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Chapter 28

Fighting a Mad Man

Kim's pov.

I stood frozen to the spot as I locked eyes with the tall man who'd just gotten out of his car. He seemed just as surprised as I was. After just standing and staring at each other for a few seconds he opened his mouth as if to say something but no words would come out, instead his expression changed into a more nervous one, as he started to realize that he'd been found again. I don't think he'd meant to show weakness, but he kind of did when he wasn't able to mask his worries. The brief display of insecurity from his part made my fears temporarily go away, leaving room for another feeling to consume me; anger.

"You!" I hissed through gritted teeth. He instinctively took a step back even though I wasn't that close to him. There were several yards between us actually and I realized first later that it would have been the perfect opportunity for me to run. I didn't however. Maybe it was foolish of me but seeing the man, who'd caused Jack so much pain, stirred the hatred to life in me and instead of leaving I started to approach him.

"What have you done?" I muttered, despise filling my voice as I thought about how much he'd destroyed. He was still too stunned to move or to say anything. All he did was watch me as I got closer and closer to him. "What have you done to him?!" I yelled, tears of anger filling my eyes. I stopped right in front of him. He looked scared, which only added to my confidence. Not being given any answer soon enough I shoved him forcefully in the chest. "I hate you!" He stumbled backwards. Taking a step forward I closed that gap between us again. "I hate you! I hate you!" I repeated banging my fists against him, a tear rolling down my cheek. He was still unable to do anything more than backing off, holding his arms up to shield himself, as I wouldn't give him the chance to recover from one blow to another. Frenzy had taken over me and I couldn't stop. Using all the power I had I managed to get in a few good hits, causing him to groan in pain. As strange and barbaric as it sounds it was satisfying to see him cringe from my attack. I wanted to hurt him, so that he at least would feel some of the pain he'd put Jack through and I swear I wouldn't have stopped until he was more or less dead, if it hadn't been for him suddenly grabbing a hold of me. All the emotions in me had caused me to be sloppy in my fighting technique…or to be correct I don't think I had been using any technique at all and that was the reason he'd been able to catch my swinging arms that easily. I was a little taken aback by his sudden grip, and I stopped moving.

The tears that flooded my eyes had prevented me from seeing the change in his features before it was too late. Holding a steady grip of my forearms, he smirked.

"Well Good day Kim. Glad you could make it." The fear that had been so obvious in his eyes was now completely gone and replaced with arrogant confidence. He looked almost satisfied to see me, as if he'd planned for me to come. That thought scared me and I instinctively struggled a little to break free from him. He ignored me, not letting his firm grip loosen one bit. "We've missed you...thought you were dead…but you're not. What a miracle." He smiled. "Jack's gonna be so happy to see you. He's been a little low lately…" He explained in friendly tone. But it wasn't the kind of tone that would make you feel safer. It was the kind of tone that causes the hair on the back of your neck to rise, like the one that the witch uses to lure Snow White to bite the apple. That kind of tone… "…have you been inside already?" He nodded towards the cabin. I didn't answer him, as my brain was too busy trying to read him. What was he trying to do? I needed to know so that I would be able to stop him. I frowned, thinking about Jack, still lying helplessly inside the cabin. Mark noticed my change of expression. "I take that as a 'yes'." He said. "Then you've must've already met him…" I gave him a glare and for a second I thought I saw something resembling to fear breaking through his calm expression. "Is he still there?" I could hear the worry in his voice and I realized that he feared that I had freed Jack. As much as I wished I had, that was not the case. Unsure of what else to do I gave him a nod. "Good." He said. "How about paying him a little visit?" He pulled on my arms towards the direction of the back of the car. When we were at the trunk he let go of my left arm to use his hand to open it. Big mistake from his part.

With a swift movement I twisted my other arm free, before bringing my left foot up just to smash it into his stomach. He bended over clutching the place I'd just kicked, cursing slightly. Not intending on missing this opportunity like the last one I turned and ran. I didn't know exactly where. All I knew was that I needed to get as far away from him as possible.

I'd expected him to come running after me, but he didn't. He chose a much more effective way to stop me.

