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Kory ran the purple brush through her daughter's long, dark red curls. Her blue eyes stared back at Kory's green, excitement and wonder filled to the brim. She was five years old today, and it was her first day of kindergarten.

"Mommy, what's kin-kinder-garden going to be like?" The girl questioned as the young woman set the brush down on the counter in front of her.

Kory's face contorted in confusion; she had never gone to school as a child. Being a member of the royal family, she had been homeschooled with her brother and sister. She did not think that counted as kindergarten.

She let out a sigh, "I am sorry, my sweet bumgorf, I cannot tell you for certain." She began stroking her slightly swollen belly subconsciously and kissed the top of her daughter's head. "You might be able to find out from your dad."

The little girl shook her curls across her shoulders, "No, Mommy! I'll be okay."

Kory bent over and gave the little girl a tight squeeze, "That is my brave and resilient daughter!"

Valerie giggled in reaction, "Oh, Mommy, I'm not that brave!"

Kory stared down at the little girl in awe, "You are so too brave, my sweet bumgorf. You will have a great day at school, I am certain of it."

Part of Kory didn't like this. She knew that a child beginning elementary school was a milestone achievement in their lives, according to Earth's standards, but she also knew that it implied that her bumgorf-the child that she had barely known for more than a few years-was growing older and would possibly no longer be in need of her help. Of course, every girl needed a mother. Kory was, perhaps, more aware of this than any other human being. Kory would stay by her daughter's side, when she was needed.

Richard leaned against the door frame of the bathroom, watching as the two girls interacted with one another, "Are the loves of my life ready to go to school now?"

Valerie squealed, scrambling out of her chair in front of the mirror and into her father's arms to be carried. "I'm a big girl, Daddy!"

Richard blinked back tears as he took in the beautiful little girl who looked so much like her dead mother. He looked up and smiled realizing that she could certainly pass for Kory's biological daughter any day. "That's right, my sweet girl, you're a very big kid!"

Richard was in the same predicament as Kory; he wasn't sure if he wanted his daughter to take this step just yet and grow up and become a woman. Letting go was probably the hardest part about being a parent.

But, he realized as his crystal blue eyes met his wife's green, if he could let go of the love of his life many years before, then he could do anything.

As Richard and Kory watched Valerie skip into the tiny elementary school, they smiled. Richard wrapped a strong and sturdy arm around Kory's shoulder and placed a protecting hand on her stomach. Kory responded by sinking into his side and breathing in his scent that she knew far too well.

Letting go could be hard, Dick and Kory knew that better than anybody, but it was a necessary part of life. It was a necessary function to every day endeavors and for moving forward. Letting go allows for all the little pieces to somehow fall into their perfect places.

Richard gave his wife's shoulder a squeeze as they turned back to the car. They knew that better than anything.

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