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Ethan sighed after he put one of his shirts in his suitcase. He looked at Benny, who was sitting on Ethan's bed, packing his own stuff. A few seconds later, Benny closed his suitcase, and then looked at his boyfriend.

"My parents will be here in a few minutes." Ethan said. He closed his suitcase, and then went to sit beside Benny. "I can't believe I'm leaving so soon. Summer just started and we've been together for a few days."

"I know," Benny said, putting his arm around Ethan. "But I guess you have to go. I mean, you said that your grandparents, who live in Florida, miss you. But did your parents have to go there for a year?"

"Oh, I didn't tell you?" Ethan asked. Benny just looked confused. "It's because of Dad's business. Apparently, he has to go to Florida."

"Oh," Benny said. "Well, when you arrive in Florida, text me... or call me."

"Why wouldn't I?" Ethan smiled despite his inner sadness. There was a reason it was inner.

After that small conversation, Ethan and Benny took their suitcases and went in front of the front door.

"Well, I think I have to go, E. My Grandma might be waiting," Benny said.

Ethan nodded.

Benny put his hand on the doorknob, ready to open it. When he was about to do so, he turned his head around to look at the crying Ethan. He went to hug Benny as his tears fell on the striped polo shirt. Benny couldn't help but let a tear slide on his cheek.

"I'll miss you," he whispered. He let go of Ethan and looked him in the eye. "Don't cry. I want you to stay strong."

Ethan nodded for he couldn't speak. He felt Benny getting closer to him. He knew what that meant. He leaned in too and brushed his lips against Benny's. He didn't want to let go of Benny as if this was their final goodbye kiss, thought it was not. When they let go, both felt like it was too soon to let go. They wished they could spend time together even more, but they couldn't. They'll be separated. They won't just be in different cities, but different countries. Yes, both were near each other, but it felt as if Ethan was traveling in a really long distance.

Benny put his hand on the doorknob again, and then looked at Ethan, who had a small smile on his face, replacing those tears that were on his face.

"There's that smile," Benny smiled back. Ethan just chuckled. "Well, I have to go now. Bye, E."

"Bye," Ethan said, barely in whispers.

Benny opened the front door and exited the house. Benny frowned. He couldn't believe he would not see Ethan for a year. A year to him sounded like a century. It's hard to live in the end of it and it's also hard to survive for that long. The closest person to his life will be gone for a while and he might not know for sure what would happen. Whether he changes or not, he couldn't do anything about it. He had to face this strongly and not break into tears. In fact, he wanted to smile at the moment because he wanted to show the strength he had, even though no one could currently see it. In a few seconds, he did so. With all the sadness inside, he managed to force out a small smile and walk home, which was really close since they were neighbors. After he stepped inside the house and greeted his Grandma, he went upstairs to his room. The first thing he wanted to do was look out the window. There was a car outside the Morgan's house. His parents must have come the moment he left. A few seconds later, Ethan got out of the house with his suitcase. The trunk of the car opened, which allowed Ethan to put his suitcase in it. After closing the trunk, he looked back at Benny's window, noticing Benny looking at him. Benny smiled and waved at him. Ethan waved back at him, and then went inside the car.

Benny's heart broke as he saw the car go. That was it. He would have to wait a whole year to see Ethan again.

And that was the last time he'd see him this year. Just after they got together.

== A few hours later ==

Ethan sat in his grandparents' car just after they arrived to Florida, looking outside the window and thinking. And what else would he be thinking about other than Benny? He kissed him, and then left him alone. Benny wasn't completely alone, but he kind of was lonely. Ethan was too. He couldn't stop thinking about Benny… or his cheesy jokes and goofy grin. And that smile on his face. It was irresistible. And those kissable lips.

"Ethan?" Samantha said, which snapped Ethan out of his daze. He looked at his mom. "I know you feel negative about this, but…"

"Mom, it's okay. I swear. I'm kind of… sad for leaving Whitechapel, but it's just a year. I can handle things. I can handle changes."

Samantha knew there was something Ethan was keep from her. She couldn't tell what it was, but she just let it go. She trusted her son. Besides, there's always a reason for keeping secrets… which she assumed he kept.

Ethan remembered something he forgot a few minutes later. He got out his cell phone and made sure no one was looking.

'We arrived Florida... :)' He texted him.

Three seconds passed before he got a text saying, 'Is Florida great?'

Ethan smiled. 'Well, it is, but it would've been better if u were around.'

'Ethan, r u trying 2 flirt w/ me?'

'Yeah, and ur the 1 that doesn't do that. *crosses arms*'


"Okay, we're here," he Grandpa said, stopping in front of a house. Ethan looked at it for as second, and then looked back at his phone.


'K, love u.'

'Love u 2.'

He put his phone back in his pocket. He sighed before he got out of the car with the rest of his family.

This is going to be a hard, hard day, he thought.