"Run if you wish, but I've still got Jack!" He yelled. I stopped, not knowing what to do. Should I run and leave Jack behind again? If I did that then I would have the chance to go and get help. "The further you run the more pain Jack will be in!" His voice came from behind me again.

The threat of him hurting Jack even more was what made me make up my mind. Jack was already so beaten up that I wasn't sure if he would be able to survive more. Mark watched me as I slowly turned and walked back again, a huge grin on his face, knowing that he had won. The only way out of this seemed to be to fight him. I didn't know if I was going to make it. Mark was big…and strong, and adding the fact that he was mental and highly unpredictable made him terrifying. Both I and Jack have taken numerous of thugs down before, without me ever feeling an ounce of fear. This was different though. I'd seen what he'd done to Jack. I'd seen what he was capable of doing. Jack hadn't been able to defeat him, and he was a much better fighter then I was… Would I even have the slightest chance of beating this guy?

I tried my best not to show how scared I was. That would only make me look weak, giving Mark even greater advantage. Instead I prepared myself mentally for the fight that I couldn't afford losing.

"I knew you would make the right decision." He said, once I was almost back at the car. He gestured for me to come even closer. "Come here. I've got something to show you." He had already opened the trunk and was now watching every step I took. I walked very slowly, not taking my eyes of off him either. Careful not to come within his reach I tried to get close enough to see what he was hiding in the trunk.

"It's ok. I won't bite." He grinned. Yeah right… Inching closer to him, I brought my hands up in a defensive way, ready to strike if I needed to. He took a step back, making me tense by his movement. Continuing to back off he gave me enough space so that I could walk all the way up to the car without him being able to reach me. I debated if I should stay passive and wait to see what happens or if I should attack him. A fight was unavoidable anyway, and if I attacked first I would have the advantage of surprising him. He held his hands up in surrender while stepping away even further. Knowing for sure that he wouldn't be able to get to me that quick, I dared to take my eyes off of him and look at what was in the trunk. I had half expected it to contain weapons or a corpse or something. Actually I don't know exactly what I'd expected, just something awful and to find it almost empty made a really creepy feeling engulf me. There were just an ordinary tool box, a white plastic bag filled with something that was hidden from me and a few photos scattered round. I gave Mark a questioning look.

"Go a head…" He gestured towards the trunk. I guessed that it was the photos that he wanted to show me and I hesitantly reached for them. The first one showed a much younger Mark, holding his arm around the shoulders of a blond woman. In front of them stood a small girl, not older then three or four years old. Her glowing hair gave her away immediately. They all seemed happy as they smiled into the camera. I could see some of Tess's features in the woman and my best guess would be that this woman was Tess's mother. The rest of the pictures were all on the now very familiar ginger-haired girl.

"Do you know who that is?" Mark asked me from behind.

"Yes…" I said, not looking up from the photos in my hands, which turned out to be a mistake. If I'd only pulled my gaze away from the photos for one split second, I would've noticed that the spot where Mark had stood was now empty.

"Do you know what happened to her?" His questions were almost enchanting, as they got me lost in my thoughts, unaware of what was going on around me. I frowned. Did I really know what happened to her?

"She died in a car crash." I said hesitantly, as that was what we'd all been told, although I wasn't sure. Anxiously I waited for him to say something and giving me the answer I had been searching for quite some time now.

"Correct." He said emotionless. "And do you know why?" I wrinkled my eyebrows. Was there a reason? It was a car crash… an accident. Accidents are accidents because…you know, they're accidents. They're never meant to happen and there are no ulterior motives… are there?

"No" I shook my head, finally looking up. I barely had time to register that Mark had moved from his original place before a hand coming from behind clasped over my mouth while an arm wrapt itself around me pinning my arms to my body. The set of photos I held in my hand fell to the ground as I struggled to get free. With a forceful jerk, causing my whole body to lift from the ground for a second he tightened his grip of me, pressing me against his body. I stopped struggling, realizing that he was too strong. He held my head back against his shoulder as he talked quietly close to my ear, his tobacco smelling breath tickling my neck.

