Chapter 3- In which Deirdre meets up with an enemy.or friend? (And other things happen of course.)

~~**~~In the Griffindor Girls Dorm, after tea~~**~~

"So, Lily," Deirdre began as she rustled around her trunk trying to find her scarf "you still going to help that little first year tonight?"

"Of course, just because I'm going out with Sirius doesn't mean I'm not going tutor!" Lily exclaimed, gathering up her first year's Charms books. Even with the mention of her dashing boy friend she was going a little starry eyed. Deirdre shook her head and mumbled something incoherent about ditzy teenage girls going loosing all senses over their boy friends.

"Well, I'm off," Lily said with a smile "remind Orla to finish her History of Magic homework so I can copy alright?"

Soft singing came from the bathroom, where Orla had been since they'd finished tea. Over an hour and counting.

"Whatever," came the reply from the inside of the huge cupboard, where Deirdre was now looking for her scarf.


Another mumble in response. Lily disappeared out of the room.

"God." Deirdre exclaimed as she collapsed onto her bed "Where did I get such conceited friends from?" Obviously the ceiling wasn't going to answer her, but she kept on talking "I mean, it's Lily this, Lily that, and now she's gone and got herself the hottest guy in Hogwarts (except for James, she said as an afterthought), and it's just going to get worse and worse." Getting fed up with her own whinging she sat up and punched her pillow.

"I've had it," she resolved "Orla! I'm going for a walk, do your homework!" Deirdre called out to her cousin before stalking out of the room, grabbing her cloak and Orla's scarf, seeings how hers was still doing a disappearing act.

'That should do her highness for a reminder for her dear subject to do all the hard work for her.' She thought, fully knowing that her thoughts were unfair. Lily always did homework for herself and Orla, and they did other subjects for her.

Deirdre strode through the common room muttering to herself. A few first years sitting in the armchairs around the fireplace turned around to stare. She stopped walking and glared back "Boo." She said and laughed as they jumped ever so slightly.

Out in the corridors Deirdre walked swiftly past the paintings and rooms, glad to have a chance to clear her mind. Seemingly without any inclination of where she was going she just kept walking until her feet took her to where she'd be most at peace.

~~**~~ Meanwhile, in the library ~~**~~

Lily sat across the table from Riley Jacobsen, (luckily for him, or he'd be strangled by now) holding her head in one hand, trying desperately not to a) rip her hair out or b) rip Riley's hair out. She mustered up her most tolerant tone of voice, which was almost used up.

"Alright Riley," Lily said wishing she was at the lake with Sirius "read chapter 2 again, maybe you'll get it this time."

'Please God,' she thought tiredly 'let him get it, we've been on the same chapter for almost two hours-there's only ONE charm in it.'

~~**~~ .Back in the .dumdumdum.Dungeons! ~~**~~

Deirdre stared at the closed door, weighing up whether or not she should go in or not. Surely the room her favourite class was in would be a good place to settle down, after all, she always felt at peace when she was working in Potions. She inhaled deeply as she pushed the heavily door open bodily, and strode inside the seemingly empty room.


Brown eyes faced black as Deirdre came face to face with none other than most girls' worst nightmare. Severus Snape.

"Hullo," Deirdre said, taking a step backwards cursing herself mentally for not figuring that her refuge would undoubtedly be his.

Severus simply half sneered, an accomplishment even for him and went to sit at a bench.

'Well here goes nothing,' Deirdre said, pushing her curls out of her face as she sat down and faced the sullen Slytherin.

"So, whatcha doing down here?" she began conversationally.

"I could ask you the same thing," Snape snapped back.

"Well, I asked first, so you should try to answer first then I'll say why I'm here," Deirdre's tone became more stony, imitating Snapes.

"I'm always here," Severus said shrugging, giving in "it's better than being in my common room. So why are you here?" he narrowed his black eyes at her.

"Just felt like spending a bit of time away from it all you know," she said offhandedly, knowing he didn't know at all "besides," she said indifferently "I like the dungeons."

"Really?" the black eyes shone with a stark bit of light for a change "I mean, whatever. It'd just be like a Griffindor to be trying to suck up to teachers for better grades. Which is what I assume your motive really is."

"God Severus!" Deirdre exclaimed "do you really have to put me through the 3rd degree just to say hello? And for your information, I'm at the top of the Potions class and need no sucking up to do better."

Knowing she'd stumped him, as even he couldn't argue that anyone was better at Potions than she, Deirdre got up from the table and made to leave.

"It was quite.scathing to talk to you Severus," she said, pushing her bench towards the table, thankful her muscles were toned from quidditch training "but I really must be off, much better things to do know, get caught wandering around by Flitch, get hung from the rafters by my toes, you know 'other fun stuff'."

"Don't go." A quiet voice that could only have been Snape's amazingly, said "I wanted to ask you about our assignment."

Startled at this change in heart, Deirdre sighed deeply and walked back over to where he sat hunched over the table.

"Alright, where do you want to start?".

~~**~~ At the same time, in the boys' dorms.~~**~~

"Aw, come on James," Sirius said, eating a chocolate frog, sprawled over his bed. "we've gotta come up with a prank for this week."

"No way, not now-I've got to do my homework guys," James protested, still reading a passage in his textbook.

"I'll let you copy mine," Remus called from the bathroom where he was brushing his teeth so it came out more like "ill lat rou coopy min"

"Yeah come on Prongs, we never come up with something decent unless you help," Peter said, looking around the room upside down from where he was with his head on the floor, laying down off his bed.

"Honestly, I have to do my work, and I'm not copying either-I'm at the top of our year and I plan to stay there," James shook his head at Sirius who was nicking some of Remus' secret store of fudge "I really don't understand how you can stay level with me Sirius, you hardly ever work!"

"It's completely natural," Sirius said looking up with a grin that he knew won most of his teachers around, and that James secretly thought was how he did so well in class. "my brain is just so amazing it doesn't require any of the stress," he waved at James' mountain of books "that you put on yours."

James sighed, "Well, I s'pose I'm not going to get any of this done with you three nagging at me," he closed the book he was reading with a snap "Remus, you better have done that essay well. I'll just reword it."

"Alright!" Peter exclaimed, sitting upright again "So, who's our victim this time?"

"Who else?" the other's chorused "Snape."


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