesant staring had begun to have the veins on his forehead protrude. Trunks sensing his father's discomfort looked at his mother still eating from the bottle.

"Sooooo, what were you too doing in Vegeta's room when I walked in?" Bulma covered her mouth snickering looking like she discovered the best secret in the world. Goku's face turned bright red as his hid his face in his hands. Vegeta scoffed at the woman in the room, taking the now empty bottle from trunks and putting it in to the dishwasher and sitting back down next to Goku but closer this time.

"Well it looked like to me you two finally realized you liked each other tehehehe" Bulma giggled. Vegeta ignored her as he began lifting his son up and down and the young prince laughed. Goku snapped his head up to look at Bulma then Vegeta. 'Wait she knew?' he thought sadly. Bulma smiled at Goku and took him into another room to talk to him. Vegeta's eyes followed them as he continued to play with his son.

Once in her office at the house Bulma turned and closed the door behind her and her childhood friend. Goku stood in the middle of the room his head hung low, ashamed of liking one of his best friend's husband. Bulma smiled at him.

"Me and Vegeta never got married you know? We care for one another but it's not the same as what you two share." Goku lifted his head to look at her questioningly. "I've known, that you two always had something special. Me and Vegeta made a deal, to stay together untill either I die or if he decided to finally catch you" she smiled once again at him. "I love Vegeta, more than anything that's why Im letting him go Goku, and I love you aswell. I want you two to be together and happy you know?" Goku was crying, his hormons kicking in once again, Bulma walked over to him hugging him.

"B-but what about ChiChi? I-I'm still mar-"

"No your not Goku, you died and your marriage was never legal to begin with. Your free to be with Vegeta if you want. I'm sure Gohan would understand, ChiChi could be a problem but do what your heart tells you like you always have and everything will work out" Goku smiled before hugging his friend once more. Bulma patted his back and pulled away and turned to leave, she had work to do after all. Goku stood there for a moment before heading back to Vegeta.

Vegeta held Trunks in the air, then Trunks got his mischievous look on his face. He lifted one hand towards his father with his palm open and then all of a sudden a ki blast connected right on Vegeta's face leaving a puff of smoke. Goku had walked into just in time to see the display which left him laughing so hard he had to grip the wall to keep himself from falling down.

When the smoke cleared Vegeta had it smudged over his face as he looked at his son amazed and slightly annoyed. Trunks in turn began to giggle at his father. Vegeta set his 9 month old son on the floor to play as he went to go wash his face. Goku walked over to the couch watching Trunks play with hightech toys smiling at the little prince. Trunks turned to look at Goku and put his hand up.

"Puff!" he said "Dad puff!" Goku laughed nodding his head. Trunks smiled and went back to playing with his toys. Vegeta walked in and sat next to Goku once again. Goku glanced at the prince and began to blush.

"Bulma, she told me." Vegeta smirked.

"Oh did she now?" he replied staring intensly at the younger saiyan. Goku gulped and nodded. Vegeta smirked and pulled Goku on his lap causing the other's face to light up bright red. "what are you doing to do about it?" he whispered into Goku's ear slightly nibbling at his lobe before pulling away. Goku began to shake with happieness, he licked his dry lips to answer but was cut off by Vegeta devouring his lips hungrily.

Bulma had come to check on the boys and found Goku and Vegeta once again makig out, so she decided to take Trunks out to the garden and left a note for the two saiyans when they where finished.

Vegeta felt Bulma and Trunks heading to the garden. Smirking he pulled Goku closer, thrusting his hips upwards. This caused Goku to pull away gasping. Vegeta soon attacked Goku's neck, turning and laying the younger down in the couch with humself inbetween his legs still sucking at the other's neck. Goku began mewling in pleasure but for some unknown reason he wanted Vegeta to mark him and claim him. Goku began to whine as his now fully erect cock strained against his gi. Vegeta who was equally aroused began rubbing his own clothed erection against Goku's sighing in pleasure.

Without warning Vegeta bit Goku hard, causing blood to spill. He lapped up the blood still rubbing himself against Goku. Goku grabbed Vegeta by the hair and bit him back, just as hard kissing and sucking at the wound he created. Vegeta, growing impatient deicarded their clothes as quickly as possible.