"You wanna know why she died, hmm?" He said bitterly. "It's because of your dear Jack." My eyes widened. Was he accusing Jack for her death? As if he could hear what I was thinking he said.

"Yeah that's right, Jack killed her… I've been trying to teach him a lesson that you don't go around killing other people like that." Was that what this was all about? He must've gotten it all wrong. Jack hadn't killed her. I mean, he was with us the whole weekend and even if he hadn't, Jack would never do such a thing, ever. Of course I wasn't able to say anything in his defence as Mark still held a firm hand over my mouth. "He's pretty stupid though. Very easily fooled." He chuckled. "I even convinced him that you were dead." That explained a lot. No wonder Jack had acted so weird when he saw me. I wondered briefly what had been going through his head as I'd been sitting next to him, just moments ago. "I was actually planning on letting you get away. But now as you so most willingly came back to us and exposed yourself to Jack, I'm gonna have to kill you again. This time I won't be making the same mistake of letting you get away though…" He mumbled and leaned into the still opened trunk. I was breathing rapidly, trying to keep myself from panic as I was forced to bend down, being jammed between Mark and the edge of the trunk as he reached for the plastic bag. He'd let go of my mouth as he was now digging for something in the bag.

"Let go…of me!" I gasped out, moving around as much as possible trying to get him to lose his grip of me. Unfortunately he was stronger than I'd thought and I wasn't getting anywhere. Bringing out his hand from the bag, he revealed what he'd been searching for. The silver coloured roll of tape in his grasp made me panic as I started to realize what he was about to do.

"Take it easy there…" He mumbled, doing his best to keep me from slipping out of his embrace. "I'm not gonna kill you yet…" He reassured. As if that would help… Well it did…or at least that's what he thought. I'd come to the conclusion that the more I struggled, the tighter he would hold on to me…so that must work the other way around, right? Letting my muscles relax, I stopped moving and instead tried to figure out what he was planning, so that I would be prepared and hopefully be able to stop him.

"Why not?" I asked, trying to buy me some more time. Doing everything that I could to hide the fear in my voice, I concentrated on what he was going to say.

"You see, you ruined the last time a bit...but I managed to fix things… Problem is that you've kind of ruined it again. But no worries, I'm not mad at you." He smirked, making an unpleasant feeling run through my spine. His arms were starting to loosen a little around me. That's what I had been waiting for…just a little more and I would have enough room to twist myself out of his grip… "…In fact you've just made it possible for me to cause Jack even more despair. Think of how he will feel by watching you die, right in front of him without being able to do anything about it…" His words made me snap and I wrenched myself away from him. Almost losing me, he reached out his hand at the last second and grabbed my arm, forcefully jerking me back to him. I let out a high pitch shriek of surprise and fear as I flew into his hold once again.

I pulled back, without much luck. Mark grunted irritated by my struggling and let go of the duct tape to use both his hands to hold me. My legs were suddenly swiped away from underneath me as he'd kicked hard at them. I fell to the ground, letting out another shriek. Mark placed himself on top of me, making sure that I wouldn't be able to get up again.

"Shut it!" He growled, backhanding me across the face, causing it to sting. Tears burned in my eyes and my heart beat so fast it hurt. Was this was Jack had been going through?

I fought back against him, using all my strength. He was winning though and I had to face the fact that he was too powerful for me.

"Please don't…" I said as I had become desperate enough to plea for mercy. He didn't listen instead he roll me over onto my stomach and sat on top of me. I let out another small cry as my arms were forced behind my back. He pulled them up towards my head until it hurt. The tears started to leave my eyes. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get away from him. Feeling beyond hopeless, I gave up. This is it, I thought, he'd won and he was gonna get through with his plan. I would die and Jack would break into pieces, as if he wasn't broken enough already.

Caught up in my depressing thoughts, it took me a moment to realize that the heavy weight of Mark's body on top of mine had suddenly disappeared. Nothing was holding me down any longer, and I shakily hoisted myself up onto my hands and knees. Confused I scanned my surroundings until I found Mark. My eyes widened and my whole chest spasm at the scene in front of me…

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