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P.S. Blue is a girl in my stories. Don't mix it up with Green.

Ruby's POV (I'm starting with my favorites :3)

"Sapphire! You promised!" I exclaimed. We were in our secret hideout with Emerald, since he apparently wanted to come along. I was trying to get Sapph into one of my lastest designs.


"Who are you calling "girlie", barbarian?" I shot-back.

"I ain't gettin' into a skirt, neverless, a DRESS!"

"Aww, but you look sooo cute!"


I rethought what I said. "N-NO! I meant you looked cute in everything I make you! Yeah..."

Why? Why did you actually say that out loud?



"Ya' remember da' time at Mirage Island? What ya' said to me? Our confessions?"

Not that again.

"I don't remember. Sorry. And anyways, what's with the accent? You really should get rid of it! You seem like a wild child. Wait, you are!"

Stupid Ruby, stupid! Making an insult when she really tries to get me to remember what I already remember! She was trying to get me to remember nicely! Stupid!

"RUBY," I could literally see the fire in Sapph's eyes, "I SWEAR, WHEN YA' COME OUT OF DA' CAVE OF OURS, IT'LL BE THE LAST THING YA' WILL EVER SEE!" and then she tried to bring me to my doom. Which, of course, I ran for my life.

"GUYS! Stop with your annoying flirting and-" Emerald was cut short by me and Sapphire.

"WHAT? FLIRTING? THERE'S NO WAY I'M FLIRTING WITH HIM/HER!" we both cried simultaneously. I had a slight blush on my cheeks. I wasn't so sure about Sapph though.

Aww man! I'm blushing! Hope Sapph doesn't see me blushing! In the name of Arceus, please say she doesn't see me blushing!

"Well, as I was saying, I saw this random note here!" cried Emerald.

Dear Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald,

We provide you with a full scholarship to Pokemon Specials Academy, also known as PSA. We would like you to join in our academy to futher increase your level of your talent. There is no charge for going to the academy. Feel free to decline or accept. Look for an Abra to find your way into our academy. Your questions will be answered there. Thank you very much. We await your arrival.

PSA, Pokemon Specials Academy

"Wha'? Does 'dat mean I gotta attend school? No way! I can't even read! I'll fail! I decline." said Sapph.

Sapph isn't going? Well, if she's not going, I'm not! Nothing's fun without her! Even our arguements.

"I gotta decline. What's the point of attending an academy anyways?"

"I don't think Crys will be going so I won't either!" said Emerald.

"Hey, is dat' an Abra?" asked Sapph.

"So, what did they mean, "We'll be awaiting your arrival"?" I wondered.

"Um, does anyone see da' Abra?" asked Sapph once again, but louder.

"Maybe they're expecting us to be there anyways?"


"Oh yeah! We should be aware of Abras if we don't wanna go to the Academy...wait what? Did you say you see an Abra?"

"YA! Now what's dat lil' Abra doin' in our hideout?" Sapphire proceeded to touch it.

"It's going to do something! Don't touch it, Sapph!" but it was too late. She touched it and we all teleported.

Red's POV

I was hanging out with Yellow, Green, and Blue. Well, partically because Blue dragged me out here, and partically because I wanted to hang out with Yellow. I mean, who wouldn't? She was nice, kind, cute, adorable...let's just say I have a crush on her. I had one since I...well, knew her! Since I saved her from a wild Dractini. Since she pretended to be a guy. I thought I was just weird. Having a crush on a guy. But then she revealed she was a girl. And of course, I was shocked, seeing her being a girl. But part of me was thinking that I wasn't gay! But my crush only got stronger. She was cuter than I thought she would be. She was strong, yet beautiful at the same time, and let's just say she's my type. After a while, she told me she was the girl who I saved many years ago. Which of course, shocked me. I was surprised the girl I had a crush on so many years ago, the girl I thought I would never meet again, was the same girl who had beaten Lance. So, after all this, I went to Blue. Actually, she went to me. Pursuing me to make the first move. But I always failed. Something always got in the way. I would stutter and stammer, looking like a fool in front of Yellow. I was so embarrassed. I bet Yellow wouldn't like a guy like me. Maybe she would like someone like Green. Green was cool. I wasn't. He's Virdian's gym leader, and I had promised Yellow long ago that I would have been the Virdian gym leader, and can stand his ground against Blue. I was the Pokemon League Champion, and I still get pushed around by Blue. Shameful. Sometimes, I just wish I could be just like Green. *sigh*

"Red?" I looked up, and there was the girl I loved. Yellow.


"You look down. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." I lied just so she wouldn't have to feel guilty or anything.

"I know you, Red. The League Champion is a happy-go-lucky guy. Not a real downer like...Green or Silver!" Green? I thought she liked Green!

I perked up right away, knowing I still had a chance. "Thanks! I feel much better now!"

"Great! That's the Red I know!" Did I ever mention she was kind?

"Hey! Look what we have, Green! Two lovebirds discussing their love life with each other. Soon they will get married, and have little Reds and Yellows!" I whipped right around. It was Blue and Green.

"M-married?" cried Yellow and I.

"I-I t-think it's too e-early t-to be ta-talking about m-marriage! I-I don't even t-think I w-will ever m-marry R-red!" stuttered Yellow. I didn't think so either, I would never be a good enough to marry someone like her, let alone, date her. But she still brightens up my day. She was blushing and it was cute. I always thought it was cute.

"Please, you'll never know for sure, unlike me, I'm a pro at this! I predict the future and I KNOW it will happen." boasted Blue.

"So obnoxious." mumbled Green.

"I heard that!"


Suddenly, my Pokegear started ringing. I picked up. "Hello, this is Red."

"Hello, Red. I suppose Yellow, Blue and Green are with you."

"Yes, but how do you know?"