Goku grabbed Vegeta behind his head pulling him down to devour his lips. Vegeta began to lead a trail of kisses down Goku, nipping his neck and collar bone, licking down to his nipples as he lavished each one with kisses, swirling his tounge around each sucking gently and nipping each before Goku pulled his head up kissing his love passionaltly. Vegeta responded with just as much passion as he used one hand to stroke their aching cocks together and used the other to grab the bottle of lube on the end table next to the couch. Goku moaned in Vegeta's mouth when their lengths met, pleasure shooting up his spine like a frieght train. Suddlenly Vegeta moved, speeding Goku's legs as he settled deeper between them. Goku whined at the loss looking up at his lover. Vegeta smirked then took his length in his mouth humming slightly to increase his pleasure. Vegeta began sucking and licking the younger's shaft as he circled a lubed finger around his soon to be lover's puckered entrace. Goku fidgeted slightly as Vegeta began to probe and enter him with his finger trying to prepare him for something much larger. Then he began moving his finger in and out waiting for the other to get used to the intrusion and sucking at engorged length to soothe any pains away as Goku moaned and writhed under the pleasure Vegeta was giving him, grinding into his fingers to get more. Adding two more fingers Vegeta deemed Goku ready pulling his fingers out at pulling away to grab the lube once more. Goku whined at the loss once again. Vegeta smirked as he lubed up his aching cock and grabbed a knife from the drawr cutting the palm of his hand talking in some forieghn langueagr that Goku couldn't fully understand, yet he took the knife and replied as fluently as Vegeta spoke it. Vegeta clasped their hands together as they both felt a wave of energy course through them. Vegeta kissed Goku to distract him as he plundged into his entrance. Tears sprung to Goku's eyes as he was breatched by Vegeta's massive girth, whipering slightlying into his mouth as the energy still swirled around them. Vegeta stilled, still playing with Goku's tounge waiting for him to adjust to his size. Using his availble hand Vegeta began messaging Goku's inner thighs in an atempt to relax him. When Goku no longer felt any pain he pushed down onto Vegeta, moaning as he hit something deep inside him that made him see stars. Vegeta smirked as he steadied himself once more, not yet unclasping their hands and began a slow sensual pace. Thrusting in and out slowly hitting Goku's prostate at each stroke. Goku's moans esculated in pitch, he gasped and writhed under Vegeta'a pleasurable onslaught, desperraly whining for more.

"o-oh! Ve-Vegeta! Ah hah! Faster!" Goku pleaded as he wrapped is legs around his lover's waist pulling him in deeper and closer. Vegeta groaned as he obeyed moving faster and harder.

"Vegeta-ah hah! I'm gonnna, ah! Come!" Goku moaned as soon felt his orgasim approaching and clawed at Vegeta's back trying to hold it and prolong his pleasure. Vegeta also felt his orgasim aproaching all too soon. But with Kakarot and his seducing moans and whimpers kept bringing him closer and closer.

"Me too... Hah-Nya. Together Kakarot!" Vegeta gasped out, deciging they can always go another round Vegeta picked up the pace again sending them both spiraling into their orgasims, coming harder than ever before Vegeta shot his seed into Goku crying out his saiyan name as Goku came on both their chests yelling out Vegeta's name. Vegeta colapsed on Goku, their hands not yet parting, pulling out Vegeta laid on Goku's chest. Finally catching their breath both began to humm in content loudly. Vegeta sat up and pulled out of Goku, he grabbed their clothes and handed Goku his as he began to get dressed. Once both were dressed they layed together on the couch cuddling. What they had yet to notice is that their tails had regrown and layed limply behind them as both were sated.

Bulma had walked in with a now sleeping Trunks to find that both Vegeta and Goku were sleeping aswell. She also notices that it smelt. After she put Trunks in his crib uptairs in Vegeta's room, she went to go wake up the two sleeping saiyans. When she saw that they both had their tails she shrieked. That woke both the saiyans up Vegeta sat up as Goku lept into the air and fell on the floor butt first. Needless to say this resulted in a shriek of his own and his tail standing straight up and puffing out in pain. When Vegeta noticed both his and Goku's tails had grown back, he wrapped his own around his waist like he used to. Vegeta got up and kneeled down to pick up Goku bridal style and carfully palce him in his lap again holding him and soothing him until the pain stopped. Goku nuzzled Vegeta thankfully and wrapped his tail around the other's arm. Openeing his eyes he looked at Vegeta startled, he had his tail back, but how, why?

"Vegeta? How did you two get your tails back?" Bulma finally asked, still shocked. Vegeta smirked.

"Kakarot is now my mate, my soul mate. If he wasn't our tails wouldn't have grown back." he answered looking into Goku's shocked but happy eyes.

"Mate?" Bulma asked. Vegeta sighed.

