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Pepper clicks away on her computer, settled back into the large white couch comfortably. She's dressed down, looking the furthest from professional she can. Dressed in pair of sweat pants and t-shirt, her hair is pulled back in a sloppy ponytail as she brushes pieces back behind her ear. Not an ounce of makeup covers her skin allowing the smear of freckles on her cheeks to stand out proudly. The glasses she hasn't worn in years is slipping down her nose, her bottom lip pulled into her mouth in concentration.

She's absorbed entirely in her own world until a low whistle sounds, breaking her concentration. She glances up over the rim of her glasses her eyes settling on Tony as he stands across the room.

He's covered in grease and oil; his clothing is in disarray with his goggles perched on his head. "Dam," he murmurs with a grin watching her as if she is sprawled along the length of the couch in the finest lingerie.

"Shut up," she smirks back, certain he's teasing her, for her current state of dress. "What are you doing down there?" she questions, turning back to the screen.

"Seriously Potts, it's like you walked out of a fantasy."

"Ha ha," Pepper laughs humorlessly, her eyebrows pulling together as she clicks at the screen. "Seriously what are you-"

"When did you get glasses?"

Pepper jumps slightly as she looks up, Tony's now hovering right over the computer. "I," she stammers for a moment, trying to regain her composer, "I've had them for a couple of years, my contacts were bothering me."

"I like 'em, very sexy," she realizes instantly he's being serious, though she still can't help a small laugh. "Like a sexy librarian," he continues with a grin.

"You are so weird," Pepper laughs with a roll of her eyes.

Tony chuckles back as he leans in to kiss her.

"Don't you dare," Pepper cries as she pulls away. "You're going to get me dirty."

Tony groans as his eyes fall shut "A dirty, sexy librarian. You know just what to say to turn me on."

Pepper bites her lip in an effort not to laugh, as Tony's eyes reopen and settle on her mouth. He then moves quickly, pulling her computer off her lap before she can protest and staining it with greasy fingerprints.

"Tony," She shrieks in surprise as he reaches out and pulls her off the couch, throwing her over his shoulder. "You owe me new pajamas," she informs him as he carries her off in the direction of the bedroom. She doesn't ask where they are going, it is clear he is in desperate need of a shower and now due to her current spot, so is she.

"I don't even know why you own pajamas," Tony throws out. "I say you wear nothing at all." Tony teases with a small slap to her butt.

Pepper rolls her eyes as she shakes her head "I'll get right on that Mr. Stark."

"See that you do Ms. Potts." Tony grins broadly as they disappear into the bedroom.