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Gold's POV

"Okay...time to wake everyone up..." I muttered slyly when I woke up. I walked downstairs to get my airhorn, which apparently was quiet enough to not be heard by anyone else in the school, when I saw Pearl and Black at the table. "Wha?"

Pearl explained, "I always wake up first in the Sinnoh Trio. Black here is a study maniac, so he wakes up early, just to study."

"No matter...where's my airhorn?" I asked.

"Black can help!"

Black looked up from his book. "What?"

Later on...

"YAHOO!" everyone else sleeping immediately woke up covering their ears. "I'M GOING TO THE POKEMON LEAGUE, AND I'M GONNA WIN! WATCH OUT ELITE FOUR, YOU TOO REIGNING CHAMP! HERE I COME!"

"Am I seeing stars?" asked Rald who had just bonked his head on the railing of the bunk.

"No, I'm seeing food!" cried Dia. Pearl facepalmed.

"Why did you wake us up?" mumbled an annoyed Silver.

"Well..." started Black.

Everyone but me and Pearl, "Well?"

"Gold and Pearl told me to!" everyone but Pearl and I anime-fell. "He would have woke you up with an airhorn anyways." Silver and Green glared daggers at me.

"Let's go! We ain't got all day!" I said.

"We have school today?" asked Dia.

"No! But we gotta spend all we can away from it! So...let's go! Chop, chop, everybody!" Everyone got up and headed towards the bathroom. There was one for each of us, so there was no need for waiting. Black, Pearl, and I already brushed our teeth and such.

"I'm going to train with Red. Who knows what he can teach me! Than I'm going to work on the Musical with White. Oh wait...I'll start a bit now. What Pokemon do you want to participate in it?" questioned Black.

I thought about it and said, "I'll go with my amazingly, awesome Pichu!" Pichu hopped onto Gold's shoulder. Black nodded and typed something onto his PokePad.

"How about you, Pearl?"

"Chahiko." Black typed something again.

"Thanks." Red came on cue. "I'm training with Red now. Hey, Red! Training, please!" Red nodded and procceded to the door with Black.

"So, Pearl, what are you going to do?" I asked.

"Well, think of some comedy routines for me and Dia, practice some, stuff like that." replied Pearl.

"Okay. I'm guessing everyone else is probably too busy to hang with me. Dia's hangin' with you, Red and Black are training, Silver and Green would refuse, Rald's probably gonna hang with Ruby and Sapph, White's planning for the Musical, Platina is probably going to come to you, Blue's working on something, Yellow...well, thinking of Red, and that leaves Crys! Argh! She's busy working on something, and would rather not have my company!"

" ALWAYS hang out with her anyways..."

"What?" Where is he going with this?

"Well, it's kinda obvious. You LIKE her."


"Admit it. With other girls, you flirt with them, but with Crys, you can't do that! You just end up teasing her, trying to get her not to do work."

How does he know? "I-I don't l-like her!"

"I know you like her."

"W-what makes you think that?"

"Well, you're stammering. Not a Gold thing." Pearl smirked.

I flinched. "S-so?"

"Means you like her! Don't deny it like Ruby!"

"R-ruby?" I wonder why I was so surprised. He's always pretending to forget about the romantic parts between him and Sapph.

"It's the same with Ruby and Sapphire. He won't admit it either. But YOU? You are different. You wouldn't care if others know or not."

"..." I didn't have anything to say. No comeback.

"She's going to know sometime."

"I-I already said it! I d-don't like her!"

"I'll believe it when you get married to someone else."

"T-there's better girls than Crys!" No, there isn't. No one as fun to tease.

"That's not going through you mind, is it? You're thinking about Crys."

How does he know these things? Is he a mind reader? "N-no, I'm not!"

"Speak for yourself. Wait 'till your mind tells us all." I blushed. All my thoughts would be all about Crys...I can't imagine what would happen. "Ah, blushing. Part of LOVE."

I blushed again. "S-shut up!"

"More blushing. So, you DO like her, don't you?"

"N-no!" I'm blushing hard.

"Ah, at this rate, you're going to turn as red as Red's name!"

"Argh! I'm leaving to bother Crys!" I turned to leave.

"Ah, you chosen Crys to bother." I blushed harder.

"S-SHUT UP!" I started walking faster.

Am I really that predictable?

Blue's POV

It was a beautiful morning. Everyone woke up. We all were having breakfast. Crys decided she would study the maps of the Academy and the Village. Only SHE would do that. Platina wanted to visit Pearl and Dia, while Yellow was going to draw. Sapph was...going far away as possible from Ruby. And I shall do my work. First Sapph. Before she leaves.

I ran up to her. "Hey Sapph!"

She turned around. "Hiya!"

"Yellow made you a lunch, since you decided to leave as soon as possible."

"Wow! Can ya' say my thanks to her from me?"

"Let's chat a bit! Ruby's probably finishing your outfit but you've still got time."

"...sure. But ya' better be right 'bout this 'cuz if he comes in here, I'm jumpin' off da' balcony."

"Okay!" We sat down on the couch. "You like him don't you?"

"W-wha? Why in da' name of Arceus would I like a sissy like him?"

"Well, didn't he and you confess a while back?"

"..." there was silence. "How didja' know dat'?"

"I've got my ways."

"Well, yeah, I like him. But, dat' sissy can't remember a thin' 'bout what happened and it just gets me...ARGH!"

"Would you like me to find out the truth?"

"Ya' can try but he won't spill out anythin'! I tell ya'! He's a hard nut to crack, ya' know?"

"Please. You're talking to Blue."

"Yeah, I guess so. But ya' sure?"

"I already know. Even if I do find out, I won't tell you."