"Yes mate. It's much stronger than any marraige" Bulma looked confused again, and Goku placed his head in the crook of his neck, interested in the conversaion. "mating is binding youself to the other for life, unless you find your soul mate that is. There are signs that you should be aware of if you have found them, like me and Kakarot, we cannot go long without seeing the other and respond to changes in eachother. Even our heat cycles have overlapped. The best way to tell is if one is older than the other and the oldest goes into heat for the first time. If they are soul mates, which is a rare occurance mind you, the younger will respond by going into their own heat. They also will find that their instincts to create the bond early. This bond ties you to the other, if you find your soul mate this lasts even in death. To create the bond you must mark eachother then preform the ritual. This is pure instinct, soul mates' ki fuses when this us done as their souls reach out and tie themsleves together forever. Regular mates' souls do not fuse they are seperate. Marrige is easily broken, but mating is for life unless one dies then you can find another. All soul mates that have been recorded stopped all aging when full grown or when they mated and lived like immortals until killed. When one dies the other does as well. As you know saiyan males can have children of their own. When they expeirince their first heat you go through a submissive, dominate or mixed heat. Submissives are able carry the cub, they have female reproductive organs unseen untill their heat or inheritance as we call it. But now most saiyans are both, almost all of us an carry cubs. If you are just a dominate your possivrness is much higher and your inheritince is unyeilding, the only releif you will find is in your mate, litterally. If you are both your inheritance goes much smother than one or the other and doesn't last as long. With one it can last up to two weeks with both it usually lasts up to five days at the most. No matter what you are though your heat comes once every two years. Conseption between heats is near impossible. One normaly goes into their inheritance from ages 18-21" Vegeta finished and looked down at his mate who was smiling up at him. Goku leaned up and kissed Vegeta chastely. Bulma stood there trying to process all of this new information.

"So, wait, Trunks will go through this?" Bulma asked startled. Vegeta nodded. "hmmmm. Well I don't want to wait until then to find out what type he is." Vegeta chuckled. "What?"

"He shows signs if being a dominate, his little dispay earlier was a sign." Vegeta smirked as he began to rub Goku's stomach. "He seems to be able to detect ki already, he was reacting to the unborn cup, they could be soul mates." Goku looked up at Vegeta suprised. "But we'll see soon."

Soon everyone ate dinner and went to bed, unknown the hell that would be unleashed the next day.

Goku woke up early, noticing Vegeta's arms around him snuggly. He glanced up to see the sleeping prince, smiling he nuzzled his head closer into the older's chest.

Trunks woke up surly after, his stomach empty, his tail twitched as he began to whine waking Vegeta up. The older prince got up making Goku get up aswell rubbing his eyes like a child. Goku made his way to the shower as Vegeta headed down stairs to feed his son.

Upon arriving down stairs Vegeta sensed Gohan's ki at the door. Once he got a bottle he headed over to open the door but ChiChi had rammed in storming to go find Goku. Vegeta just stood there annoyed as Gohan appologized for his mother.

"ChiChi calm down!" Goku yelled as Chichi pulled him out of the shower dripping wet with only a towel covering his waist as this tail hung out from underneath waving nervously. Chichi was seething one could almost see steam coming off of her. Vegeta just ignored her sitting down to feed Trunks. Gohan just looked at everyone nervously, glancing at Vegeta's and Goku's returned tails.

"VEGETA! I will not be ignored by the likes of you!" Chichi screached. Vegeta growled in response still feeding his son. "Why the HELL do have your tails back?" to prove her point she grabbed Goku's tail and yanked, hard. Goku's ees widened at her actions. Vegeta was furious no one touches his mate's tail except him and their cubs. Holding Trunks in one hand as the cub fed himself Vegeta's arrora became menacing as he stalked up to the harpy. Goku pulled his tail away as he took Trunks from his mate and lead Gohan up to their shared room. Once inside he explained this situation to his son.

Vegeta was looming closer as ChiChi held her ground. Once face to face Vegeta reached out grabbing her Jaw tightly causing her to howl in pain.

"Dont you ever, EVER touch my mate!" he growled out. Chichi began crying from the pain and out of fear. She glared at him, defying him completly. This only caused his anger to turn into rage as he nearly crushed her jaw. Chichi could no longer scream the next thing she knew she was thrown out of the house and running to the hospital.