Benny sat in his bed, bored to death. He was sitting on his bed with his legs up and his hands around his legs. He had nothing to do. No one to be with. No one to hang out with. Rory? He can get too… Rory-ish. Sarah? What would he do if he hung out with her? Uh, nothing? Erica? She can snap his hand anytime with one single word coming out of his mouth. He used to like her before, but now, she's just too scary. He still thinks of her a friend… though she can be mean.

Benny lied down on his bed and buried his face in his pillow. His life was empty. Nothing to do. Nothing.

He turned himself around so his back can be against the mattress of his bed. He looked at his watch. 7:30. About 6 hours since Ethan left. If this is what happens after 6 hours, then what will happen after one week? A month? Probably worse.

He sat up straight on his bed once he heard the door's creak. The moment he looked at the door, he saw his Grandma with a concerned look.

"Benny, are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Benny lied.

"Are you sure? You don't look okay." She entered his room and closed the door behind her.

"It's just that I miss hanging out with Ethan because he's my friend," Benny said. He actually forced himself to say the word friend, but he managed to do that.

"Or maybe it's because you love him," she said, which made Benny's eyes widen.

"What? What would make you say that?" he said, trying not to sound nervous.

"First, you can't fool me. I know everything going on. You two are dating. Second, if you did not actually have feelings for Ethan, you would've said, 'Grandma, I'm not gay!'"

"Grandma!" Benny said.

Evelyn laughed.

"So, is there any punishment?" Benny asked, hoping that if there will be any, it won't be too hard on him. Or too strict.

"Punishment? Why would I punish you? I can't come in between love. Besides, it's about time you two got together."

"What?" Benny asked.

"It's just that you two had chemistry... for who the heck know how long. Besides, I could see the look Ethan gives you since middle school."

"Really? He's been crushing on me since… middle school?" he asked, smiling.

Mrs. Weir just smiled in response. She loved seeing Benny smile. She just cared about his happiness. She didn't care about whom he was or who he fell in love with, she just wanted to make sure he was happy.

"Well, I better go to my room. I have a lot of things to do," she said. She was just getting herself an excuse to get out of the room. She decided to leave her grandson alone with his feelings.

Ethan stood in front of a room that he was said he'd sleep in. The bedroom was upstairs. It had two beds with blue bed sheets in it since he was told he'd sleep with his sister. The walls were painted in light-brown color. There was a brown wooden bookshelf on one corner. That was it. Nothing else. Well, it was a new room. But the worst part was sleeping with his sister. Don't get him wrong, he loved his sister. He just sleeping with anyone else but Benny.

Great. Not I have to share something, he thought.

Their grandparents dropped them off in their new house. They were new to this place, obviously. They weren't completely new. They have been there before when Ethan was a kid. He remembered. They lived there until Ethan was a second grader. When second grade came, they moved to Whitechapel, the original town they lived in. Since then, he met Benny.

He heard the door bell ring, snapping him out of his daydreams and thoughts. He just figured his Mom would go answer the door… or maybe his sister. Well, his parents would go answer the door. Why would he even bother do so?

"Ethan, can you get the door?" his mother asked.

"Oh, come on," he mumbled to himself.

He stood up and went downstairs. He slowly opened the door. He knew that whoever was at the door would be some total stranger. When the door was wide enough to see who was there, he saw a blonde boy with denim jeans and an orange plain polo t-shirt. He held something in a plate. The plate was covered with an aluminum sheet. Ethan mentally smiled. Polo shirt. That reminded him of Benny; except that Benny wore striped polo t-shirts.

"Hi," the boy said.

"Hi," Ethan said awkwardly.

"I'm just a neighbor. I came here to welcome you… and also give you this." He handed Ethan the plate, which Ethan took and put on a table aside so his mom can pick it up at any random time.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Brian." He extended his arm.

"I'm Ethan," he shook his hand and smiled. When he released his hand, he realized something.

But before Ethan could've spoken, Brian beat him to it. "You look really familiar. And your name rings a bell."

"Yeah, you look familiar too," Ethan said.

"Wait, Ethan? Ethan Morgan? Is that you?" Brian smiled.

"Yeah," Ethan smiled. He remembered Brian too. "And Brian, I haven't seen you since… first grade. It's nice to know that you still remember me."

Brian smiled. "Yeah. It's been a long time," he said.

Brian was one of his old friends… along with three others. He and Brian have been friends ever since he went to kindergarten. They've been by each other's side. They were both being harassed in school too before. If one gets bullied, the other protects and tries to do something. When he thought about it, he and Benny did the same things to each other. Speaking of Benny and Brian, he found yet another similarity between them. Both their names start with a B.

I don't think I'd ever get my mind off Whitechapel… or Benny.

"Well, I wanna hang out, but I have to go before Mom says anything," he said. "But I might come and hang out with you… with the rest of our friends." He smiled. "Might? I will."

Ethan chuckled.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later. Bye." Brian waved at him, and then walked away.

Ethan just smiled before he closed the door.

"Maybe this won't be such a horrible year after all."

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