Woven web of…stuff (working title)

The Hogwarts Express was almost fully boarded when Lily Evans turned up, dashing through to Platform 9 ¾ late. Of course. It wasn't her fault, she'd been up since the early hours of the morning. If only Petunia, her horrid sister knew how to use a curling iron properly, Lily might have been on time. Even Lily, the one least likely to ever use a (intrument of hell) curling iron on her hair knew not to wrap her hair too tightly and get the brush stuck.

"Come on Lily!"

"Yeah, where've you been? We're almost going to leave!"

She looked up as she stowed her suitcase in the baggage compartment, her friends where already in a carriage, with their heads outside the window.

"I'm coming, it wasn't my fault." Lily said, almost falling onto the tracks as she attempted to heave her owl cage onto the carriage.

"Argh. I'm going to cut this off one of these days." Deirdre said referring to her long curly dark brown hair that was flying in her face.

"You will not," the other girl, Orlaith, retorted "you know you love your hair."

Lily shook her head as she finally got on the train, her friends were strange. Both from Ireland and cousins, Deirdre O'Séaghdha and Orlaith (Orla) O'Ceallaigh were like night and day. Except for one thing: quidditch. They were both avid fans and obsessed players, that's where Lily just watched. She absolutely hated sport, although flying for fun was alright in her books.

"So, what did you two get up to on the holidays?" Lily said as she settled into a seat next to Deirdre and across from Orlaith.

"Oh, you know, the normal, went back home." Orla began

"Played some quidditch," put in Deirdre

"Went to the beach to cheak out the guys," Orla said, briefly flinging an arm over at Lily to show off her light tan under her freckles.

"And that's bout it." Deirdre finished.

"Well I didn't do much, except for attempt to stay away from Petunia." Lily said giggling at her friends.

The scenery began to move faster as the Hogwarts Express moved out, and through the English country side.


"I can't believe we're in our 6th year already!" Lily exclaimed as the train came to a halt.

"Well, you better believe it, cause you're going to start living it soon!" Orla said, gung-ho as usual. The girls got off onto the platform, trying to avoid being ran over by all the chaotic 1st years.

"Oh my god," Orla said, standing on her tiptoes looking at people in the crowd "Is that James Potter? What am I talking about? Is that Remus Lupin?" she whistled low under her breath "Holidays have been good for those guys."

"Shut up Orla," Lily said laughingly "anyone would think you were obsessed."

"Oh, and you can talk, what was that last year before school ended? 'I like Sirius Black' I believe that was you talking Lily." Orla said, elbowing her.

"How do you put up with her Deirdre?" Lily said, giving her a whithering look.

"Well, she's lucky she's family that's all I can say." The short girl said, her Irish accent lilting her words.

"Ah, would you look at that," Orla said, oblivious to Lily and Deirdre laughing at her "they're coming over here."

"Oh god." Deirdre squealed, a very un-Deirdre like thing, taking the micky out of her cousin. "What are we going to say?"

"I don't know, do I look alright?" Orla said, not getting it that she was being mocked.

Lily nodded, trying to hold a giggle in as she got almost knocked over by a second year running stupidly on the platform.

She heard a male voice chuckle. As Lily composed herself she noticed she'd just be almost pushed completely over in front of Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and of course James Potter.

"Hi guys," Orla said with a radiant smile "Have a good holiday?"

"Erm, yeah. Boring though, not enough chance to play pranks on people." Sirius said with a wide grin.

"Great, how about you Remus?" Orlaith said trying to get the quietest guy of the group to say something.

"Alright Orla," he said, nervously "you?"

"Pretty good. Ready for the Quidditch season?"

Remus simply nodded. As they went to board the boats to get to Hogwarts Orla sat next to him, rambling on.

I hope she isn't scaring him, Lily thought to herself as she sat down next to Sirius (conveniently the last seat on the boats).

"So, you survived with that awful sister of yours alright?" Sirius said as they got closer to the school.

"Sure did. I spent most of the time doing my homework," Lily said "it was better than being teased by her."



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