Goku is now about 4 months along in his pregnacy and now he was starting to s show, without his shirt you can see the little lump growing. During that time Trunks had his first birthday. Both Goku and Vegeta built a house near his grandfather's shrine, it was rather large and looked similar to the buildings in Vege-sei and the royal emblem was throughout the house. Vegeta, Trunks and Goku all live there. Gohan switches between his father and Mother though he spent most of his time with the saiyans. ChiChi had been very unhappy when she heard the news of Goku and Vegeta, even after going to the hospital, she had cursed, shouted, begged a bit then stated she never wanted to see him or his 'demon child' ever again. They had fought, yelling and screaming at eachother, she even tried to kill the cub, aiming a kick at Goku's stomach, Vegeta had saved him, but in anger blew up the house Ox king had made. Goku and Vegeta went off the otherworld every few days to train with king Kai. Bulma took care of Trunks on those days. It came apparent that the futher along in the pregnacy Goku got the less he could train. Vegeta slowed down his training to take care of Trunks and Goku. Today King Kai wanted the 3 of them to meet him at Grandpa Gohan's house in otherworld. When Goku was dead he had met his father, Bardock. Apparently him and a few saiyans, including Raditz, Turles, the King and Tora and others, became the police or task force, keeping as much of a order as possible in Hell. Trunks had finally learned to walk a few weeks ago, along with being able to talk much better and being potty trained. He was now always on his feet, trying to punch and kick things, and sometimes blasting holes in the wall. Trunks had recently become possesive of Goku's stomach touching it and always staring. Trunks even started to call Goku 'Mama'. Vegeta was proud of his son and so was Goku.

So here they were all getting ready to visit King Kai, Goku and Vegeta wore their normal clothes as Goku dressed Trunks in the green training gi he had gotten for his birthday. Once they were all ready to go Goku held Trunks in one arm as he held Vegeta's hand in the other and transported to his grandfather's house.

"Hello my boy" Grandpa Gohan had greeted him, they landed in his living room after all. The proud grandfather came and gave Goku a hug. He pulled away, "How have you been, King Kai tells me you are expecting is this true?" Gohan smiled up at his grandson. Goku nodded smiling happily. Vegeta looked over the old man, 'So this is the man who raised Kakarot' he thought. Trunks giggled and reached out towards Gohan. Gohan being the kind man he was brought his face closer smiling at the young cub. Suddenly Trunks grabbed part of his mostache yanking hard, Gohan didnt expect this or how strong the cub was. Trunks giggled loudly as Gohan yelled loudly his eyes tearing up from the pain. Goku startled, tried to free his Grandather's mustache from the young prince's grip. When he tried to remove the hand Trunks just giggled louder as he said 'poof' and used his other hand to send a Ki blast towards the poor old man, effectivly singing his facial hair. Vegeta began to kackle at his son's actions. Gohan now free of the child's grasp began giggling.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Bardock emerged from the kitchen scratching the back of his head. His eyes widened when he saw his son carrying a lavender haired saiyan cub with Vegeta standing next to him. He also noticed a small bump forming on his stomach area. Goku looked up to see his father standing in the doorway. Happy to see his father again, Goku handed Trunks to his father than ran towards his own, tackling him into a bear hug.

"Father!" he exclaimed, he pulled his head away still embracing his father. "What are you doing here?" Goku asked. Bardock smirked at his youngest, hugging him back chuckling.

"This, King Kai person gathered us all here, said you had some news for us" he smiled patting his son's back and pulling away turning towards the kitchen. Goku peered inside to see his brother, Raditz, his other brother, Turles, his father's mate/other father, Tora, and a man that he never met before that looked like Vegeta just taller and with facial hair.

"Who's that?" Goku pointed towards said man. Vegeta now interested walked into the room everyone now inhibited. When he walked in the first thing he notices was Goku's family all around the room sitting at a table, then he noticed his own father.

"Father? " Vegeta asked leering at said man. Goku looked back and forth between the two finally getting what was going on, King Kai called a family meeting. Distantly he could here said Kai snickering in the back of his mind. Goku chuckled loudly causing everyone to stare at him questioninly.

"It seems King Kai called a family meeting Vegeta" Goku looked over to his mate and Trunks. Vegeta smirked as they all made their was to the large table. Now that everyone was there and seated it was time for everyone to catch up. The dead told stories of their adventures in Hell and their new place they had, still being able to stay true to their warrior blood. Goku and Vegeta told them all about the Cell games, and the super saiyan transfermation, about Trunks and the unborn cub that Goku was now expecting. Vegeta explained the genetic mutation that caused Cubs to be pure saiyans. Soon everyone was hungry, Gohan had prepared though, everyone ate, Trunks aswell, now on a solid food diet with bottles before naps and bedtime. When everyone's stomachs was full they all talked about their home lives, and how they were with their mates. Soon the King took his grandson in his lap and told him saiyan tales and legands as the rest talked about training techniuqes and feirce battles they had fought. They day soon faded into night, and Trunks was getting crankey, blasting holes in the wall every now and again. Goku and Vegeta said their goodbyes and exchanged promises of reuniting once again.

