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Severus Snape walked into the courtoom, fully aware of the trial that had been going on for him while he'd been recovering at St. Mungo's. Like most prisoners of Azkaban, he was dressed in greying rags, and looked as though he were losing his sanity, although the latter was far from the truth. He scanned the crowd, looking to see who all had come to watch him get sentenced to certain death. A few were here as reporters, but he was honestly surprised at how many were here otherwise.

Not that he'd show this shock, especially since Harry Bloody Potter was in the courtroom, as well as his sidekick Granger. To his initial shock, Weasley wasn't in appearance, although his only sister was, as well as one of the twins – he had no idea which, but another shock came as he saw no twin beside him. Most of the faces were recognizable as his students from different points in time. He had no doubt they'd all have nothing good to say, although the Granger girl kept her hand on her purse for some strange reason. Still, he had protected all his students as best he could the previous year of school, and even took a few Cruciatus curses from followers of both sides of the fence.

One person in particular stood out to him – a twenty year old female dressed in the purest pastel pink, with dark purple waistband (or was it something Muggle related?) and her clothes and aura seemed to radiate innocence, honesty, and naivety, just as they always had. She was one person he'd recognize anywhere, aside from Potter, and she was the only one of her kind.

He could have sworn that she'd forgotten about him after three and a half years of not writing to him, even after he'd saved her life numerous times over the years. She was probably the only person, aside from Potter, that he'd have to rescue as many times as he did. The week after she'd graduated, he knew the war was coming, so he went to hide her as best he could abroad, and hadn't heard from her since, not until now. He hadn't even known she was coming, let alone what she would say. He only hoped it was good. Suddenly, he was sitting down, and swallowing his fears repeatedly. His stomach was twisting knots and he could barely hear what the horrible toad was saying in front of him.

Dolores Umbridge – pah! A toad of a woman who got what she deserved!

"I'd like to speak on his behalf, if that's alright," he heard, and in a minute his fears had somehow melted away at the sound of her voice. He felt the faintest glimmer of hope rise in his chest, as her voice had not yet been hostile.

"Very well," Umbridge conceded. "Since the bastard himself can't talk."

"Thank you, Undersecretary Umbridge," she said kindly, but a mad twinkle in her eyes was hidden to the woman, but not to Snape, that simply screamed revenge was coming. Snape was immediately filled with dread as he was dragged to the side and she took his place.

"State your name, affiliation, and house," Umbridge spoke, "As well as your lineage."

"Of course," she said smiling, but stopped the man who was going to give her the Veritaserum. To everyone's initial shock, even Umbridge's and Snape's, she downed the whole bottle of it.

"Your name?" Umbridge stammered, and she smiled.

"Chessie Runeko Fukui," she said smiling, "Member of the Order of the Phoenix, and of the Slytherin house in Hogwarts, graduated the year you taught, if I recall correctly. Harry Potter was fifteen at the time."

"Was Severus Snape a Death Eater?" Umbridge asked, and Chessie smiled.

"Severus Snape was a spy for Headmaster Dumbledore," she said proudly, "Headmaster Dumbledore told me himself, with Professor Snape in the room, as well as Remus Lupin as witness."

"Remus Lupin is dead," Umbridge spat. "And good riddance to the mutant."

"Remus Lupin was a better man than most others in the Gryffindor," Chessie fumed. "He was a hell of a better man than James Bloody Potter ever could have hoped to be!"

Snape's eyebrows shot up at this, as well as a ripple of confusion at what was going on. How had she known the Marauders?

"And what makes you say that? Snape's memories?" Dolores asked grinning like a fat cat.

"Lupin's, and Sirius Black's," she said confidently, "I saw all of their memories from their schooldays, even the ones of the full moon. Potter would have let Professor Snape die if he and Black wouldn't have gone to Azkaban for it, and Lupin not have been under the threat of the death penalty for what he was. He said so himself, they both did. Lupin was just too scared at the time to stand up for himself because of his Lycanthropy secret. However, that is not why we're here, is it, Professor Umbridge?"

"No," she conceded, "Now, you said he was a spy. For which side?"

"He spied for both, however this was his main duty as a spy for the light," Chessie explained, "He would relay information, minor information and only major when Headmaster Dumbledore permitted it, in order to keep you-know-who from killing him. Which, in the end, the bastard tried so anyways, but that's beside the point. My point is, Dumbledore wrote me a letter – I still have it, mind you – explaining that he was planning on Professor Snape killing him since it would put you-know-who out in the open more and put Harry Potter in a position to lead the side of the light. He also explained that Professor Snape had been trying to save him, all year, from dying from a curse on his arm that was spreading. If you don't believe me, ask Headmaster Dumbledore's portrait."

"You seem protective of him," Umbridge sneered. "Why is that?"

"I owe him my life," Chessie said honestly, "Both of them. They've saved my life probably as many times, if not more, than the number of times they saved Potter's."

"Do you have any evidence?" she asked, and Chessie shot Umbridge a smile that was eerily close to a sneer.

"Oh, I'm under the effects of Veritaserum, and you're questioning my honesty? Well, I can see how much you value justice, ma'am," she said sugar-coating her sarcasm, which Umbridge didn't catch. "If I recall correctly, you used a Blood Quill, on students, while on school grounds, and on Harry Potter, no less! But, I digress, I do, have a number of cases where he saved my hide. However, I'm afraid that it's a very long story."

"We've got time," Umbridge smiled evilly.

"Translation: the more you talk, the longer he survives," Chessie said tartly. "I get it. To be honest, I'm not sure he even remembers me. He most definitely did not know I was coming, or even that I was still alive. I haven't contacted him since he most recently saved my life to my knowledge."

"The story," Umbridge said coldly, her eyes glaring. Snape's heart, hopes, and stomach dropped to the floor. Well, what was left of them did anyways.

"In order to explain it all, I have to go back to the beginning," Chessie sighed. "Back to the day I got my first Hogwarts letter, delivered by Professor Snape himself. You see, I'm a Muggle Born."

It starts. Snape's shaking in his rags, and Umbridge thinks that this is a victory for her. Yes, I know, it's another Snape/OC romance, but I've been getting requests, and so I shall grant them!

Chessie's name means "Cheshire cat" translated roughly into Japanese. You'll see why in a few chapters.

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