It's a Monday at school…

"Class please turn to chapter 12 and start reading and then your homework to night is to read chapter 12-14 and then write a summary about ALL of the chapter's and how you would feel from Screltt's point of view" Arias AP English teacher said.

Aria's pov:

"aria" a voice said

no it isn't him Oscar lives in Iceland I thought to herself before turning around

"Oscar wwhat are you doing here in Rosewood?" Aria asked puzzled but trying to force a smile on his face

"I'm doing a forenghin exhange student progam and I say rosewood as a opition and I thought of you" Oscar said taking a step closer to Aria

Noels POV:

I can't belive I got ticket to this artgallery arias going to love it and me even more, Noel thought to himself with a smirk on his face whil walking to His English class with Mason Byers."whos that guy with aria" mason asked." "I don't know" noel said slightly Jealous aria was talking to someother guy.

Arias Pov:

"It was nice seeing you, but I have to get to my English class toi'll see you around" Aria said wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. "Wait are you in room 132?" Oscar asked hopeful. "yeah I am…" aria replied. "well then we can walk together" Oscar said geastung towards the hall. "I'm sorry but I have have to go do something so I'll just see you in there okay?" Aria said. "umm okay" Oscar said disapointend. Aria went back to her locker then counted to five then went to her class.

"Nice of you to join us , and since you were the last to join us you can read us your summary for Chapter 12-14 on Scrarlett Doyle" Arias English teacher said

Damn it sometime she can be a real Bitch! Aria thought to her self " I would be happy to" aria replied in a smartass voice. "In chapter 12 Scralett was exposed for what she really was and that was a Home-wrecking "slut" in what we could call it in today, and through chapters 13 and 14 she kept on trying to have people for give herself but no one did because she was a "slut"." Aria said

" since you add a few words I would like you to compare that between a real life situation" Arias ap teacher said

"well one example of a slut in our generation is when someone sleeps around with every person they see or when someone sleeps with someone's husband or wife and their partner finds out and then that destroys their family because that person couldn't keep it on their pants. How about that for a answer?" aria replied tring to hold back a smirk, and staring to walk back to her sit.

"Well since you want to be sucha smartass today you can write a 5 page essay about being polite" Arias Ap English teacher said

" Why should I have to write a essay just because I answered your quewstiosn and gaved two "real life sistuion" and I converted some of the words in our generation words" aria replied annoyed

"now it's a six page essay" her teacher said

aria giggled to her self she knew she wasn't backing down from this fight " I'm not writing that essay because I did NOTHING wrong I answered your question and just because you didn't like it you can't make me write a essay about being polite and I was on time I wasn't even late" ( paused)

Overcome: Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings,Emily Fields, Hanna Marin to the presable office

Aria walked out really pissed off and annoyed by how rude her teacher is

"aria wait" hanna called after her

Aria paused letting her friends catch up to her

"what was that about!" Spencer said

"she's trying to bully me into doing something that I don't desever!" aria said piss off

They reached the princeables office