Goku and Vegeta arrived home late that night. Trunks was already asleep, so they tucked him in his bed then headed off to their own room. Once they layed down they engaged in a heavy makeout section. Goku soon moved atop the saiyan prince stradling his legs. Licking the elder's lips trying to encourge tounge play, Goku had begun to run his hand under the latter's shirt. When Vegeta gasped, feeling Goku's hand touch his bare stomach, letting the other slide his tounge in his wet orphis. The Prince moaned as their tounges danced around one another, tasting each other and leaving no place untouched. Goku had begun to trail his hand up higher, brushing against Vegeta's sensitive nipples earning a soft mewl from him. Removing his mouth from Vegeta and gazing into love and lust glazed eyes, Goku dove down taking one of the perked nipples into his mouth, sucking, licking, teasing and nipping at them causing the other to throw his head back in pleasure moaning sweetly. Both seperated briefly to catch their breath before Vegeta had pulled his head down to kiss him passionatly. Growling Goku wrapped his arms around the smaller saiyan's waist bringing them closer as Vegeta's hands had tangled themselves in Goku's hair.

Once again did Goku's hands slide up the prince, caressing the suprisingly soft skin, virtualy rubbing his back. When one of Goku's hands grazed Vegeta's tail, the elder moaned into the other's mouth grinding his growing arousal against Goku's hardening length. Growling, desperate for more friction Goku used one hand to push their lower halfs closer together while still rubbing Vegeta's tail.

Things had began heating up quick and the Prince had begun grinding himself against the taller Saiyan.. Goku nuzzled his mate's stomach, purring loudly. Chuckling Vegeta lifted his lover's head and begun to kiss the other passionatly, nipping at his lips coaxing him to open his mouth and fight for dominance. While in the midst of their make out session, Vegeta had started to excreate an intoxicating sent, this sent made Goku's movements feverent and unrelenting. Flooding Goku's senses he pulled away, looking down at Vegeta, smiling.

Smirking childishly he attacked the other's neck, sucking, nipping and licking causing the other to moan loudly.

"Nya-ah hah, Kakarot!" Vegeta moaned gasping loudly, he began to grind his pelvis against Goku's, causing the other to growl. Licking his lips Vegeta wrapped his legs around Goku bringing them closer and the friction to increase. No being able to hold back any longer, Goku ripped all their clothes off, desperate to feel the other's skin against his own. When naked he pressed himself closer, their now unclothed arousals pressing against eachother delicously.

"Take me Kakarot, now. I need you inside me" Vegeta gasped out throwing his head back, rocking himself against Goku. Goku not wanting to disapoint his lover sucked on three of his fingers, he watched as Vegeta began moving quicker. Deeming his fingers slick enoughy Goku brought his fingers to the prince's twitching puckered entrance, he circled the ring of muscle before plunging his index finger inside.

Gasping at the new intrusion,Vegeta arched his back in painful pleasure, pressing himself down in the inturding appendage. When Goku had begun to move his finger in and out, carassing the latter's inner walls, Vegeta moaned at the sensation wrapping his tail around the hand thrusting in and out of him encourging the other to give him more. Soon Goku added another finger, than the last one, sissoring his fingers, stretching his love for something much larger. Suddenly he hit something deep inside Vegeta, that made him buck into the other's fingers, arching his back moaning loudly, begging for more.

"K-Kakarot!" Vegeta gasped as Goku hit his spot again and again. Vegeta was thrashing around in pleasure, rabidly reaching his release.

When Goku had removed his fingers Vegeta whimpered at the loose.

Grabbing his now completely hardened impressive length, Goku positioned himself at Vegeta's entrance then forcefully thrusted in sheathing himslef all at once in the tight heat.

"Damn 'Geta y-your so tight" Goku groaned at the delishious tight heat enveloping his cock. He stilled his movements waiting to his lover to adjust to his girth, not wanting to hurt him. Vegeta began to pant, waiting to adjust to the new intrusion. Goku began to stroke his face trying to calm him down. Vegeta responded my girating his hips trying to get the larger man to move finally used to his lover's size. Taking the hint Goku pulled out slowly, leaving nothing but the head of his cock inside, then thrusting harshly inside. Unknowingly Goku hit Vegeta's prostate head on, causing the other to dig his nails into his back, drawing blood, moaning loudly and throwing his head back in pleasure.

