Spark padded down the hall, toward the room He Katniss and Effie had visited the previous day. He walked silently into the room, where Portia lay , asleep. He walked closer, stood beside the bed. She was smiling, her eyelids fluttering in some kind of happy dream . He whimpered, and gave a sigh. She was safe . That's all he really cared about. The two people he loved most, Portia and Katniss, were safe.

" Cinna" Portia said sleepily, "I love you"

Spark smiled and sat at the foot of the bed, being careful not to step onto her injured leg. He lay as he'd done earlier, guarding Portia this time. He listened to her peaceful breathing, her occasional work. her hand found his head, and she began stroking it.

He rested his head on her chest, and the gentle thumping of her heart made him content.

It could never be the same, as it had been. He would have to tell them somehow. Show Portia and Katniss his true identity. Someday, somehow, but not now. Now he would just be Spark, the loyal friend, the proud dog to lick away their tears and growl away the nightmares. Just Spark, for now. Just Spark.