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Symphony of Souls: A Collection of Romantic One-Shots

FrozenAbyssShipping: Kyurem/Kyogre


Kyogre sighed, and looked up. The whale gijinka was tired of being alone at the bottom of his abyss. He paced around, the light ocean water splashing at his feet, the salt forming crystals around the area. The soft waves ebbed and flowed around him. His cerulean hair flowing down with red highlights in an off pattern, his robe of Darker blue and a crimson lining.

He held an orb in his hand, but the company of the gem wasn't enough for him. Like a wave, he ebbed and flowed, his decisions always changing. The tide was about to change, and once more he would be lost in the darkness of water, only his thoughts on his mind. The Hoenn tranches have started to get lonely, maybe he needs to go towards colder shores again.

He knew where he needed to go, a tropical paradise surrounded by freezing waters. Where glaciers formed after you leave the town's bay, he needed to visit someone. So, like a wave, ebbing and flowing, he slowly made his way towards the town. The coral and kelp accompanying him in his journey, the salty taste of his home never leaving his delicate taste buds.

He made his way from the water, ignoring the gasps of people around him. It started to rain, then into a typhoon, but it didn't matter, as the sonic winds was just a soothing lullaby to him. Soft music notes tripped and tumbled down the current of life, and the soft blaring of trumpets and the other powerful instruments that soon followed; it soon started bringing a crescendo to the town, the chaotic winds bringing a powerful melody that only Kyo could understand.

It followed him in his head as he made his way down the coast, ignoring the gasps and poke balls being thrown at him. He was a wave; he was only loyal to one. The one who he could call his ocean. Though he's been alive for a long time, he only had the look of a seventeen year old; such is the way for a legendary Pokémon.

He made his way down steps, and to a bridge overlooking a forest in a feared chasm. He started to walk towards the edge, where the water simply carried him down; a soft wave gave him a nudge as he entered a cave where a girl wept. She had bluish-gray hair, and a simple dress of gray with a yellow bow. Her gold eyes matched Kyo's, and water started to surround them.

"K-kyo?" She asked between sobs

"Yes Kyurem."

"Why have you come?" She asked him.

"I wanted to see you." He replied to her in a reassuring voice. Everyone hated her, everyone but him. He extended his hand, and she took it. The two were like a wave, they needed each other, besides how the flow of their lives where. Hey crashed, and ebbed along the shore of life, still trying to escape the ocean of reality. So they could eternally be with each other. Just a wave that wanted let go.

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