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Kenai and Koda were sound asleep in a cave that they chose to sleep in for the night. It's been half a month since the great spirits transformed Kenai into a bear, and he had become not only friends but brothers with Koda.

Three human hunters were standing outside the cave with spears and ropes. One of these hunters tied the rope into a loop, and they tossed it at Koda's hind paw, and it got a tight grip on there. The hunters dragged Koda away from Kenai, Koda then woke up after he got bumped on his head by a tiny rock that was in the way of where he was being dragged. Koda woke up to notice what was going on and started screaming.

"Kenai! Kenai! Kenai! Kenaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii! Kenaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii!" Kenai then woke up to hear Koda's screaming and saw what those hunters were doing to him.

"Koda!" Kenai ran towards where the hunters were and grabbed Koda away from them and roared so loud that it made them drop their hunting spears and the rope that was holding Koda. Kenai then snapped the rope with his teeth and took Koda back into the cave.

As soon as they were in the cave again, Koda started crying, and started hugging Kenai really tight. Kenai returned the hug and stroked Koda's back and said Shh to calm down his scared little brother.

"Koda, Koda, Shh, it's okay. The hunters are gone now, they're not gonna hurt you anymore"

"Kenai, I was so scared, I thought they were gonna take me away from you"

"Koda, that's not gonna happen. Because you're my brother, and I love my brother too much to let a couple of hunters take and kill you"

"Kenai, what if that way you. I'm scared now, I don't want us to be separated ever" Kenai got a little bit scared as well after hearing all of what Koda had to say, he would be sad too if a hunter tried to kidnap him and separate him from his brother, and the best one he ever had. Koda kept crying into Kenai's shoulder and he couldn't stop either, what happened to him just a few minutes ago nearly scarred his heart for life. Kenai kept stroking the fur on Koda's back and hummed a soothing lullaby to calm him down.

"Go to sleep Koda"

"I can't, not after what just happened" Koda sobbed, with a calmer tone and he stopped crying, but he still had a few sobs left in him.

"Sleeping makes everything better Koda, just sleep. Just close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and lay your troubled mind to rest" Koda then closed his bloodshot eyes that was a result from all the crying, and inhaled and exhaled a couple times. After all that he fell asleep in Kenai's arms with a smile on his face.

Kenai only smiled to see his little brother look so peaceful. He didn't want to disturb his sleepy brother so he slept with Koda in his arms for the rest of the night.

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