"There. Right there!' Vegeta practically screamed. Gripping Vegeta's hips, Goku positioned his hips and began thrusting at a steady pace. As they reached closer to their release Goku's thrusting got faster and harder, hitting Vegeta's prostate each time making him a moaning, writhing mess. As they continued their presute to completion each thrust bringing them closer to the edge, grunting and moaning out their pleasure.

"Kakarot!" Vegeta shouted arching his back and toppling over the edge, releasing his seed over both their chests in a mind blowing orgasim. Feeling Vegeta clamp down on his length proved to much for the younger saiyan as he released his essance inside the other, collapsing on him trying to regain his breath. Finally the two found sleep.

Goku woke up to the smell of food in the house and Trunks giggling. Getting up slowly Goku suddenly felt his stomach to a flip. Shocked he looked down at his stomach, resting his hand on the slight bump. He felt it again, but this time he also felt the cub's ki flutuate in time with the movement. Excited Goku ran out of his room and down te stairs.

Vegeta had finished making breakfast and just finished setting the table when Goku ran into the kitchen smiling madly. Vegeta looked confused for a moment, so Goku grabbed his hand and put it on his stomach. Even more confused Vegeta looked down at his hand, he was about to question Goku, that was until he felt it. The cub was moving and his ki responded accordingly. Goku smiled at Vegeta's shocked look, he pulled away to get Trunks so he could feel too. When the cub felt it his eyes shone with pure glee. When everyone had their fill of feeling the unborn cub moving they began to eat.

After everyone ate they all sat down on the couch, Trunks got up to show his dad how well he was able to fight. Vegeta smirked proudly down at his son and his improvement. Goku watches proudly aswell, Trunks was like his own son and to see him to excell at such a young age made him extatic. His cub seemed to agree aswell as he squirmed and kicked inside him. It kind of tickles him. Goku grabbed Vegeta's hand and placed it on his stomach once again. Vegeta smiled as he still watched his son preform for him.

Goku is now 6 months pregnat. His stomach prodrudes quite a bit now. The unborn cub moves alot and Goku takes comfort in the sometimes painful kicks that his cub is healthy and happy. Trunks is getting better at controling his ki now. He's even more protective over the unborn cub now, sometimes he growls at Gohan, seeing him as a threat. What's even more suprising is that Piccolo spit up an egg a few weeks ago and Gohan now takes care of it. Unfortunatly though ChiChi had gotten angry and kicked Gohan out, this time though Goku destroyed her new house that the OxKing had rebuilt. Needless to say Chichi had yet to come back. Today seemed to be no different Gohan was in the living room watching the egg that laid in a small basanet. Trunks was playing on the floor. Goku and Vegeta were cuddling on the couch with their hands on Goku's baby bump.

"He sure is strong" Vegeta said amused at the little one's kicks. Goku chuckled.

"Yea, sometimes they even hurt me" Vegeta nuzzled Goku and leaned down to place a kiss on his stomach. In respose the cub squirmed causing Goku and Vegeta to laugh.

"Dad?" Gohan looked at his father from where he was sitting on the ground next to the egg.

"Yes Gohan?" Goku rubbed his stomach lovingly as he looked over to his son, Vegeta layed his head softly on his stomach accationaly kissing it or nuzzling it.

"C-can I tell you something?" Gohan looked at the ground blushing.

"What's wrong son?" Goku cocked his head to the side questioningly. Gohan gulped and put his hand on the egg.

"T-this egg. I-it's mine and Piccolo's" Gohan looked over to his father who only smiled at him. "it was all my fault though. I-I was having problems. Y-you know, down there. I was too embarrased to ask you. He helped me and said it was normal." Vegeta began to chuckle only to be slapped playfully by Goku. "Then Piccolo spit the egg out a few hours later. Dad I'm so sorry!" Gohan once again bowed his head.

"Hey now, don't cry. I knew, the egg smells like you Gohan. It's ok, Me and Vegeta just waited for you to tell us" Gohan snapped his head up unbeleivingly, then he smiled and got up to hug his father, only to be growled at by Trunks. Chuckling Gohan sat back down next to his egg.

A knock was heard at the door, Gohan got up and let Piccolo inside. Gohan picked the egg up and sat down on one of the love seats, Piccolo sat next to him.

Soon everyone began talking and laughing. Trunks fell asleep on the floor on his blanket. A sudden crackling causes everyone to go silent and stare at the egg.