"You gotta find out yourself! Think about all the hints! Sure enough, he'll confess sooner or later!"

"I gotta see dat' to believe dat'. But I ain't gonna see dat' 'cuz he says he can't remember a thing 'bout our confessions!"

"You guys argue like an old married couple."

"S-shut up! I'm leavin' now." Ruby burst through the door.

"SAPPHIRE! I got your outfit! Now come here so I can get you to wear it!"

"NOT IN DA' NAME OF ARCEUS! YA' GOTTA CATCH ME FIRST!" Sapphire ran through the balcony door and jumped off the balcony, landing on a shrub.

Ruby sighed. "Aww man! Now's she's all dirty! Luckily, I brought a few extra stuff..." Ruby headed towards the door before I stopped him.

"You like her, don't you?" I said.

"Not you too!" cried Ruby. I was expecting that was from one of my members.

"But it's true! You guys argue soo much, it's like you're an old married couple!"

"S-shut up!"

I lowered my voice to a whisper. "You remember the confessions, right?"

Ruby blushed. "I'm leaving. Any last words?"

"Yes. You L.I.K.E her!"

Ruby blushed harder then left. I smiled. Sucess.

At that moment, Gold came in and asked me, "Where's Crys?" I smirked. Another victim to fall into my spiderweb.

"Well, why should I tell you?"

"Because...I'm here to bother her!"

"Well, that's your excuse?"


"Your excuse for letting you know where she is."

"I don't have any excuse!"

"Speak for yourself."


"You like her, right? It's kinda obvious."

Gold flinched. Just the reaction I was looking for. He shook his head and said, "Seriously! Does everyone believe that? How many times do I gotta say it? I DON'T LIKE CRYSTAL."

"Is that the only time you really use Crys' real name?"


"Well, well. Just admit you like her, and I'll tell you where she is."


"Aww, too bad! You are to leave, NOW."

"And what makes you think I'll leave?"

"You don't want this to get ugly, don't you?"

"Psh, a girl beat up me?"

"Rules state a boy can't hit a girl."

"Shoot. Almost forgot that rule."

"Oh, the wonders if I told Crys you were here..."

"...NO. You wouldn't do that..."

I walked into our bedrooms and cried, "Yo! Crys! Someone's here to see you~"

Crys went downstairs with me, and her eyes widen.


Gold took a step back. "Okay...whatever you say, Crys." Crys went back to our room, and Gold proceeded to leave. He looked quite upset.

I walked up to him and whispered, "Don't worry. She'll crack eventually."

Gold smiled a bit and said, "You really think so?"

"I do. I know it. Leave it up to Senior Blue."

"Don't tell anyone, please. I don't really trust you, but I trust you. So DON'T."

"I won't." Too bad you make it obvious you like her.

"Thanks." Gold headed out the door.

Well, looks like I'll have more work today. I grabbed my notebook and scribbled something down.

Day Two

Sapph, running away from Ruby's new outfit for her. Can't wait for the results.

Ruby, in deny.

Gold, admits he likes HER.

Good progress so far.

I slammed it shut and went upstairs. To continue my work.

Red's POV

Nothing's better to start the day with some good battle training with my student. I feel like a teacher. Silver came along to watch us. Maybe he wants to learn something.

"Okay, Black! First off, I want to see how strong you are. Bring out a Pokemon against my Pika." Pika ran out to the field.

"Sure thing! And, let me say this. It's a great honor to train under you, champion. But I vow that I'll beat you one day. ONE DAY!" cried Black.

I heard Silver mumble, "That one day will be someday, but not today."

"I choose...Brav!" Black released his pokeball and out came his Braviary.

"Well, you know Pika has an advantage against your Braviary, right?"

"Yup, but this is training, and I want Brav to be as strong as they can get!"

"Alright. Pika, use Thunderbolt!" Pika nodded and shot out an electric charge at Black's Braviary. Brav dodged and Silver was watching carefully.

Black cried, "Okay, Brav use Air Slash!" Brav was about to use the move before Silver intruppted us.

"Seriously. This is just getting boring." I was shocked. The battle just started! Silver looked at me. "Did you choose Pika because you like Yellow?"

I blushed. Honestly, I really didn't know why. I guess Pika reminds me of ChuChu and ChuChu reminds me of Yellow. But of course, I wouldn't admit that. "N-no! I chose Pika 'cuz...I chose it!"

Silver turned to Black next. "And Black. Did you choose your Braviary because you couldn't decide which Pokemon to use since you ask White now?" It was Black's turn to blush.

Black replied, "N-no way! I just couldn't choose!"

I nodded. Just because I like Yellow, doesn't mean I can't choose Pika, right?

Silver looked at both of us, unconvinced. "Well, I'm leaving." Silver smirked. "Oh, and good luck with your relationships." He walked off and Black and I blushed. We both said our goodbyes, since it was really awkward. I was still blushing when I went back to my dorm. Green asked me why and I just ignored him, went to my bed, and slammed my face into my pillow. This is a day I don't want to speak of ever again.

Silver's POV

I just made Black and Red blush. Blue was going to be proud of me. This really wasn't so bad.

As I was thinking, I crashed into something. It was like a wall. I looked in front of me. Not a wall. I looked down. There was a girl. To be precise, Yellow.

"You okay?" I put out my hand to help her up. She took it and stood up.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"What are you doing out here?"

"Well, I was heading towards the Village to get some art supplies, since I ran out."

"Oh." Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. Oh, Blue will be VERY proud of me. "I think Red has some. I think he's in his room."

"Okay! Thanks! Bye!" Yellow left and I took out my spy gear. Time to do some spying.

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