Capping the thermos, Danny let out a heavy sigh. 'Finally I can relax.' Danny thought to himself.

"DANNY!" He turned to see everyone running at him with Sam in the front.

"GUYS!" Danny yelled as he caught her in a tight embrace and kissed her passionately. Breaking after a few moments for air, they pressed their foreheads together as everyone else arrived. Both of his parents and even the Manson's gave him a hug and a pat on the back. Tucker wrapped his arm around his best friend's shoulders and Jazz gave her brother a hug.

"Way to go man! You took Walker down!"

"Nice job little bro."

"Thanks guys but you should thank Carter too. I couldn't have done this without him." Danny told them as Carter now no longer a flaming skeleton walked over to the group smoking one of his cigarettes.

"No need to thank me, I was just doing what I do." Danny turned to his uncle and held out his hand.

"No I do need to thank you. I would never have found another way to defeat Walker and save my family and friends without help. So thank you for everything." Carter smiled and took Danny's hand in his own.

"Well we should get you all back to the main land. Think you can get us all there Danny?" Carter asked. Danny transformed and created an orb of ecto energy around everyone and flew them off the island. When they landed, Danny released his hold on the orb causing it to dissipate and transformed back to his human form.

"Well were finally here Tuck. Only we don't have the RV." Sam said to Tucker who still wasn't use to flying.

"Oh I wouldn't say that...(Whistle)!"

The next thing everyone knew, Nightmare came galloping down the street pulling the Fenton RV.

"Now you can get it fixed for when you head home." Carter said as he detached Nightmare from the RV.

"So back to San Venganza for you, right." Danny said as Carter mounted his horse.

"Got to, I'm the only thing that keeps all the bound souls there at peace. But I will be watching you all, the Ghost Rider never forgets those he protects." And with that Carter and Nightmare transformed. But before he rode off he turned to Danny. "See ya around, nephew." And with that Nightmare stood up on his back legs and speed off with the moon over the two disappearing in a puff of black smoke.

Danny turned to his family and friends.

"Well heck of a start to a vacation. Now lets enjoy the rest of it."

Two weeks later...

It was a stormy afternoon in Amity Park, and Danny and his friends were hold up at Fenton Works until the storm passed. They were in his room watching some movies when his mom called.

"Danny could you come down here please!" His mom shouted from the family room.

Getting up he, Sam, and Tucker headed down stairs and noticed a package on the coffee table. Looking at it, Danny saw it was addressed to him.

"Who's it from?" Danny asked as he picked it up. At that time his dad and sister had come in.

"I don't know, all it says is it's for you. There was a knock at the door, but when I opened it up no one was there and this was on the front step." His mom told him.

Danny set the package on his lap and opened it up. Inside was a black leather box about the size of a jewelry box for a necklace. On it was a small lock and a key already inside. Turning and unlocking it, Danny opened the box and pulled out a scroll. Everyone was confused until Danny saw a note that was under the scroll. Taking it out he read it out for everyone.

"Dear Nephew,

Right now your probably wondering what your holding. Well I decided that the safest place to hide the Contract of San Venganza was with family, you in particular. I here by entrust the protection of the Contract to you. I know you'll do good.

Uncle Carter"

Danny looked at the scroll in his hand. 'The Contract of San Venganza...I will keep it safe Uncle Carter, I promise.'

Under the tree where Danny and Sam shared their official first kiss as a couple, Carter looked at the Fenton Works building that he was at only a few moments ago. Smiling he mounted Nightmare and rode off into the rain. The Contract had a new keeper, and now he could leave San Venganza and ride off to anywhere that evil threatened the innocent. Transforming he rode off, ready to fight evil.

The Ghost Rider has Returned and his nephew had helped bring the rider back to the worlds.