The egg began to crack and soon a little green hand emerged, the rest of the egg colapsing. That's when they saw the new Namekian baby boy, with a mess a black hair on his little head, framing his face and anteni. The new addintion to the family opened his eyes cooing when he saw his mother and father, reaching out for Gohan. Smiling Gohan cuddled the little one close. Piccolo took out his jug of water and motioned for Gohan to cradle him in his arms. The little boy was now facing his father as said Namekian put the jug to his lips. The babe grabbed the jug and drank until he was full, burping when the jug was pulled from his lips and put away.

"What are we going to call him?" Gohan looked up at Piccolo who blushed purple then turned his head.

"How about that name you always liked Gohan?" Goku suggested.

"Shinji?" Gohan looked down at his little boy who smiled brightly at him. "Shinji! That's your name. Do you like it?" Gohan lifted Shinji into the air, the baby began to giggle happily. Piccolo smirked at the two, and stood up reaching his arms out to hold the new born. One in his father's arms Shinji began to giggle again.

"Dad, would you mind if i lived with Piccolo in the look out for a while?" Gohan looked over to his father. Goku smiled, understanding and nodded, getting up to hug his son and look at his new grandson before seeing the three head off. Goku headed back to the couch as Vegeta took Trunks uptairs to bed. When he returned Goku was talking to his stomach.

"Everyone here is so excited to see you, you know?" he giggled. "I wonder what you'll be like little one. I hope you grow strong and do as your heart desires. I can't wait to show you the world, to train with you. I can't wait for you too meet your Papa, my mate, and little Trunks who already loves you dearly." Goku began to hum, a saiyan lullaby that Vegeta had taught him. Vegeta sat down next to Goku, putting an arm around him and his free hand on his stomach rubbing with Goku as he too began to hum the lullaby. Soon both headed to bed. As soon as Goku laid down Vegeta crawled on top of him. Pushing his training gi shirt above his stomach. Vegeta nestled himself inbetween his legs as he places a hand on each side, Goku's tail wrapped around his arm stroking it affectionatly bringing his face down to kiss the growing cub and nuzzle Goku's stomach lovingly.

Now that Goku neared his due date, 8 and 1/2 months in the pregnacy, he began making a nest of sorts, which happened to be made of Vegeta's clothes, or anything soft that carried his sent. Vegeta had tried to get his clothes back, but all he had gotten was Goku to growl and hiss at him for trying. Yet the younger saiyan was overly affectionate and submisive, let alone horny, they went at it like rabbits most of the time. Bulma had to take Trunks to Capsule Corp and take care of him until the baby was born.

Vegeta was laying down in the pile of his clothes Goku had made, cuddling his mate close. Goku nuzzled closer, burrying his head into the elder's chest. Vegeta smiled running a hand through Goku's soft hair, rubbing his scalp every now and again, earning a sigh to escape the sleeping saiyan. Smiiling softly Vegeta laid his head on his mate's, Goku smiled in his sleep nuzzling closer, if possible.

The peacful scene didn't last long, for Goku jumped up whimpering in pain, holding his swollen stomach. Vegeta sat up looking at Goku.

"G-Geta, I think it's time" Goku said looking up at his mate. Vegeta nodded and rushed out of the room, gathering warm water a towel and a senzu bean. As Vegeta got the supplies Goku propped himself against a wall trying to breathe evenly. When Vegeta came back Goku's water broke, the fluid pooling around him. Vegeta rushed over, setting everything down close to them. Vegeta pulled Goku's pants and underwear off, then spread his legs to get a veiw of what was going on.

Goku's whimpers had turned into screams, Vegeta did all he could to soothe the saiyan, rubbing his stomach, peppering his face in kisses, anything he could think of. Vegeta checked on the progress, Goku's hole had dialeted, Vegeta could begin to see the head, but Goku was bleeding, horribly so.

Goku's contractions soon became meshed together, he barely got a break, all he knew was that he wanted, no needed to push. Hours had passed and Goku's labor became more and more painful, he had been at it for 10 hours overall now.