"I have my ways."

Before I was going to reply, Blue clicked the speaker button so everyone could hear.

"Hiya, whoever this is!" she cried.

"Hello, Blue."

"...who are you calling Blue? My name is Kizumi. " faked Blue. Typical Blue.

"Don't fake with me. I know who you really are. Anyways, I am calling to ask you to join our school, PSA, or also known as Pokemon Specials Academy. Our academy helps improve your talent, thus mastering it. We provide you with a full scholarship to come to this school. There is no charge. You may accept or decline."

I thought about it for a while. I replied, "I'm going to decline. I think I mastered my talent already."

Yellow answered next, "S-sorry, this is kinda sudden for me, so I'm going to decline."

"PSA? Never heard of it. If I never heard of it, I'm not going! You people might be from the police." assumed Blue. Did she have a record or something?

"Decline." said Green cooly.

"Look for an Abra for the entrance to our school. Questions will be answered there. Thank you. We hope to see you soon." then there was silence.

"What did they mean "We hope to see you soon"?" I pondered. Then there was an Abra right in front of us. It looked hurt.

"In the name of Arceus, what happened? Hold on! I'll heal you right away!" cried Yellow, heading towards it. What was an Abra doing in the middle of nowhere? Wait...the call we got...look for an Abra for the entrance to our school...that must mean...

"DON'T TOUCH IT, YELLOW!" but it was much too late. We disappeared.

Crystal's POV

I can't believe my luck. It wasn't even Friday the 13th and I was already having Gold annoying me while I was trying to work on the stuff Professor Elm assigned me. Silver was there, minding his own business. Sometimes, I wish Gold would be more like him.

"Come on, Super Serious Gal! You just gotta lay off the work and chillax! You're gonna regret this someday!" cried Gold.

"That someday will be never! I love my work like I love my Pokemon! Now stop bothering me and let me work! I'll never get this finished!" I complained.

"Let me help!" Gold swatted the stack of papers I was holding.


"Whoops! I'm soo clumsy!" he stuck out his tounge at me.

I gave him a silent "grr" and started picking up the papers. I would have to organize it all over again. The agony. While I was cleaning up the mess Gold made, I noticed a envelope in the pile. I picked it up and opened it.

"What 'cha got, Serious Gal?" asked Gold.

"Shut up and let me read it!" I exclaimed.

Dear Crystal, Gold, and Silver,

We provide you with a full scholarship to Pokemon Specials Academy, also known as PSA. We would like you to join in our academy to futher increase your level of your talent. There is no charge for going to the academy. Feel free to decline or accept. Look for an Abra to find your way into our academy. Your questions will be answered there. Thank you very much. We await your arrival.

PSA, Pokemon Specials Academy

I'm not going. I never heard of this school.

"Decline. I would have went if I knew this school."

"I ain't going. No cool kid like me would go to school." announced Gold. Of course, I kicked him for claiming he was cool.

"Ouch! What was that for?" whinced Gold. I gave him a death glare and he stopped talking.

"Decline." said Sliver.

"Well, I'm going back to work. DON'T bother me, Gold." I sent a look to Gold, indicating I don't want anything to do with him until I was done.

"Why only me? What about Silver!" exclaimed Gold.

"Silver hasn't been bothering me unlike SOME people." I replied.

"...there's an Abra inside." said Silver.

Gold perked up and reached for his pokeball. "Cool! Dibs on catching it! Go pokeball!" he threw his pokeball at the Abra. It hit and suddenly, we teleported to some unknown place.

White's POV

"When are we going to meet the other PokedexHolders?" I asked Black. I was the only one without a Pokedex, since I run the BW Agency. But I was still important to the team.

"I don't know. We already met the Sinnoh group." Black waved to them. We were currently riding a cruise to the Hoenn region. In the Sinnoh group, there was Dia, or Diamond, and Pearl, the comedy duo, and Platina, or Platinum, the classy one.

"Where's the food? I'm hungry!" exclaimed the one called Dia. He loves food, no doubt about it.

He recieved a slap in the face from Pearl. "Stop thinking about food!"

"But I'm hungry!"

"I have some cookies, who you like some?" I offered.

"Thanks!" he grabbed one and started munching.

"Everyone," we all turned to Platina, "I found this letter..."



"What? I have to do that everyday!"

"You travel with him?" asked Pearl.

"Yeah...it's a pain..." I mumbled. "So, about this letter, what does it say?"

"It says..." began Platinum,

"Dear Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, Black, and White,

We provide you with a full scholarship to Pokemon Specials Academy, also known as PSA. We would like you to join in our academy to futher increase your level of your talent. There is no charge for going to the academy. Feel free to decline or accept. Look for an Abra to find your way into our academy. Your questions will be answered there. Thank you very much. We await your arrival.

PSA, Pokemon Specials Academy"

Platinum spoke up first, "I shall decline, knowing this probably wouldn't be a the finest school fit for me."

"I'm not going either, I don't think I have a talent..." I murmured.

Black spoke next, "I ain't going! I got my gym battles to worry about, you know! And White, you do go a talent! The BW Agency! You're good at getting Pokemon to release their hidden talent of performing!"

"Thanks. But I'm still not going."

"I'll go! They must have good food!" that was of course, Dia.

"I'm not going, and you too, Dia! We got our comedy routine to practice! We'll never make it as the comedy duo we always wanted to be!" protested Pearl.

"I guess you're right...hey! Is that an Abra? And it has food..." drooled Dia while he walked towards it. He touched the Abra and we all disappeared out of thin air.

Normal POV

Everyone had no idea where they were. All they knew is that they were surrounded by darkness. But they could hear that there was more people around. They had one question in mind, where were they?

"Welcome to Pokemon Specials Academy. We hope you have a nice stay."

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