Chapter 7

"I don't want to go back.." Goten sighed, pouting at Trunks. Trunks pulled him against hid chest on the bed. Goten snuggled closer draping his tail over their waists as Trunks wrapped his around Goten's.

"I know i don't either, but we hafta." Trunks responded running his hand through his lover's ebony locks, kissing his forhead. Goten smiled as he smuggles closer purring loudly, Trunks held him tighter purring in response. Trunks began to rub Goten's back lovingly, inhaling his sent. Trunks moaned inwardly as Goten's intoxicating sent began to arouse him. Trunks tried to contain himself, willing his erection to dicipate. As Goten recived his massage he got even closer, wiggling around until one of his thighs was placed between Trunks' legs. And as he moved his thigh rubbed against his mate's growing erection. Trunks bit back a moan as Goten's thigh rubbed agaisnt him. In response Trunks' hands moved lower to the base of Goten's tail, stroking the furry appendage softly. Goten mewled out pressing closer, if he didint feel his lover's arousal he sure did now. Trunks smirked as he felt Goten equaly hard, flipping them both over. Goten blushed as his tail twitched nervously, he looked up at Trunks. The Saiyan prince smirked down at his mate, he leaned down kissing Goten passionatly. Goten moaned as Trunks began to play with his nipples, and Trunks used this to slip his tounge into Goten's mouth, playing and dancig around his lover's tounge. Arching up in pleasure, Goten mistakenly brought their clothes erections together creating friction and te both of them to pull away gasping at the pleasure they felt. Reaching up the younger saiyan wrapped his arms around the young Prince's neck, as his legs hooked around the elder's waist bringig their erections closer. Goten threw his head back as Trunks began rubbing the base of his tail and nipping at his mating scar.

"T-Trunks! A-Ahah!" Goten writhed under Trunks' onsluaght. Trunks smirked as he pulled away to take Goten's sleep shirt off, then going back to lavishing his love's neck with nips, kisses and sucking at the scar. He began to move down to his nipples pinching and rolling one between his fingers as he took the other into his mouth teasing and sucking the nub until it was hard and red, then be switched as tortured their twin. The entire time Goten was moaning out Trunks' name, writhing and mewling, purring from the intense pleasure.

"Nya-hah Ah! T-Tru-na!" Goten began to grind himself against Trunks. This caused to pull away growling out in pleasure. Trunks looked down at his little lover longingly as he dove back down to steal the other's breath away with an intense and passionate kiss. Goten pulled away cluthing Trunks close.

"P-please Trunks!" Trunks pulled both of their sleep pants and boxers off, grabbing both of their erections he began to pump his hand up and down, twisting every now and again and sqeezing their cocks closer together intesifieing their pleasure. Goten was done for, he became a moaning and writhing mess as he artched off of the bed, screaming his mate's name as he came, Trunks followed soon after growling out Goten's name.

Trunks laid his forhead against Goten's gasping trying to catch his breath as Goten smiled breathing heavily. Goten's tail wrapped around Trunks' thigh, gripping tightly as Goten blushed brightly and bit his lower lip. Trunks reached a hand up to caress Goten's face leaning down kissing his forhead.

"Mmmn Trunks..." Goten turned his head gulping as his tail tightened against Trunks, his own tail wrapping around Goten's rubbing soothingly against the furry appendage as he caressed his face. Goten leaned into the touch moaning as he thrust his hips upwards, connecting both of their unsaited arousals. Trunks looked at his mate seriously.

"Goten, love. Are you sure baby?" Trunks caressed Goten's face, Goten only bit his lip blushing a brighter shade of red as he nodded as his love sparkled in his eyes, Trunks smiled. "Ok chibi, but if it hurts too much or if you get to nervous I'll stop. Ok baby?" Trunks smiled down as Goten nodded smiling back. Trunks began strooling their arousals together slowly. Goten moane loudly as he spread his leg as far as they'd go, his nails scratching Trunks' back drawing blood. Trunks moaned at the pain as he pulled away to look at Goten fully. His little lover was spralled out for him legs spread wide, his entrance twitching along with his tail that not laid across his stomach, his eyes half lidded and dazed, his chest rising and falling rapidly as his hands laid above his head submissiely. Trunks licked his lips as he grabbed the back of Goten's thighs lifting his ass up into the air as he bent down tasting the boy's entrance. Goten's eyes widened as Trunks began probing his entrance with his tounge tasting him from the inside out. Trunks' tounge caressed his insides as Goten artched almost coming just from the stimulation. Trunks pulled away as he used his fingers to open his lover up. First he used one finger as he lowered Goten down. Goten gasped at the intrusion but quickly got used to it as he began to moan out in pleasure, soon another finger followed and then a third. Goten's tail was wrapped around Trunks' arm as he thrusted his fingers in and out as Goten moaned wantonly. Trunks pulled his fingers out as Goten protested loudly.

"Trunks please! I-I n-need you! Inside me! Please!" Goten whined as Trunks lined his massive erection up to Goten's entrance. The Prince intwined one of their hands and their tails together as he quickly sheethed himself inside Goten's tight heaven. Goten shouted out as he wrapped his legs tighter around Trunks and his free hand scraped down his back leaving red welts. Tears sprung to his eyes as Trunks stilled peppering kisses all over his mate's face waiting for Goten to respond. Goten finally no longer feeling any pain shifted slightly, as he did the blunt head of Trunks' lenght brushed against a bundle of nerves causing him to arch and gasp out. Trunks looked down suprised at his little lover's actions. Goten looked up to his prince and nodded signaling Trunks it was ok to move. Trunks took it slow as he withdrew, leaving only the head of his cock inside before thrusting back in lovingly hitting Goten's prostate head on. Goten purred and moaned at the same time spurring Trunks to continue. Trunks kept his slow sensual pace drawing out it moan and quiver from his lover, watching as Goten writhed from the pleasure and felt his body mold against his own. Almost all too soon Goten came calling out his Mate's name, Trunks following him not to long after. Still their arousal had yet to deminish. They shifted positions Goten now sat in Trunks' lap as the younger's tail wrapped around the prince's arm. Trunks wrapped his tail around Goten's waist as his hands rested on his hips, thrusting harshly into Goten, penetrating much deeper. Goten's cries got louder as Trunks went faster and harder. They went at it for hours, changing positions, Goten always spilling himself first onto their stomachs and Trunks following, releasing his seed inside his mate. After a while the two were finally saited, laying in eachothers' arms as they dirfted off to sleep.