"Kakarot, your going to need to start pushing now. I know it hurts but we need to get the cub out ok?" Goku nodded, his tear stained face scruntched up in pain. "On the count of three I want you to push" Goku nodded again, so Vegeta began to count. "Three, Push!" Goku contacted his muscled pushing as hard as he could screaming. Vegeta saw the head begin to crown as more blood rushed out of Goku. "again Kakarot, push!" He screamed again, the head was halfway out now. "Push!" Goku sensing the urgancy pushed and kept on pushing the cub out. When the cub's head broke free, his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, Vegeta cut it with a Ki blast freeing the newborn. Soon the cub began crying and Vegeta pulled him the rest of the way out. Goku was panting, out of breath and exhasted. Blood was everywere, and all over the crying cub, Goku lifted his head as Vegeta held to cub up for his mother to get a good look. Smiling weakly Goku reached out for his cub, Vegeta handed the newborn over grabbing the senzu bean and feeding Goku the magical healing bean. Goku recovered and craddled the blood covered cub close. The newborn cryed and cryed, Goku was confused as he rocked the boy soothingly whispering to him. The it hit him, his little boy was hungry. Acting on instict he lifted his shirt exposing his chest. The cub emediatly latched onto his nipple suckling softly feeding for the first time, Goku gasped at the new feeling, blushing as he watched his son.

"I-I didn't know I could-could" Goku studderd embarised still blushing and in shock.

"Breast feed?" Vegeta smiled finishing his sentance. Goku nodded as ge contiued to watch the cub feed.

Once his belly was full Goku handed his little one to Vegeta to give him a bath as Goku redressed and cleaned up the floor. Once his bath was finished the cub began to cry again. Goku rushed over grabbing his newborn, craddling him close.

"Shhh shhh sh, it's ok little one, mommy is here it's alright now" Goku whispered as he looked over his new son, he had the same mess of hair as he did, but the back was longer. He had the same facial features too, just more feminan. Goku smiled as he placed his son on the changing table and dressed him in his diaper and a blue onesy with a cap, similar to Trunks' except with a ball on top.

Vegeta dumped the bloody water as Goku dressed the cub. He returned to find Goku sitting on Trunks's bed holding the cub close. The cub's dark redish brown tail wrapped around his mother's arm. Vegeta sat next to him.

"What are you going to name him?" Vegeta asked. Goku looked up smiling and handing the cub to Vegeta. The cub was small, smaller than most. Vegeta craddled the cub as his tail wrapped around his arm, recognizing Vegeta as his father, the prince smiled down to cub.

"Maybe Bardock?" Goku suggested looking at the cub who began to whimper."I guess not that, maybe Bardon?" whimpering again. "Hmmm" Goku was deep in thought going over all the saiyan names Vegeta had told him, then he remembered one. "Goten?" the cub began to smile. "Then Goten it is! Your name is Goten Bardock Son. Do you like that little one?" the cub reached up as Goku offered his tail to the little one. Goten took it happily and suckled on it like one would a pacifier. Goku giggled, it tickled him. Vegeta watched his mate and the cub smiling. Vegeta handed Goten back to Goku, getting up to call Bulma and the others (ie Gohan and Piccolo) to tell them the news.

As Vegeta left Goku watched his son. Goten was sucking on his mother's tail as his own tail wrapped around his mother's arm. Goten looked up at his mother with his big brown eyes lovingly. Goku got up and walked down stairs to sit on the couch.

Vegeta had just hung up, Bulma was heading over now with Trunks. Seeing his mate on the couch Vegeta went to join him, wrapping an arm around Goku's shoulders watching the cub.

In about 2 hours everyone including Piccolo, Gohan and Shinji had come to their house, Goten was now asleep and Trunks sat in Vegeta's lap watching Goten intently. Everyone talked in hushed whispers as they cooed over the new addition, congradulatung Goku and Vegeta. They all got to meet little Shinji too, who was sleeping in Piccolo's arms. Shinji had woken up first, crying for his mother to hold him, this resulted in little Goten screaming. Gohan had taken his own son but Goten was still crying, loudly at that. Goku in an attempt to calm the startled cub, craddled him close to his heart hoping the steady beat would lull the cub back to sleep. No such luck though as he kept on crying.

"Goten!" Trunks said reaching out, Vegeta curious scooted closer, bribing Trunks as close as possible to the cub. Trunks put his hand on Goten's forehead, petting his hair lightly. This caused Goten to look up at Trunks still crying. Dark brown eyes bet curcealin blue, both gazing at eachother. Trunks moved his tail infront of the cub, who gladly gripped the appendage. Goten finally stopped crying as he sucked on his thumb.

Everyone was shocked, Trunks had stopped Goten's wailing doing nothing more than offering him his tail to hold. Goku and Vegeta smiled at eachother then removed Trunks' tail from Goten's suprisingly strong grip, replacing it with Goku's own tail. After that the rest of the day went by smoothly. Soon Bulma left but Gohan, Shini and Piccolo left. The family stayed together, talking or just enjoying eachothers' company until late into the night.